[C22] ZE Chapter 6.2


Chapter 6 – The Dragon Cavalry (II)



“Ah, not at all! Elder sister Anya, your temperament is quite good. Oh, right! Elder sister Anya, why are women’s pectoral muscles more developed than men’s?” Yin Zhu’s gaze naturally settled on Anya’s chest.

Anya was startled by Yin Zhu’s sudden question. When she saw his attentive, scorching gaze, her chest suddenly grew numb. Throughout her whole life, he was the first man to dare to ask her such a blatant question, yet Yin Zhu’s eyes did not hold a trace of obscenity.


“You……, go home and ask your mother.” Anya, somewhat flustered, protected her bosom with her hands. Her charming face flushed pink, and she appeared bright, alluring, and exceedingly captivating.

Ah! Previously, I didn’t have the opportunity to ask. Besides, grandfather only allowed me to learn the zither. Apart from that, I could not ask about any other matter. Elder sister Anya, your face is rather red. Are you feeling unwell?”

“You……, You are truly a helpless little demon.” Anya sighed, forlorn. If someone else asked this, she was afraid she would have already flared up. “In the future, you cannot ask the same question to any other female. A man and woman’s physiologies are different. Once you grow up, this will naturally become clear. Staring attentively at a woman’s chest, however, is not very courteous.”

“Oh. Ah, it’s like this! Elder sister Anya, you are truly good to me. It’s unfortunate that I lost my zither, otherwise, I surely would have played a zither song for you to listen to.” Yin Zhu appeared to have realized something.

In accordance with Gern’s prediction, the company had not met with any danger on their journey from Wavast Kingdom to Milan Empire. By following the main road for twenty days, they had already arrived at the border of the two countries. On the road, Yin Zhu and Anya spent the majority of their time together, causing the mercenaries to be endlessly envious. Yin Zhu smiled as Anya told him entertaining anecdotes about the continent. Anya taught him general knowledge, something that he, after spending over 10 years in the Desolate Jade Sea, still necessitated. Anya was not only as gentle as a river, she was also very patient in order to teach him enough general knowledge so that he would no longer have the issue of resembling an idiot like before.

“We will enter the borders of Milan once we cross over the mountain up ahead. As we head north, we should reach Milan City in approximately 10 more days on the road” Anya stood by the carriage as she spoke to Yin Zhu who was at her side.

The Iron Brambles mercenaries, apart from being responsible for sentry duty, rested in the shade of a tree on the wayside. Gern heard Anya, laughed, and said, “Milan Empire, compared to Wavast Kingdom, is peaceful. After we cross this mountain, the mission can be considered to be, for the most part, complete.”

Yi, what’s that sound?” Yin Zhu’s expression shifted as he listened attentively.

Gern asked, surprised, “What sound? I don’t hear anything. Could it be that you have better hearing than me?”

Anya’s appearance became somewhat imposing. “Indeed, there was a sound, but it is from a fairly distance region. Although I didn’t hear it, the ground had a slight vibration.” As she said this, she glanced at Yin Zhu and thought to herself, ‘His hearing is unexpectedly better than mine. Is this the superiority of a Divine Music mage?’ Interacting for over 20 days, Yin Zhu gave Anya the impression of being a pure, flawless blank paper with a simple character and boundless curiosity. His accidental discharge of spiritual force was not something a Red Rank mage could accomplish, but his spiritual force’s coloration was, as it turned out, red. Imperceptibly, this simple, handsome young man was, to her, an enigma. Even if Yin Zhu seemed simple, whenever she asked him about his origins, he would fall silent.

The sound gradually increased in volume until even the mercenaries could clearly hear it. The rumbling sound, which brimmed with oppressive force, came from their lateral side. An enormous earth dragon soared and rose, somewhat resembling the one Yin Zhu and Zi had met when the came across the heavy cavalry the other day. Except, the heavy cavalry’s dragon was incapable of being comparable to this imposing manner.

“Assume formation!” Although he did not know what was coming, Gern still immediately issued this command, shouting loudly. He gathered his subordinates. The experienced mercenaries swiftly assumed a battle formation, spear and shield warriors at the head followed by swordsmen and archers at the rear. Ten light cavalry warriors were divided into two squadrons to protect both sides with the three carriages and Yin Zhu arranged at the back. Gern stood in front of the formation, both hands drawing a large double-edged sword from his shoulder. He looked pensively in the direction of the earth dragon, his green ridgeback dragon unceasingly issued low snarls. It appeared somewhat restless as viscous, corrosive liquid dripped from the corner of the mouth and fell to the ground with a pu pu sound.

Bright sunshine illuminated the distant place and made the earth dragon more visible, the rumbling sound it made caused the earth to violently tremble.

Ah! It’s the Imperial Cavalry. Quickly, sheath your weapons,” Gern panickedly shouted. Acting in a flurry, the swordsmen hid their swords behind their backs. The other members of the Iron Brambles Mercenary Company made similar motions. They appeared to have come across something dreadful, yet their alarmed expressions also contained some respect as well as admiration and envy.

What was the Dragon Cavalry? Using dragons as cavalry mounts, it was known as the Dragon Cavalry. The effect of a soaring earth dragon was created by this kind of cavalry squadron. Approximately a hundred men in number, sitauted at the front was an immense golden dragon that surpassed ten meters in length and four meters in height with its gigantic body. Gern’s green ridgeback earth dragon appeared tiny compared to it. This gigantic, golden dragon was wingless, but it’s four limbs touched the ground. The head appearing somewhat pointed and had a meter long horn extending from it that flickered with a golden, crystal-like brilliance. From a distance it’s thick scales was visible from a distance as it was very densely superimposed on its huge body;  it had a very long tail with triangle shape spikes all along the tail. The tail’s tip was bifurcated into three and slightly curved upwards without touching the ground at all. It gleamed with an indigo, gem-like luster.

Behind the gigantic, golden dragon were uniformly cyan colored dragons. They were two meters tall and three meters long, with semi-erect forms and saddle-like seats fastened to their back for the cavalrymen to sit in. Although they only had two legs to run on, their speed was very quick. They followed behind the gigantic, golden dragon the entire time.

“It’s a Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon and Earthbound Swift Dragons,” Anya unenthusiastically stated. Facing the vast influence of the imperial cavalry, she did not even have the slightest amount of panic in her expression. Similarly, Yin Zhu was also unalarmed as he watched the large group of tamed dragons with only curiosity in his eyes.

“Elder sister Anya, what are the ranks of those dragons?”

“The Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon is considered to be a tamed dragon that is incomparably strong; its strength is comparable with a genuine dragon, though naturally a rudimentary one. It is the King of Earth Dragons. A rank 6 magic beast, metal class, second only to sentient magic beasts, its defensive power is extremely powerful. In addition, its metal class innate magic allows it to run rampant on earth. You see, its horn and tail are the places where it releases its innate magic. As for the Earthbound Swift Dragon, they are inconsequential. A rudimentary dragon subdivided varyingly at rank 4 and 5; the larger swift builds are rank 5, while the somewhat lacking ones are rank 4. Speaking of its strength, it’s about the same as Boss Gern’s green ridgeback earth dragon. In addition, it belongs to the earth dragon type. Its main characteristic is its swiftness. Its short distance speed is such that even a Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon cannot compare with it.”

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