[C14] ZE Chapter 4.2


Chapter 4 – Zi’s Strength (II)


The middle-aged man promptly waved his hand, alarmed, and cried, “No, no, I’m merely asking whether you desire armor? We can discuss a good price.” He was not an idiot. To the contrary, as a merchant he was exceptionally shrewd. Because Zi was able to effortlessly pick up the heavy iron stick, he could already see that Zi and Yin Zhu were absolutely not ordinary people. As a weapon-dealing merchant, meeting such a powerful warrior was a happy occasion. His lazy expression vanished, desiring to sell some armor next.

Zi coldly replied, “I do not need armor.” Saying his piece, he and Yin Zhu left together.

With Zi leading, the two of them once again went to purchase some daily essentials in Luna City, left the capital city of Arcadia, and followed the main road to the north.



Desolate Jade Sea.

“Father, I am worried about Yin Zhu. That child has never left home before. Shouldn’t we secretly follow him? We should at least send him off to school personally,” Mei Ying apprehensively said.

Ye Li slightly smiled and proudly exclaimed, “My Ye family’s descendents naturally possess a strong ability to adapt. Besides, he has the letter from your Uncle Qin and will have a mage from the magic guild to accompany him. Nothing will happen.”

Mei Ying was still worried, “I am afraid that Yin Zhu, this child, won’t get along with people. If he suffers in school, what should we do?”

To the side, Qin Shang smiled and said, “Do you still not understand Yin Zhu’s strength? Besides, the Divine Music chairmen at Milan’s Institution of Magic and Martial Arts is my friend. Furthermore, he has my recommendation letter. Yin Zhu is unlikely to have any trouble. He has cultivated his Pure Zither Heart for years. It is time for him to leave and fight his own battles. Only in this way will he be able to mature. I just don’t know what my old friend will think when he is introduced to such a young teacher. Can you imagine their reaction? Hahahaha.”


“Zi, you are so awesome!” Walking down the main road, Yin Zhu curiously looked around at the scenery while talking to Zi.

The heavy black iron stick rested on his shoulder as Zi asked, “How am I awesome?”

Yin Zhu said, “You bought so many things, as if you were familiar with the outside world. But I remember you coming to the Desolate Jade Sea when you were small and apparently never leaving after.”

Zi’s eyes flashed with a cold light and indifferently responded, “That is a matter of the past, Yin Zhu. I’ll explain more later.”

“When is later?”

“When you actually mature.”

The kingdom of Arcadia was really pitiful; in comparison, it was less than a third of the kingdom of Wavast. Luna City was quite close to the northern part of the kingdom. The two of them, after ten days of walking, had already reached the borders of the Wavast Kingdom.

After entering Wavast, the air became very cool and refreshing. Comparing Wavast Kingdom to Arcadia, the two felt completely different. Its roads were twice the width of Arcadia’s and filled with numerous pedestrians. Not only that, the majority of them rode gnus.

Gnus were rank 1 magical beasts and were named as such because of the two horns atop their head as well as their robust bodies. Even as a rank 1 magical beast, they were the most inferior existences as they had no attack power. It did, however, have exceptional endurance and was the best civilian transportation tool. In Arcadia, only the wealthy had the ability to possess gnus.

“Zi, we also need to buy gnu to ride. How much does a gnu cost?” Yin Zhu looked at the pedestrians riding gnus and couldn’t help but have an envious look. After all, he still had a childish temperament and was easily tempted by new things.

Zi thoughtfully said, “Good idea, this way we could move a bit faster. If we go on foot, we wouldn’t be able to reach Milan within two months. Approximately 15 kilometers ahead is the most southern city of Wavast, the Rolle City. We can go buy ourselves a gnu there.”

“A gnu?”

“En. One gnu is enough. I do not need one. I do not need a gnu as I run just as fast as one.” Zi looked and smiled at Yin Zhu. His smile would only emerge in front of Yin Zhu. To outsiders, he would always have an ice cold appearance.

“I do not believe that, let’s  race,” Yin Zhu laughed.

Zi glanced at him, “Let’s start.” His body was already lunging forward as he spoke, his inhuman speed not the slightest bit affected by his tall body and the heavy iron stick.

“Ah! You are shameless.” Ye Yin Zhu stared at Zi who was already beginning to run. Hastily, he began running as well. Pushing off the ground with his foot, he swiftly chased after Zi.

Zi sprinted steadily. Each big step powerfully carried his body forward. Yin Zhu was unusually agile as well, barely touching the ground. The gap between each step exceeded five meters, and extremely quickly, with several leaps, he had reached Zi’s side.

“Zi, I am faster than you,” Yin Zhu said with pride.

Zi sent him a strange look, “Are you?” He stomped a foot against the ground, and Yin Zhu suddenly felt the earth beneath him tremble. He saw that Zi had caused the tremble with his stomp. The next moment, Zi ‘s body catapulted forward like an arrow. This time, the jump covered close to 20 meters. It was so explosive that he already left Yin Zhu behind.

Yin Zhu didn’t sense dou qi and felt alarmed in his heart. Although he was akin to a blank, white piece of paper, he was still extremely intelligent. He knew that relying only on physical strength to produce this fast speed was absolutely impossible. ‘Zi, how many secrets do you have?’ he thought. He quickly accelerated forward to catch up.

All of a sudden, there was the deafening sound of hooves up ahead, just in front of Yin Zhu and Zi’s path. In the distance, a large dust cloud rose up, resembling a long earth dragon as it approached them at lightning-speed. Furthermore, some pedestrians on the road begun to act strangely. Currently, each and every one of them were about to lose their heads out of fright as they dodged to the side of the road. As the “earth dragon” got closer, a cry of alarm sounded.

It was a squadron of approximately a hundred calvarymen, all wearing heavy black armor and with four meter long lances in their hands and a large, heavy iron shield tied to their saddle. As they pressed forward, the imposing aura caused the pedestrians to shrink back in fear. They didn’t ride gnus, but rank 3 magical armored beasts. They looked similar to gnus but were hornless and plated with a layer of keratin armor. Extremely heavy and powerful, it was the best beast for the common cavalry to ride on the continent. Throughout the continent, heavy cavalry were the main combat force for war, but expensive to create. Arcadia’s heavy cavalry, when summed up, only amounted to a squadron of ten thousand personnel, nothing more.

The combined weight of the armored beasts and the heavy cavalry, when added up, was absolutely terrible. This cavalry force basically ignored the pedestrians on the public road.

Zi and Yin Zhu, dashing forward, stopped almost simultaneously. The armored beasts and heavy cavalry increasingly advanced closer, but they did not dodge to either sides of the road. Yin Zhu was curious about the armored beasts and heavy cavalry, while Zi simply did not have the two words ‘make way‘ in his vocabulary.

“Fuck off.”  Shouting out loud explosively, the head of the heavy cavalry was surprised to see two individuals on the road not evading.

Zi didn’t move, but his gaze was ice-cold and serene. Yin Zhu also stayed still because Zi did so. He said that he would protect Zi so he subconsciously stepped forward, shielding Zi with his body. He didn’t even ask Zi why he didn’t move.

The armored heavy cavalrymen’s eyes appeared to exude malevolent rays of light. Since they failed to move, they could just go to hell! In the Wavast Kingdom, the heavy cavalry was the privileged military branch. During the execution of a order, interfering civilians could be killed without them being convicted. Thus, they basically had no conscience obstructing them.

Closer, increasingly closer. Soon, the armored heavy cavalry arrived in front of the two of them. The front row of five heavy cavalrymen harshly, and unreasonably, raised their spears. Without the slightest doubt, before their eyes, the rough heavy cavalrymen’s spears would easily run through the bodies of the two civilians.

Roar ~” The cruel bellow was similar to God’s thunderous fury. As Yin Zhu’s body was light, he actually flew high when he was thrown up. Underneath, the scenery gradually became smaller. Soon, he began to see a strange scene.

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