[C13] ZE Chapter 4.1


Chapter 4 – Zi’s Strength (I)


To the side, Zi’s heart skipped a beat. Qin Shang really did not feel at ease with Yin Zhu journeying alone. Seeing Yin Zhu open his mouth, Zi rushed to say, “I think it is unnecessary. Yin Zhu and myself will be more than enough. Let’s go.” His head didn’t even turn around as he dragged Yin Zhu with him and left the Magic Guild.

Diarra wanted to stop them, but he had seen Zi’s eyes flash with a cold light. Closing his mouth, he turned around to look at the six standing corpses. He sullenly said, “What’s to be done? What should I do? The Wavast emissaries died here……”

Pirlo pulled Diarra to the side and said in a low voice, “Vice-President, people should not see anything when they come here; even if someone investigates, we cannot confess! It’s best if you handle this immediately, and then report to the president so he can make a decision.”


Diarra hesitantly said, “You mean, to burn and destroy the corpses?”

Pirlo looked at Rufete’s corpse with disgust and hatefully said, “They were already damned. I just didn’t expect the president’s disciple to be so strong. His strength is apparently merely a Red Rank! It’s hard to imagine.”

Diarra had practiced magic for many years. He gradually calmed down and said, “Well now, this matter cannot be leaked, especially pertaining to the child. You should forget everything you saw. Let them handle it. Do clean this up a bit.”

Pirlo’s eyes flashed with an icy brilliance. “Destroy and burn the corpses? This is the expertise of us Fire mages.”

Yin Zhu was unaware of how much trouble the magic guild was in as he walked the streets of Luna City. He faced Zi, who was by his side, “Zi, I just killed someone; was I right to do that?”

Zi’s gaze gentled as he looked at Yin Zhu, nodded seriously, and said, “It is only natural to eliminate enemies, otherwise you will give yourself numerous inconveniences. The best method is to destroy the enemy. You were exceptional today.”

Yin Zhu was like a blank piece of paper and smiled admiringly at Zi. His earlier hesitation completely disappeared. He smiled and said, “That’s good. In the future, I will kill my enemies. But Zi, Grandfather Qin asked the magic guild to instruct me on general knowledge about the continent. Walking away like this, this is not good!”

Zi stopped walking and sternly said, “Yin Zhu, do you trust me?”

Yin Zhu nodded without even a bit of hesitation and said, “Naturally, I trust you. You are my best friend.”

Zi smiled. “Thus, I will teach you everything about the continent. We will need to go buy things first, and then we will set off.”

Yin Zhu couldn’t help but feel warm in his head when he looked at Zi’s smile. Without thinking, he followed him with complete faith. Unfortunately, Grandfather Qin and Grandfather Li absolutely did not expect he would reject the guidance and kill people before even leaving for Milan. They obviously did not plan for this to happen.

Zi led Yin Zhu in their walk to a family store and stopped in front of it. “Yin Zhu, do you have money?”

Yin Zhu nodded and materialized a gold coin in a silvery flash of light. “Grandfather gave me what seems like hundreds of these gold coins. Is this what you want?”

Zi nodded, took the gold coin Yin Zhu proffered, and led Yin Zhu into the store.

The store echoed with an unceasing sound of tinkling bells with their entrance. A middle-aged man was inside with a lazy appearance. He stood up upon seeing Zi enter. “What do you want?”

Yin Zhu curiously looked around and saw all kinds of weaponry and armor hanging on the walls. He had never seen these things before and couldn’t help but ask Zi, “What are these?”

Zi replied, “These are the armor warriors wear and the weapons they use.”

Yin Zhu said, “Do we need these? They look nice, you want these?”

Zi nodded and told the middle-aged man, “Give me a large two-handed heavy sword.”

The middle-aged man lazily inquired, “There are many kinds of big two-handed heavy swords, which kind do you want? You can choose from my right — these weapons made here are well-known throughout Arcadia.”

Zi impatiently exclaimed, “Nonsense, why does the kind matter? As long as its weight is heavy; the heavier the better.”

Zi’s rude words angered the middle-aged man. He saw Zi’s powerful build, however, and didn’t dare to question him. With a gloomy heart, he replied, “You want heavy? Well, I’ll give you heavy.

“Follow me.” As he said this, the middle-aged man turned around and walked further inside.

Yin Zhu and Zi followed him inside and saw a few men dripping with sweat as they casted and molded weapons. Arcadia was already hot enough; the addition of the stove made it boiling. Yin Zhu and Zi were not affected by the heat as they walked inside, unlike the constantly perspiring middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man pointed his finger to a corner and explained, “This is the heaviest two-handed heavy sword. If you can lift it, I’ll sell it to you.” His face displayed a trace of oppressiveness as he said this.

In the corner was a black object. In all honestly, it absolutely could not be considered a sword. It was more like an iron stick. It was approximately two meters long with one end thick, while the other end was thin and slender by several times. The thin end was as wide as an adult’s arm while the thick end was the size of a human head. It was also severely layered with dust.

“This is the two-handed sword you spoke about?” Yin Zhu angrily asked. Although this was the first time he left the Desolate Jade Sea, he clearly knew what kind of sword this was.

The middle-aged man said, “This is a special sword. Did you not want a heavy sword? In here, this is the heaviest. As long as you can lift it, I will gift it to you.” As he said this, the teasing in his eyes became more evident.

Zi’s gaze was serene, but Yin Zhu could faintly sense that Zi’s current mood was not at all pleasant. Zi stepped forward and gripped the iron stick by its thin end, the handle, and began to use all of his power. His mouth couldn’t help but issue a light gasp of surprise, his eyes displaying amazement. The corners of his mouth held a trace of a smile as he picked up the two meter iron stick. “Good.”

The middle-aged man saw Zi effortlessly pick up the iron stick, and his eyes nearly fell out of their sockets. No one had ever been able to lift this iron stick since its weight was too heavy. The iron stick was inadvertently found while extracting an iron mine. He knew the weight was nearly equal to ten iron ores, surpassing at least 500 kilograms. If not because of his greed thinking that it was made from a special metal, it was unlikely he would have even brought the iron stick back. Later, he was disappointed, as no matter the strength of the flame, having even paid handsomely for a Fire mage, the iron stick could not be melted down to be reforged. Over the years, the iron stick was overlooked and left in the forge. He could not believe that a person could easily lift this iron stick up without the use of dou qi. Moreover, this person before him looked very young.

“We are leaving.” Zi simply said three words, walking out with Yin Zhu.

“Wait, wait a moment.” The middle-aged man’s voice came from behind them.

Zi knitted his brows and challenged, “Don’t tell me that you are reneging on your word?”


Pertaining to the protagonist’s kill, Little San is here to explain. First of all, Ye Yin Zhu did not receive a lot of instruction about the outside world during his childhood. It is possible to say that he did not understand the implications of killing someone. In his pure heart, there were only two types of people: good and bad. At the same time, he killed them with his music blade in the blink of an eye, that was all. It appeared that the motionless mages just died, nothing more. Furthermore, the scene has no cruelty. Therefore, why should he believe it was a frightening matter? From another perspective, Ye Yin Zhu faced against the strength of an Indigo Rank mage, one whose true magical strength surpasses him. Against such tremendous pressure, he could only employ his strongest attack against the enemy. Because of the nature of his particular magic, it succeeded on the first attempt. Frankly, he should be glad he defeated his formidable opponent. His tranquility and newborn innocence and purity gave him a gentle mentality. As a Divine Music mage, under any circumstances, the most important thing was that he preserved the purity of his heart in any situation.

At this point of writing, Little San has carefully considered this question. Although the protagonist left Desolate Jade Sea as a pure youth, Little San did not want to depict him as weak. Cultivating Bamboo Dou Qi required resembling the bamboo’s lofty and unyielding character. Confront an enemy ruthlessly, that was the Bamboo Sect’s objective. Everybody please continue to read on, it will only become more and more exciting and interesting.

It was only killing someone, that was all. This is, after all, a xuanhuan novel. In the future, it is likely that large battle scenes will appear. Don’t tell me that Ye Yin Zhu using zither magic to kill opponents at a higher level than himself in a single swing, killing for the first time, is bad?

In addition, Zi’s influence on Yin Zhu was rather large. You’ll see that Zi explains the morality of the kill to Yin Zhu. The more innocent a man, the easier it was to disregard the consequences.

At this point, Little San would like to say, the protagonist won’t be held responsible for his act of killing. Consider this a little spoiler, it’s basically where the monk can run away, but the temple won’t run with him. The Arcadian Magic Guild is out of luck, or more like the kingdom of Arcadia. Simply to say, this is a small foreshadowing.

Friends, don’t force all the hints out from Little San. Hehe. Everyone has a lot to look forward to. Little San absolutely guarantees more marvelous scenes. Furthermore, speaking in passing, this novel of Little San does not have a manuscript, and Little San has been working hard on writing. In order to write it better, Little San slowed down the writing speed. However, new chapters aren’t delayed. This only requires Little San to devote more time to writing it. I hope friends can understand and don’t rush Little San.

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  1. He was right to kill them, however he did so naively. Basically right action, wrong motives.

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  2. At first, I thought that Tang San crossed over into another dimension before I realized that it was TJSS speaking. I’m so stupid. Anyways, I was sort of weirded out by the MC’s sudden killing spree but TJSS cleared that up a bit. I mean, Yin Zhu went Chu Feng for a moment except with no rage factor. Thx for the chapter!

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