[C24] ZE Chapter 6.4


Chapter 6 – The Dragon Cavalry (IV)



Yin Zhu smiled and said, “What is there to be grateful for. I merely spoke what was on my mind, that’s all. This dragon cavalry is indeed tyrannical. Especially that Dragon Cavalry Commander, who tried to order us around. The Milan Dragon Cavalry located in the Wavast kingdom’s national capital is quite arrogant; when they are in the Milan Empire, I suppose they would even ask for the sky?”

Gern sighed and said, “Younger brother, ah, I don’t even know what to say! The dragon cavalry’s status on the continent is second only to mages. A Dragon Cavalry Commander’s rank is even higher than that of mages; only the higher ranked mages can be said to be in the same social class as them. The strength of the dragon cavalry could be used as an official measure of a country’s strength. That hundred dragon cavalrymen squadron earlier could even contend against a legion of ten thousand regular heavy cavalrymen.”


Yin Zhu nodded and replied, “Earlier that Viscount was indeed quite strong, but are all the Dragon Cavalry Commanders that difficult to deal with?”

Gern said, “He’s not really considered to be difficult to deal with. No matter what country, the dragon cavalry classification is the same. Ten people make up a small dragon cavalry squad, and a hundred people make up a medium-sized company. There is a thousand units to a regiment and ten thousand to an army. Do you know why, out of the 8 countries, only Milan and Falan are considered empires while the other 6 are only kingdoms? It is because Milan and Falan both possess a dragon cavalry army. Relatively speaking, the Milan Dragon Cavalry army is the strongest on the continent. Precisely because of their existence, the Northern Wasteland beastmen don’t dare to step beyond the determined boundary. That Austin just now is a Silver Star Dragon Cavalry Commander. Under him is the Dragon Cavalry small team captain, and above him is the Dragon Cavalry Regiment Commander, the Gold Star Dragon Cavalry Commander, and the Violet Star Dragon Cavalry Army Commander. A Silver Star Dragon Cavalry Commander has Cyan Rank strength while a Gold Star Dragon Cavalry Commander is at least a primary level Indigo Rank. A Violet Star Dragon Cavalry Commander is a Violet Rank War Master. It is said that the Violet Star Dragon Cavalry Commander rides a strong rank 9 gigantic dragon. Even a Gold Star Dragon Cavalry Commander rides a genuine dragon and not a tamed one. Within the Dragon Cavalry Army, the common dragon cavalryman needs to be of intermediate level Orange Rank strength or higher and must possess a tamed dragon as well. Furthermore, they must have a nobility title of knight or higher. Because of this extremely stringent selection, the ranked individuals were highly terrifying. Even if they are only common soldier without a rank, everyone, without exception, can be proud because they have entered the Dragon Cavalry Army. If I had this green ridgeback earth dragon 10 years ago, maybe I could have also become a Dragon Cavalry Army Soldier.”

“So it’s like this. Individual strength in addition to a dragon mount, no wonder the dragon cavalry can be so strong.” Yin Zhu pensively thought, ‘It’s a pity I’m a mage. If I could ride a gigantic dragon, it would feel amazing.’

After the earlier great wave passed through, the Iron Brambles Mercenary Company once again set off. In everyone’s mind, Anya’s identity had became even more mysterious; it was unlikely she could continue to be considered as an ordinary employer.

The rest of the journey was smooth traveling. Ten days later, the Iron Brambles Mercenary Company finally escorted Anya and her goods to Milan Empire’s capital, Milan City.

As they were about to enter the city, the Iron Brambles Mercenary Company, who were escorting the goods, was met by a reception of a dozen youths wearing black clothing. They did not know when Anya had notified them, but these people were clearly her subordinates.

“Yin Zhu, are you really unable to play a song for your elder sister?” Anya somewhat hopefully looked at Yin Zhu.

Yin Zhu shook his head and replied, “Can’t, I already promised Uncle Gern that I would go with them and help upgrade their mercenary company to D rank. Anyway, the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts is right outside Milan City. In the future, if I get the opportunity, I will surely find you. Elder sister Anya, thank you for taking care of me this whole journey and for teaching me so many things.”

Anya’s eyes revealed a faint trace of sadness. Looking at her, the black clothed subordinates’ hearts secretly felt surprised. They had never seen their beautiful boss display this kind of expression towards a member of the male sex.

“Oh well, forget it. Hold onto this. If you have time in the future, come to Milan City’s Floating Orchid Pavilion to find me.  I’ll wait eagerly for the time when I could hear you play.” As she spoke, Anya slid a blue crystal jade ring softly onto Yin Zhu’s middle finger on his left hand.

Ah! Elder sister Anya, this is extremely precious. I, I cannot accept.” The refined blue crystal ring had a silver-colored base, but he did not know what material was used to create it. The sapphire drop was set on top, radiating gently and slowly circulating blue light like rippling water without the slightest flaw. Even more precious was the magic fluctuating inside it. Yin Zhu had a revelation. Ah! This was a space ring! When the space ring was placed on his hand, his spiritual force had automatically linked with it. He was startled to discover that the space within the space ring was greater than his original one. In addition, inside the space ring was 500 gold coins.

“What did your elder sister tell you? This is merely elder sister’s small gift for you to remember her. Besides, you’ll visit Floating Orchid Pavilion to find me and will need to use it to see me. If you refuse to accept it, elder sister will get angry.” Although it was obvious she was deliberately assuming an angry appearance, Anya’s trick to persuade Yin Zhu still made him uncomfortable.

Yin Zhu helplessly said, “Very well. I’ll accept this ring, but elder sister’s money I cannot use. Grandfather said, ‘A man must absolutely not take a woman’s money, otherwise he will come to live off a woman.’ I remember grandfather’s strict personality, elder sister, so I’m returning this money to you. This is the principle of the matter.” His voice was fairly loud, so everyone couldn’t help but look askance at him.

Anya’s attractive face flushed. Fortunately, her heart was very firm otherwise it would be difficult to regulate her emotions. She whispered, “Little fool, do you not know what the phrase ‘live off a woman’ means? Wrong word choice. Plus, it isn’t easy to survive alone away from home; what will you do without money?”

Yin Zhu firmly shook his head and replied, “Elder sister, I really cannot. If you don’t take back the gold coins, I will also reject the ring.”

Anya helplessly sighed. Her right hand swiped over Yin Zhu’s, and in that same movement, her elegant, green crystal ring flashed. The 500 gold coins in Yin Zhu’s sapphire ring disappeared. “Little fool, I must leave. Be careful with this ring; do not lose it like before. Oh. If you encounter something difficult, remember to find elder sister.”

Ye Yin Zhu stopped at the roadside and watched as Anya’s carriage was gradually escorted far away by the black-clothed youths. An indescribable feeling of loss spontaneously arose, similar to what he felt when Zi originally left.

Milan Empire, one of the continent’s largest human countries; to the north was the Northern Wasteland, to the west was the Ascoli kingdom, to the east was the Florence kingdom, and alongside the southwest border was the Palermo kingdom while Wavast kingdom was located on the southeast border. To the south, it bordered the continent’s core area, Falan. With four countries bordering it as well as the Northern Wasteland, it was destined to have a strong, heavy military. Otherwise, how could this country not collapse surrounded by this ring of enemies?

Milan City was an ancient, civilized city with close to six million permanent residents and was the political, cultural, and economic center of the Milan Empire. As the capital, it was Milan Empire’s primary strategic town with a permanent force of 30,000, among this were three dragon cavalry regiments.

Gern and Yin Zhu walked through the Milan City streets with Gern pointing out the surrounding buildings. “Milan City has the reputation of being an aristocratic paradise. The buildings here are the continent’s most illustrious artisans’ crystallized wisdom. Here the wealthy can buy everything they fancy. Various kinds of money squandering establishments are everywhere. At the same time, Milan City is also the continent’s safest town. One might as well ask, who would dare to commit a crime in a city with 3,000 dragon cavalry members defending it? This city is also very large; if you were to walk from the North City Wall to the South City Wall, it would take at least three days.” He led the Iron Brambles mercenaries to a cheap hotel. After all, upgrading their mercenary rank did not require everyone to come along. Yin Zhu’s sole presence as a Red Rank mage was sufficient.

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