[C147] ZE Chapter 39.3


Chapter 39 – The Summons of Silver Dragon City (III)




Seedorf saw the deep thoughts churning within Ye Yin Zhu’s gaze, and his heart moved in response. “What is the name of this senior?”


Ye Yin Zhu tranquilly answered, “She is called Hai Yang.”

Upon hearing the two words, ‘Hai Yang,’ Seedorf’s eyes immediately opened wide in shock. “You, you’re saying you can cure Hai Yang’s face?”

Ye Yin Zhu merely smiled, silent.

To the side, Lisha couldn’t sense the change in Seedorf. Since he’d come from Silver Dragon City, his arrogance prevented him from properly observing the outside world, apart, of course, from his own race. “What ocean or dry land. You must come with me right now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.” 1

Seedorf and Asius’ complexions changed simultaneously. Asius bellowed, “Lisha, don’t speak arbitrarily.”

Lisha loftily said, “Don’t tell me I spoke erroneously? Asius, you have stayed for so long in the human world that you’ve already forgotten the honor of our Silver Dragon race.”

All of a sudden, with a flash of violet light, a fantastical scene emerged. Rich, magical elements, which had caused the air to be like tar originally, unexpectedly seemed to part in but a moment, as if a sharp blade had torn the space asunder. An illusory figure instantly flashed through the opening within the magical elements, and a violet light flickered intensely around a long sword as it pointed directly at Lisha’s neck.

Lisha felt his entire body go cold. He was aghast to discover that his connection to the magical elements was, in an instant, unexpectedly and completely severed. The slight breeze of cold air at his neck caused his skin to tremble, and a surge of killing intent similar to the God of Death calling enveloped his soul.

Seedorf’s eyes were cold. His sword wasn’t very broad, but it was called River God’s Longsword and was in fact a genuine divine device.

A Silver Dragon was admittedly powerful, but that was mainly because they relied on their magic. Upon transforming into human form, even if they were a Silver Dragon, they would be unable to resist a powerful Violet Rank Level 6 individual who was close to their person.

And Seedorf was awfully close to Lisha, his icy glare making Lisha—who had left Silver Dragon City for the first time—feel extreme fright. “The Milan Empire is willing to cooperate with Silver Dragon City, but the Milan Empire is not afraid of Silver Dragon City. Today, you are a very important guest, and I have extreme respect for my Emperor. Do not believe that a Silver Dragon is the most powerful lifeform on this world. Let me tell you who Hai Yang is; she is my sole granddaughter, my extremely beloved granddaughter.”

As the most powerful person in the Milan Empire, Seedorf’s temperament was worse than even Maldini’s. When they’d arrived in the library just now, this leader, Lisha of the Silver Dragons, had been bragging for so long that Seedorf had long been unable to bear.

Asius’ figure flashed, arriving beside Seedorf. He hastily interjected, “Old partner, don’t get angry. I apologize to you on his behalf.”

A sharp light flashed through Seedorf’s eyes, and he mused to Lisha in a deep voice, “In those days, our entire family participated in the war between Silver Dragon City and Onyx Dragon City. My son and daughter-in-law lost their lives in that war. My granddaughter also suffered from the corrosive Onyx Dragon magic in her infancy, leaving a cursed, corroded scar on her face. You may take Ye Yin Zhu back to Silver Dragon City—ten days from now.”

Once he finished speaking, the longsword in Seedorf’s hand magically disappeared. Violet dou qi suddenly burst forth and sent Lisha’s body flying thunderously away.

Lisha crashed into the ground and rolled back up into a standing position, his originally neat silver robe instantly becoming disheveled. He blankly stared at Seedorf. All of a sudden, wa! He actually began crying. What caused the most astonishment, however, was that his sobbing sounded surprisingly feminine. With a flicker of silvery light, her figure disappeared from the library, traceless.

Silvio shook his head helplessly. “So as it turns out, she was a female dragon. No wonder she was so unruly.”

Asius sighed and said, “Her grandfather spoils her. Lisha, this child, is the darling of our Silver Dragon race. Her grandfather is the Lord of the Silver Dragons, a venerable elder of the race. I truly don’t know why Venerable Elder sent her this time.”

Seedorf suddenly had a revelation. “I say, although your Silver Dragon race is prideful, you’re still considerably reasonable. This female drake2 is actually the Silver Dragon Princess. No wonder.” After he stated this, he abruptly turned toward Ye Yin Zhu. “Can you really treat Hai Yang’s face?”

Ye Yin Zhu said, “I have a seventy percent chance. All that’s left is the final treatment. After it’s administered, we can see how senior’s recovery is. If we’re lucky, she should be able to recover completely.”

When these words left his mouth, not only was Seedorf shocked, Silver Dragon Asius—who stood beside him—was as well, his mouth opened wide. ”How is this possible? At that time, I’d utilized Violet Rank Light Healing Magic and was unsuccessful; how can you succeed?”

Ye Yin Zhu stated, “Light magic can only purify and cannot eradicate the curse and darkness within the flesh. If you want to cure senior, you need to use a tremendous amount of life aura to help her own vitality completely expel the curse and corrosion.”

Asius’ eyes displayed a pensive light. Seedorf muttered, “This girl, how come she didn’t mention this to me.”

Emperor Silvio smiled and said, “Every day you assist me and are preoccupied with national security matters of large importance. How would you have the time to attend to your granddaughter? Yin Zhu, be at ease. Uncle will certainly do his best to protect you. Silver Dragon City will, at most, ask you some questions. Although your ability to cause draconic explosions with a zither song can constitute as a threat to the dragon race, this does not apply to Silver Dragons at all, right?”

Silvio and company left, leaving Ye Yin Zhu within the library alone. At this moment, Ye Yin Zhu reflected over the words Silvio had said before leaving. What did he try to point out to me? Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes brightened. He suddenly understood. Silvio was pointing out to him that the seven large dragon cities had a disharmonious relationship. Even if Silver Dragon City proved that his zither song could kill or injure the dragon race, so long as he stated that this zither song could be employed against Onyx Dragon City, they would no longer fear being unable to protect themselves. Old ginger really was hotter.3 Silvio pointed out to him the essential key he needed.

Sighing, Ye Yin Zhu once again sat on the floor. When Lisha intended to launch an attack at him earlier, he was already well-prepared to summon Zi, therefore making him secure in the knowledge that he was able to confront Lisha. Even though Zi might not be Lisha’s match, since Zi had the strength to order the Gold Behemoths around, perhaps he could’ve summoned the Gold Behemoths to come and fight. Nonetheless, the Behemoth race was the enemy of humankind, and it had not yet been absolutely essential. Ye Yin Zhu didn’t want to expose Zi’s connection to the Behemoths.

Retrieving the book he had placed to the side, Ye Yin Zhu tried to find a comfortable position as he laid on the ground. These days, he had truly been learning a lot of new knowledge, and the influence this had on his mentality wasn’t small. In addition, these past few months he’d spent in Milan made the current him drastically dissimilar to the ‘unversed in world affairs’ youth that had just left Desolate Jade Sea. Apart from reading, he’d also focused intensely on cultivating, but his dou qi improvement progress was very slow. He didn’t know if it was because he had accepted Zi’s power too quickly at that time or not. Yellow Bamboo Level 5 seemed to have already become an extremely difficult bottleneck for him to break through.

His zither magic was progressing extremely quickly. Especially after playing the zither song << Soaring Dragon’s Cry >>; his spiritual ocean had received a massive expansion. After a month of cultivation, his spiritual force had made remarkable progress, already showing signs of breaking through to Level 3 of the Courageous Zither Heart.

He ran his hand along the bookshelf and retrieved a book, intending to use it as a pillow so he could make himself a bit more comfortable. Suddenly, Ye Yin Zhu realized that the book he’d taken out was titled 《 Music Foundation Theory 》. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It seemed that he really was a genius at learning the zither. Otherwise, why else would he randomly seize a book that was related to music?

His hands subconsciously opened this book to the first page. The first page only had a few simple lines of words.

「General Principle: Music is a special branch of knowledge and relies on the different frequencies a vibrating object produces. These vibrations create beautiful melodies that are arranged into musical compositions, and thus named.」

What was a genius? A genius was absolutely able to grasp opportunities from the smallest to the most common of scenarios. Ye Yin Zhu was undoubtedly this kind of person.

Ye Yin Zhu’s zither playing was inferior to no one, so 《 Music Foundation Theory 》 had fundamentally no meaning to him. This 「General Principle」 line, however, caused a violent boom to resonate throughout his mind. An extraordinary idea instantly threaded its way into the depths of his mind.  

Different frequency vibrations, different frequency vibrations. Yes! This is the origin of music. Since it’s like this, then… As he thought of this, he suddenly crawled up from the floor. Gu-lu. His eyes brimmed with an excited and joyful light. Waving his left hand, Thundering Sprint Zither manifested above his knees. He closed his eyes and plucked the first string.


A deep zither cry reverberated throughout the Royal Library, the string rapidly vibrating as the humming cry surged through the zither body, forming a beautiful note.

Ye Yin Zhu didn’t continue, merely listening carefully as he sensed the string’s tremble gradually lessen. He spoke to himself, “Any musical instrument has a different way of causing the air to vibrate along with it in order to produce different sounds. The more intense a vibration is, the louder the sound. My sound blades don’t exactly make my dou qi and strings maintain the same vibration frequency after it’s released. If I can maintain that relatively high vibration frequency even after the sound blade is released, then the rate at which it weakens slows. The attack range would then naturally increase substantially alongside its cutting power.”

After he said this, his eyes flew open, revealing the windows to his soul. He hugged the Thundering Spring Zither to his chest and ran outside as fast as he could. The library clearly wasn’t a place to practice his sound blades. He currently needed a significantly larger area to practice what he had just thought up.

Because it was the afternoon, there were many people out on the streets of Milan City. By the time Ye Yin Zhu left the city, an hour had already passed. He relied on his dou qi to help him find an area devoid of people as fast as possible. After all, Milan City was too big.

The sky was dark, thick clouds completely covering the sun. Yet, this hazy sky couldn’t affect Ye Yin Zhu’s currently fantastic mood. He’d even completely tossed the matter with Silver Dragon City to the back of his mind. He didn’t realize, however, that a silver figure was following not too far behind him.


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  1. (海洋) Hai Yang literally means ocean. (陆地) Lu Di = dry land, the opposite of the sea. Play on words >~<
  2. Zither Emperor takes inspiration from World of Warcraft, so ‘drake’ refers to a juvenile dragon
  3. Idiom meaning “experience matters”

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