[C19] ZE Chapter 5.3


Chapter 5 – The Price of Kindness (III)



As Ye Yin Zhu was led by Gern to the Iron Brambles Mercenary Company, the mercenaries were just completing final preparations. They were setting off at dawn tomorrow.

“The commision from the employer this time is very good.. Thus we, the Iron Brambles, will head out in full strength. Tomorrow at dawn, we will leave at once. Yin Zhu, you will follow and walk by my side the whole time.”


Ye Yin Zhu looked at the bustling mercenaries. “Uncle Gern, your mercenary company has 60 members. Ah, why did you only purchased 20 gnus earlier! There’s not enough rides.”

Gern forced a smile, “I also thought about buying and supplying everyone with a gnu but the problem is that the mercenary company’s finances are limited. I bought the gnu in order to transport the goods and the employer. If there is no paying employer, I would be reluctant to buy even 20 gnus. We mercenaries are accustomed to running outside. And we also wear leather, so weight isn’t an issue. Our speed is unlikely to be slower than a gnu. But rest assured, you are a mage, so naturally you will ride a gnu.”

While speaking, Gern clapped his hands and attracted all of the mercenaries’ attentions onto himself. “Please stop and gather around. I will introduce our newest member to you. This little brother is our mercenary company’s new member, Yin Zhu. He will follow and leave together with us to Milan.”

“Oh? A new person. Ah, he appears a little thin and weak! Boss, what profession is he?” A 30 year old mercenary inquisitively asked.   

Gern smiled mysteriously. “Advanced level red rank mage. From now on, our Iron Brambles can also be considered to have a mage. After we execute and finish this current mission to Milan, we can immediately register as a D rank mercenary company at the Mercenary Guild there.”

Immediately after this announcement, the mercenaries collectively stood up and cheered. They had been waiting for this day for a very long time. Their mercenary company rank, if promoted, directly affected their revenue. As a mercenary, making money was the only thing that mattered. For a moment, Yin Zhu immediately became the mercenaries’ darling. Each and every one of them curiously looked at this handsome young man, asking about all sorts of things. Furthermore, some people wanted Yin Zhu to cast magic on them for a closer look.

“That’s enough, that’s enough, all of you settle down, don’t frighten Younger Brother Little Ye,” Gern felt a cold sweat overhead. He knew all mages were quite arrogant, yet his subordinates were asking for him to demonstrate magic. In the event he became angry and withdrew, how would they proceed?

“I am sorry, but my magic cannot be cast on you for examination,” Yin Zhu felt slightly embarrassed as he replied. Without a zither on hand, how could he demonstrate?

Gern hurriedly said, “Exactly, you guys need to calm down and be quiet. Can magic be casually examined? Yin Zhu, you ignore them. Right, as you didn’t lose your mage emblem, it is best you take it out just in case.”

His mage emblem was still truly not lost. That day in Luna City’s Magic Guild, Yin Zhu had received the mage emblem, map, and Zi’s gifted mask and placed them in his pockets for convenience. Because he did not place them into his ring, he still had them on his body.

Conveniently he fished out his red mage emblem and pinned it to the left side of his chest. Despite being only 16 years old, Yin Zhu still appeared to be puerile. The emblem on his chest, however, served as proof of his identity and profession. Creating a Magic Guild’s mage emblem forgery was impossible as it had a particular magic undulation. Originally, to make the emblem, Qin Shang had to retrieve a drop of blood from Yin Zhu and deliver it to the guild. As long as this emblem was not damaged, it would accompany Yin Zhu throughout the rest of his life. If he advanced a rank, he could immediately go to the Magic Guild to upgrade the emblem.

When the emblem was pulled out, the mercenaries were instantly silenced. They returned to their previous bustling after Gern’s announcement.

“Boss Gern, you are just in time. Are preparations done?” A beautiful voice echoed from the gate. Yin Zhu and Gern turned around simultaneously. For a moment, he felt his spiritual force fluctuate slightly.

A woman emerged from the courtyard gate, slowly entering with a straight, proper posture. The long, unadorned white skirt on her body was a luxurious reflection of radiance. Like the rippling waves of the sea, the majority of her long blue hair drifted behind her body, but framed along either side of her face was a strand of hair that hung down to her chest, covering her ears. Her pretty face had a snow white complexion and emanated a gentleness and softness. She had a small and exquisite straight nose, long and elegant neck, glistening rosy lips, and a divinely contoured gentle and beautiful face. It seemed like she was a goddess that descended from the world of immortals. Her sweet, fair, and graceful stature was straight and slender, and her long skirt only exposed her calves. Those two strips of lotus white skin, however, could attract a man’s gaze and send him into a reverie.

She walked with soft steps, leisurely calm and floating as if she was a speck of dust or a beautiful lily drifting in the high clouds.

Yin Zhu watched with perplexity because he could not determine this woman’s age. At first glance, she resembled a beautiful young girl. But with careful examination, her body was not that of an underdeveloped young girl. Her noble and graceful temperament made those daydreamers feel ashamed of their own inferiority.

The woman’s appearance immediately attracted all of the mercenaries’ gazes, but they only watched for a while before bowing their heads. Gern was no exception. In general, it was as if continuing to gaze without immediately withdrawing was blasphemous in the presence of a “goddess.” Only Ye Yin Zhu stared perplexedly at the woman’s body since the beginning, still standing there. In the entire courtyard, only his imperceptibly exuded temperament could compare with the young lady’s.

Not knowing why, Yin Zhu suddenly faced the woman and felt a unique intimacy arise, her body’s aura making him feel very comfortable. He only felt this feeling when his teacher Qin Shang appeared.

The woman swiftly took note of Yin Zhu’s gaze at last. Her gentle gaze met Yin Zhu’s midair. Immediately their eyes felt bright. Their attractive faces displayed a flicker of astonishment as two rays of light emerged and wafted through the air without the slightest bit of malice, hers tentatively probing the radiance emerging from Yin Zhu’s eyes.

Ye Yin Zhu’s mind was slightly dazed all of a sudden, his vision becoming sluggish and his mind becoming dizzy. But in an instant he returned to normal. His innocent Pure Zither Heart had no time for distractions. Because of this reason, Yin Zhu’s cultivation speed was extremely quick. Whether it was his spiritual power or will, Qin Shang was correct as Yin Zhu truly deserved the title of genius. The strange light in the woman’s eyes fluctuated, and in response, a dark red radiance emerged from between his brows to form a mental shield. This kind of pure spiritual power probing was a custom between mages to judge the other’s strength.

“Ah! How could this be.” The woman’s eyes slightly displayed awe. “Boss Gern, you have not introduced us?”

Gern abruptly woke up to reality and came over, his heart gloomy as he cursed to himself about his insufficient strength. This was not the first time she appeared, so why was he still affected like this? Hastily, he replied, “Miss Anya, this is my newly invited mage, Ye Yin Zhu. He will also participate in this mission. With his involvement, we will certainly be able to escort you and your goods better.”

After listening to Gern, Ye Yin Zhu realized that this graceful, aristocratic woman in front of him was unexpectedly the company’s employer.

“Hello, elder sister Anya.” Ye Yin Zhu’s clear, black eyes attentively watched Anya, subconsciously falling onto her soft, plump bosom. In his heart, he thought, ‘Elder sister Anya’s pectoral muscles are also very strong!’

Anya saw where Yin Zhu’s shameless gaze rested and was enraged. Seeing the purity in Yin Zhu’s eyes, however, made the anger in her heart quietly fade away. Similar to how Yin Zhu felt about her, when she faced this handsome youth with an exceptionally good temperament, she also unknowingly felt a favorable impression in her heart. It was not because of Yin Zhu’s appearance, but rather because his body did not have an impure ambience.

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