[C15] ZE Chapter 4.3


Chapter 4 – Zi’s Strength (III)


Zi raised his head to the sky and roared, causing the powerful heavy cavalry that had been steadily advancing to almost instantly change. All of the armored beasts in the front had, at almost the same time, forced the humans riding them to an abrupt and screeching stop. Due to the powerfully fast momentum, the armored beasts in the rear collided with those in front. The sound of heavy cavalry armor clashing against each other repeatedly resounded. In addition, the spears of the cavalrymen pierced through each other’s bodies and was accompanied by blood-curdling screams. The previously imposing and threatening squadron of a hundred men on the heavy armored beasts had unexpectedly fell into chaos in a split second.

Ye Yin Zhu firmly believed that he would never be able to forget Zi’s appearance when he roared. That violent mood, bloodthirsty aura, and ice-cold expression — everything deeply branded itself into the deepest parts of his mind.

The heavy cavalrymen were shocked, not knowing what happened. They merely felt a deafening bellow internally, making it seem as if their hearts had wanted to leap into their throats while their eyes desired to jump out of their sockets. And now, those following their expedition of war armored beast unexpectedly stumbled around, trembling at the scene. Some of their mouths and noses even frothed and foamed, spraying out.


“Fuck off.” Zi growled. At this moment, Yin Zhu fell from the sky and landed right behind him.

Zi’s speed was not quick, but each step forward projected upon people a rock-solid and unyielding feeling. Most of the armored beasts in front of him were already lying weakly upon the ground. Looking on as this violet-haired young man approached closer, the cavalrymen subconsciously pointed their spears in Zi’s direction.

Zi moved, his movements nimble and simple. He swept the two meter long black-iron stick out, causing the five cavalrymen and their spears to almost instantly and explosively fly and fall into a pipeline ten meters away. Unexpectedly, the cavalrymen’s fine steel spears had already been bent to resemble snakes.

Zi had already begun walking in front of the now riderless armored beasts and, with an equally simple motion, swept with his right foot. The armored beast, weighing more than 200 kilograms, flew away, cries of lamentation one after another echoing out. In the same move, the five armored beasts were completely kicked to the side, clearing Zi’s path significantly.

Other than the heavy cavalryman who were injured in the previous exchange, were at this moment crawling out from under the armored beast. The cavalryman felt no dou qi during Zi’s assault, and yet he had this tyrannical strength, which made their courage run entirely cold. The five armored cavalrymen had explosively flown out in one strike. The once fierce armored beasts unexpectedly resembled rice straw as they were sent flying, not even daring to resist in the slightest. What frightening strength!

“Get lost.” Zi growled once again. This time, the heavy cavalrymen did not even dare to issue an attack again. In front of this absolutely terrifying power, they silently separated and yielded the road. They even worked together and used all of their strength to drag the paralyzed armored beasts lying on the ground to the side.

Zi strode forward with his head held high, basically not catching sight of the flickering, shining, sunlit cavalrymen’s spears on either side. Yin Zhu inquisitively stared at Zi’s body in front of him. Immediately afterwards, he followed and began walking together with him. This was the first time he saw Zi use his combat force. He didn’t think Zi’s strength would be so powerful, not to mention that it was only his raw physical strength.

No one dared to obstruct them; even the bystanders who saw this scene did not dare to breathe loudly. When Zi’s and Yin Zhu’s silhouettes disappeared at the end of the road, those armored beasts gradually regained the ability to move.

One of the five heavy cavalrymen, previously sent flying explosively by the iron stick, had an inch-long fracture in his right hand. Their mounts, the armored beasts, could not even get up, their fragmented visceral organs spewing out of their mouths.

“Zi, you’re a warrior?” Yin Zhu asked.

“Essentially.” The irritation in Zi’s eyes had already disappeared completely, turning tranquil once again.

“Zi, why did you do that just a moment ago?”

Zi glanced up at the dark blue sky and indifferently said, “Because there is no magical beast that can make me yield, not even a dragon.”

Yin Zhu looked at Zi deeply. “Zi, you know? Just a moment ago, you gave me a very powerful feeling, but I don’t sense the origin of your power. Can you use dou qi?”

“Not at all. Because I don’t need to.” Zi sent Yin Zhu a glance and suddenly displayed a trace of a smile. “Will you still protect me?”

Yin Zhu smiled, “Of course. For as long as you want, I will forever stand in front of you to protect you. Although next time, don’t throw me so high.”

Rolle City was a bustling, small town. To say the least, the people living here had a busy appearance, not resembling the laziness of Arcadia. The cool and refreshing air brought an invigorating feeling to people. This was a much more suitable temperature for living.

The handsome Ye Yin Zhu and steadfast Zi garnered the attention of the people bustling around, especially those young girls. Some of them were even daring enough to throw coquettish glances. Naturally, Zi’s ice-cold appearance and Yin Zhu’s frequently reciprocated smiles, handsome and gentle, made it easy for those young girls yearning for love to pay attention. If those young girls knew what Yin Zhu was thinking in his heart, regretfully, their hearts would be indifferent and nonchalant.

“Zi, why do we look different from those girls and women? Their pectoral muscles are so robust!” Yin Zhu somewhat enviously inquired.

Zi’s face stiffened for a split second before he softly questioned, “Your parents haven’t told you?”

Yin Zhu shook his head and said, “You were with me for the longest time in the Desolate Jade Sea.You saw that, till the end, whenever we were together my parents didn’t tell me anything about the outside world in order to not influence the cultivation of my Pure Zither Heart. Do you know why a girl’s pectoral muscles are more robust than ours?”

Zi helplessly looked at Yin Zhu, “I don’t know.”

“As it turns out, you also don’t know. It is a pity that I have no female friends to ask. Zi, let’s go buy a gnu. Now, are we standing here or continuing on our journey?”

Yin Zhu asked this when suddenly, Zi’s complexion greatly changed. As he was very close to Zi, Yin Zhu could sense Zi’s muscles instantly tense, a strange aura beginning to emanate from his body. Yin Zhu was unclear of what this wrathful feeling was; however, it seemed very agitated.

Following Zi’s gaze, a nearby delegation of ten people ahead of them was walking over. Zi watched them attentively. One of them had his whole head covered with golden colored hair, a gloomy appearance, and a stature somewhat taller than Zi. His whole body was brimming with a wild aura, his clothed muscles full of explosive strength. He had high cheekbones and unusually thick facial hair. With a single glance, it was easy to see the difference between this man and an ordinary person. The others he was with were dissimilar to ordinary people as well. Yin Zhu even saw a person in the rear with a long tail. The pedestrians on the street saw these people and subconsciously stayed out of their way, apparently terrified.

“Zi, what’s going on? Who are those people?” Yin Zhu asked.

“They are beastmen from the Northern Wastelands. They are led by a beastman of the Royal Family, the Lion Tribe,” Zi gloomily said.

“Beastmen? What are beastmen? Are they people?”

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