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Chapter 41 – The Soul Attachment of a Silver Dragon (I)


Bamboo Wintry Star was the last of three styles that Ye Yin Zhu learned from the Bamboo Sect and also the most powerful style. It concentrated an attack on one point, locking completely onto the opponent and staking it all on one throw. At this moment, his hand held the Jade Silk that had already become a sword, a sword that could conquer every obstacle placed before it.

Lisha panicked slightly. Even though she was fully confident in her strength, she clearly felt that it was impossible for her Sacred Protection to block this dark green starlight. What amazed her even more was that Ye Yin Zhu’s spiritual force and dou qi was able to completely lock down on her body. Any evasion skill using Spatial Domain magic was completely ineffective.

Helpless, she immediately discharged her Cyan Rank magic in a massive burst. With light magic serving as the center, five spheres of colored light representing the magical disciplines of water, fire, earth, wind, and light instantly emerged from her chest.


“Five Elements, combine.” The Mirror Reflection Technique transformed into illusions and completely disappeared. With all five spheres of light in between her hands, she moved her hands together as if to squeeze them. Her tyrannical spiritual force mobilized. These five elemental magics originally had absolutely nothing to do with one another, but they suddenly merged to form a five-color sphere of light that defended her chest. This variation of magic had undergone a qualitative change, already exceeding the color classifications of the Rainbow Ranking.

Simultaneous to Lisha’s speedy reaction, the starlight-transformed Jade Silk seemed to have received no resistance as it pierced through the screen of light that was Sacred Protection. With perfect precision, it thrust into the amalgamation sphere of five elements.

Time and space seemed to stand completely still. The ten-meter length of the Jade Silk was all that separated Ye Yin Zhu from Lisha at the moment. At an altitude of twenty meters, both of them faced each other, their energies already stretched to the limit.

Jade Silk, which could overcome any stronghold, was now completely demonstrating its might while centralizing the power at one point. Unexpectedly, that amalgamation sphere of five elements was gradually being pierced through, a sound wave-like vibration cutting through any resistance.

Lisha’s eyes radiated with an intense violet light, her piercing voice crying out, “Ye——Yin——Zhu——!”

Silver Dragons deserved to be recognized as mages of all magics, with the exception of Dark magic. At the same time that she had used these five magical elements, she had actually used Spirit Puncture, a Spiritual magic. Even if Ye Yin Zhu had already used the Nine Needle Great Soul Stimulation Technique to advance his spiritual force temporarily by three levels, Lisha’s originally Violet Rank Level 5 spiritual force was released to magically attack the area in front of her. He couldn’t help but pale, becoming dazed for a moment.

Taking advantage of Ye Yin Zhu’s delay, Lisha delicately shouted out loud, causing rich magical elements to collect around her hands as she consolidated all her strength and flung that amalgamation sphere of five elements upwards. Naturally, she also got rid of that Bamboo Wintry Star that had been brimming with a tyrannical air as it thrust forward.

As if a crack had been found in a dam, regardless of whether it was Lisha’s magic or Ye Yin Zhu’s dou qi and spiritual force, at this moment, everything exploded.

In the wake of this intense explosion and the chaotically crazy magical elements, both of their bodies fell from the sky instantly.

The tremendous amount of magical elements and dou qi produced a violet shockwave backlash that flung their bodies away in a split second. Ye Yin Zhu’s mind held a single thought. I absolutely cannot allow Lisha to create distance between us again. With a Silver Dragon’s stamina, I wouldn’t have a single chance.

Recovering Jade Silk, which had been fluttering in the wind, it transformed back to its original form before he sent it flying off again. Resembling a dark green poisonous snake, it chased after Lisha’s body. Meanwhile, Ye Yin Zhu lifted his left hand. A silver bolt of lightning also shot forward. Astonishingly, it caught up to Jade Silk as it flew through the sky. The silver bolt and Jade Silk miraculously twined together from end to end and formed a silk thread surpassing thirty meters in length.

Lisha felt something wrap itself around her waist tightly. That viper-like dark green silk thread had already twined itself around her and tightened. Jade Silk, brimming with life force, vigorously pulled her flying body into a new direction. Like a swallow chick seeking refuge in its mother’s bosom, Ye Yin Zhu flew over. Ye Yin Zhu also drew support from this pulling force and stopped his body from flying backwards, welcoming Lisha’s body as she reversed directions.

That long thread of dark green and silver tied them together. Soon, the two of them drew increasingly closer. Lisha couldn’t help but feel alarm spreading through her heart. She created a sharp blade of wind in her hand and chopped at the Jade Silk. That dark green silk thread, however, was extremely tenacious as it brimmed with a surging life force. Swept away by a halo of dark green light, the wind blade shattered in response. Not only could it not do a single thing to Jade Silk, it had shattered instead.

What a pity that she hadn’t chop at the silver thread. That silver thread was merely a common zither string, nothing more.

Watching as the distance between him and Lisha grow smaller, Ye Yin Zhu’s icy face couldn’t help but reveal a trace of a smile. Stretching his right hand forward, he grabbed Lisha’s shoulder.

Lisha shouted sharply, “You’re courting death!” Countless spheres of dense magic flashed with brilliant rays of light. Even though it was instantaneous magic, perhaps only a Silver Dragon was capable of casting these immediately after suffering from a huge explosion. While facing this crisis, the amount of magic she controlled had slightly surpassed Primary Level Cyan Rank. At this moment, however, she saw as strange smile grace Ye Yin Zhu’s face.

Chi. A light tearing sound rang out. All the magic attacking Ye Yin Zhu were suddenly countered with golden rays of light. In an instant, Ye Yin Zhu arrived in front of her.

Life Guardian. That was right; it was Life Guardian. At the most crucial moment, Ye Yin Zhu had activated this life-saving ability to counteract Lisha’s final wave of magical attack.

With a large, firm hand, he immediately grasped Lisha’s left shoulder. With their close distance, Ye Yin Zhu’s eyes flashed with a bright brilliance as he promptly attacked her with Spiritual Puncture. Ferguson’s journal hadn’t been easy to read. With Ye Yin Zhu’s level of comprehension, he naturally learned some useful Spiritual magic. Although it wasn’t very strong, at a pivotal moment, it had a monumental impact.

Lisha’s consciousness became slightly sluggish. She hadn’t released magic to protect her body in time, and the two of them were already extremely close. The self-preservation consciousness of the dragon race made Lisha raise her hands and directly slammed them into Ye Yin Zhu’s chest.

A Silver Dragon’s physical combat ability was lacking, but it didn’t mean that they didn’t have any physical combat ability. After all, she was of the dragon race! A dragon’s body was exceedingly more tyrannical than a human’s.


Ye Yin Zhu felt as if his body had burst. His face flushed violently red, and his clear black eyes flashed with a violet energy. Lisha’s palms, however, didn’t burst him open. Already retrieving the silver thread with his left hand and the Jade Silk with it, the thread coiled around Lisha’s hands.

Lisha felt as if her wrists had been clamped down by gold iron, sending an extremely painful shock coursing through her body. She also feel a terrifying aura burst forth from Ye Yin Zhu’s body. Her hands were already bound by Jade Silk, so with just a tug, Ye Yin Zhu forcefully drew her to his chest.

Silver Dragon magic could be channeled through any part of their bodies. Her hands were not her only method of channeling magic, so in order to completely seal his opponent’s counterattack, he had no choice but to do this. Bamboo Dou Qi gushed out, enveloping the two of them and forcefully cutting Lisha’s connection with the magical elements in the air.

Her Soaring Technique became ineffective, and the momentum of Ye Yin Zhu’s powerful rush had already died out. He embraced Lisha as they fell from twenty meters in the sky.

When all was said and done, Lisha was a girl. This was the first time she had left Silver Dragon City, and upon facing such a dangerous situation, she couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

Ye Yin Zhu embraced her body. He sensed that bubbling out of Lisha’s body was a magical aura brimming with continuous resistance. He had no choice but to embrace her as tight as he could in order to prevent her from struggling free.


Both of their bodies heavily crashed into the ground, the huge shockwave causing Lisha’s vision to darken and nearly faint. Nevertheless, her heart was shocked as the moment they fell, she clearly saw Ye Yin Zhu spin his body and unexpectedly used his back to hit the ground.

Ye Yin Zhu threw his body weight into the ground, the violet haze in his eyes surging in intensity as his whole body emitted a layer of violet energy. Due to the fierce shockwave, Lisha didn’t realize that the frightening aura she had sensed from Ye Yin Zhu’s body momentarily multiplied in richness and power. The magic she had been releasing to try and struggle free weakened significantly. Her whole body softened as she leaned into Ye Yin Zhu’s chest.

Ye Yin Zhu tilted his head to the side. Wa! He coughed out a mouthful of blood, his complexion immediately becoming pale. A hand tightly hugged Lisha to his chest while his other hand aimed for the space between his eyebrows.

Nine violet lights simultaneously shot out fiercely. Gathered in his left hand were the reclaimed nine Violet Bamboo Divine Needles.

These nine long, sharp needles were then pressed against Lisha’s throat. Ye Yin Zhu said between gasps for air, “You lose.”

“You…” Lisha felt that those nine needles flickering with a faint, hazy violet light absolutely had the ability to pierce through magic. With Ye Yin Zhu’s dou qi instilled within them, her dragon body also couldn’t resist the needles if they pierced her, especially with her body completely locked down as it currently was. After all, a Silver Dragon was not a Golden Dragon. Its physical defense was significantly weaker than any other dragon race.

Large drops of perspiration flowed down Ye Yin Zhu’s forehead. That brief confrontation had already caused him to consume all of his mental and physical strength. The residual effects from the Nine Needle Great Soul Stimulation Technique was swallowing up his consciousness. Intense pain caused his body to helplessly spasm fitfully.

Violently turning himself over, Ye Yin Zhu tugged Lisha further into his chest as he stood up. With no magical resistance, he was able to touch her body completely, allowing him to fully feel the softness and suppleness of Lisha’s body. Since he was in agony, however, he was unable to truly enjoy this feeling.

Withdrawing the Violet Bamboo Divine Needles, Ye Yin Zhu swept his right hand out. The jade silk thread spun Lisha’s body around several times like a gyroscope as it released her, fluttering in the wind with a length of thirty feet.

Li Sha felt a burst of dizziness slam into her brain, an unending stream of complex ideas appearing in her mind. I lost. I actually lost to a human that was far from being my equal. No. How could this be? How could I have lost to him?

Scenes of the battle just a moment ago appeared in her mind one after another. Everything had happened so smoothly, and although it seemed like she hadn’t made any mistakes, she had still lost.


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    1. True she is basically an inexperienced arrogant bratty ridiculously powerful flying mage with a super huge magic supply, while he is a summoner, a divine music mage, a warrior, and a doctor all combined with a reasonably high intelligence on how to combine them in order to offset his weaknesses. But I think she also lost mostly due to her inexperience in fighting in general, causing her to be pretty slow on reacting to him.

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