[C16] ZE Chapter 4.4


Chapter 4 – Zi’s Strength (IV)


“I don’t know how the beastmen came to be, but they can be said to be a hybrid of man and beast. There are some that are even purely beastial. Throughout the continent, beastmen are the closest race to magical beasts. Their disposition makes them suitable for war as they possess extremely powerful strength. Because they are not good at magic, the three great human kingdoms have suppressed them constantly, lest they invade the humans inland. Now they can only live in the bitterly cold Northern Wasteland. Since the Northern Wasteland borders the three great wealthy kingdoms, there has not been even a decade of peace between them. The beast races could only trade their few Northern Wasteland specialities in exchange for some food and daily necessities with human countries. I didn’t expect them to come to southern Wavast.” As he spoke, Zi exuded a contemplative appearance.

As far as Yin Zhu was concerned, the beastmen were novel as he had not seen a race like this before. He couldn’t help but send over numerous curious glances. This time, the lionman’s gaze darted over to them at that moment and swept over Yin Zhu’s body as well as Zi’s. When he saw Zi, instantly, his golden hair rose up. With a greatly ominous glint in his eyes, he strode over to Zi and Yin Zhu.

A faint green layer of dou qi circulated in between the golden hair all around his body. It was just that the dou qi radiance was awfully insipid, indiscernible without careful examination. However, only mages  who trained their spiritual magic power like Yin Zhu could easily sense it.


Zi suddenly raised his head and met the lionman’s eyes. The lionman’s steps suddenly stopped. Looking at Zi’s ice-cold eyes, he nodded slowly. He turned around immediately, returning back to his troop.

Yin Zhu did not know what happened so he merely looked at Zi and then the lionman. Zi sighed and bowed his head to Yin Zhu. He said, “I’m sorry, Yin Zhu, I’m afraid I cannot accompany you to Milan.”

“Eh?” Yin Zhu exclaimed with great alarm. “Zi, for what reason? Didn’t you promise…….”

Zi lifted his hand to grasp Yin Zhu’s shoulder. He smiled bitterly as he said, “I’m sorry. I promised to accompany you, but I currently have something I must take care of. The map you received is good; follow the path the map points out, and you’ll reach the Milan Institution of Magic and Martial Arts. If you don’t know the route, try to find someone to ask. Once I handle this affair, I will come and find you at the school.”

Yin Zhu received the map that Zi handed over. In an instant, his heart brimmed with the feeling of disappointment. For ten years, he had not been separated from Zi. Now Zi suddenly said that he had to leave. With a firm expression in his eyes, Yin Zhu’s heart stopped being sorrowful as he completely emptied the emotions in his heart, even as he lost his most important person.

“Zi, you apparently have many secrets, but unexpectedly haven’t told me any. If you need my help, shouldn’t you tell me? I am your brother!” Yin Zhu impatiently said.

“Brothers.” Zi’s eyes burned scorchingly bright. He clapped Yin Zhu’s shoulder, hard. “That’s right, we are good brothers. Yin Zhu, you head on to the institution of magic and martial arts first. It is unlikely for me to take long. I will find you; this is my promise to you. Remember, on the road, you must not wantonly trust people. At the same time, you must conceal your strength as much as possible. Never let a stranger know the true extent of your strength. This is the only way for you to protect yourself better. Do you understand? Take this, use it when you need to do something and do not want anyone to know.. Just a moment ago, we were on the road and had a conflict with the Wavast heavy cavalry. In order to avoid trouble, you should leave here as quickly as possible.” While he spoke, Zi withdrew a object from bosom and handed it to Yin Zhu. Not turning his head back, he advanced in the direction the lionman from earlier had disappeared to.

Only after Zi completely disappeared did Yin Zhu regain his vision. Although Rolle City’s city streets were lively, his heart felt kind of lonely. In addition to being lonely, he felt helpless. From now on, he was on his own.

Finally looking down at the object Zi gave, he did not know what materials the mask was made of. Feeling it, it was unusually soft. Carefully, he stored it in his bosom as he walked down the road with a gloomy heart. ‘Zi, you should have come to me earlier! Now I truly can only rely on myself. First, buy a gnu. Then, go to the Milan Institution of Magic and Martial Arts as quickly as possible to wait for Zi.’

As he thought about his plans, the helplessness and loneliness gradually disappeared. He asked someone on the street and found out that gnus were being sold at the slave market near the north gate. With a lively step, he walked in that direction. Zi told him that on the continent, gold was the most common national currency. 1 gold coin was equivalent to a 100 silver coins. Generally, people only used silver coinage as currency because a family household’s living expenses for a month would amount to only a dozen or so silver coins, that was all. Buying a gnu should only cost, at most, a few gold coins.

Throughout the continent, almost every human town had a slave market as it was absolutely essential. The social class system was extremely rigid, and the slave market dealt with human trafficking from the lowest classes. But as the continent developed, the operating slave markets expanded and began selling all the races and magical beasts on the continent. Naturally, the only magical beasts sold were of low rank, nothing surpassing rank 3.

On the continent, there were ten ranks of magical beasts. The first three ranks that were rank 3 or lower were comprised of rudimentary magical beasts. Rank 4 to rank 6 consisted of advanced magical beasts. Ranks surpassing rank 6 had magicals beasts called sentient magical beasts. Rudimentary magical beasts, generally speaking, were docile. Even if they were ill-tempered, their destructive power was not very large compared to advanced magical beasts, who became quite terrifying, and sentient magical beasts, rank 7 to rank 10, who became extremely horrifying existences. Rank 10 magical beasts were also called mythological beasts as they existed only in legends.

The two most powerful magical beast races were the Behemoth family of the Northern Wastelands and the dragon race secretly surviving in the eight human countries. Genuine dragons and genuine behemoths are extremely rare. So much so that throughout the continent’s history, there has never been more than a thousand at any point in time.. Their strength, however, was extremely formidable. If it was a genuine dragon or behemoth, even if they were the weakest, they were still Rank 7 or higher. However, the dragon race had an advantage over the behemoths, as they had comparatively a lot more next of kin then the behemoths, this is closely related to the innate promiscious nature of the dragon race.. After a thousand years of evolution, the genuine dragon race is rather sparse while the different variation of dragons were numerous. Eventually, humans were able to successfully tame some of these variations of dragons, becoming what was known as an domesticated dragon. Although they cannot compare to the genuine dragon race, they still possessed dragon blood. Even the dragon variations with the most diluted blood had at the very least the strength of rank 3 or higher while the purer bloodlines could even be compared to a genuine dragon. By having these dragons, it made the human empires extremely powerful. This allowed them to suppress the beastmen of the Northern Wastelands and prevented them from leaving the bitter cold land. Naturally, humans could not invade the Northern Wastelands as the environment was not suitable for human survival.

“I’m so pitiful! My mother died when i was 3 years old and my father left me when i was ten.. Lords, ladies, please take pity on me. Bestow a few gold coins so that I can eat a meal.”

With great difficulty, Yin Zhu found the entrance to the slave market. Having just arrived, he caught sight of the beggar who sat and bawled by the slave market entrance. The little beggar had a small build, his upper and lower body adorned in tattered clothing. With messy hair and a dirty face, black dirt already completely covered his face and clothes except for a part of the cloth with a hole. Set up in front of him was a broken bowl. He sat there crying to the heavens, pleading to passing strangers.

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  1. Okay, Zi needs a spanking….

    He took this kid away from the basic lessons about the outside world, and now is just making him go by himself -_-

    And to be honest, it was stupid to send him by himself anyways. So spank the parents/grandpa/master!!!

    Yes, he needs experience, but his parents and family should have been their with him the 1st… I mean, he was way too sheltered…

    Allowing him to go with them would help him at least gain more understanding of the world and ease him into the change and allow him to gain at least some basic knowledge.

    And rather than having someone else say it, why didn’t he just tell the kid himself…. that stupid master…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    1. Lol. Don’t blame his family, blame the author. The kid doesn’t even know why women have breasts (apparently, he never noticed his mother’s), was taught how to fight without knowledge of when to kill, and knows nothing about dealing with duplicity. Seems like a convenient recipe for action.

    2. I completely agree. In addition, what kind of parents don’t teach their kids about the difference between boys and girls? That’s just irresponsible.

      I’m calling it now. Zi is a Behemoth.

  2. Wow, Zi is a pretty damn huge prick, first he goes “you wont need a guide since im with you”, then he makes enemies for him with the cavalry and then leaves him on his own
    And i fail to see why the grandparents wouldnt be stalking Yin Zhu from the shadows, for one it would allow them to see him learning and his progress and second its pretty wasteful to just let him die if some accident happens

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