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Chapter 8 – Registration Crisis (I)




“Good, today’s exam is over. Next, those whose names I call out, stay behind to enroll in the institution. The rest of the applicants may leave and come again next year.” The old lady’s emotions could not be deciphered from her very low voice.


The old lady read aloud 11 names, causing those whose names were read to reveal happy faces. Those whose names weren’t read revealed discontented faces and exited the auditorium. Yin Zhu was also one of those not called out, but he did not move because he was still pondering what the white-clothed girl said before she left.

“You, stand up. Tell me your name.”

“Hello? Dean Nina called you.” The girl possessing the Jade Charm Zither by Yin Zhu’s side poked him and roused him from his thoughts. This girl was also one of those who remained. Now, she looked at Yin Zhu, her gaze without the slightest amount of astonishment but with a multitude of other emotions.

“Eh?” Yin Zhu subconsciously stood up. “I, I am called Ye Yin Zhu. Hello, Grandmother Nina.”

Silence, the entire auditorium suddenly fell completely silent.

“Am I very old?” Her extreme display of rage apparently broke the whole auditorium’s silence, instigating light laughter. The 11 girls’ gazes were completely focused on the youth of similar age among them. Who didn’t know that the Divine Music division Dean Nina hated it when other people calling her old.

“This… my grandfather said, it’s customary to call women who look significantly older Grandmother.”

“You…” Looking puzzledly at Yin Zhu, Nina wished she could pound him with the bell in her hand. But when she looked into Yin Zhu’s crystal clear, black eyes, she repressed the rage in her heart with great difficulty. “Did you also come to enroll in the Divine Music division?”

Bi Ji had already risen and walked up by now. She replied to this question for Yin Zhu. “Yes, that’s right. Dean, he just recently arrived to enroll. I led him here. You see…” She glanced thoughtfully at Yin Zhu in the audience as she spoke. She remained clear-headed just a moment ago and heard Yin Zhu and the white-clothed girl’s duet. One could say she was the most clear-headed due to being an Orange Rank Divine Music mage. It was difficult for her to believe that the youngster’s zither art had already reached a degree to which she was unexpectedly far inferior to.

Nina snorted and said, “I still didn’t expect a boy to come study to be a Divine Music mage. Good, you have been accepted. You may now go enroll in the institution. All of you, leave.” She turned around and left once she finished speaking.

“Wow, a male Divine Music mage, a male actually chose this vocation? Very interesting.” The enthusiastic exclamation startled Yin Zhu, making him jump. He caught sight of a short-haired petite figure approximately 16-17 years old. Bouncy and vivacious, she ran up to his side. She looked at him curiously, her facial features indescribable.  The other girls who passed the exam also came over and surrounded him.

“Hello! Why did you choose the Divine Music vocation? Ah! I have never seen a male who wanted to learn this useless magic!”

A sweet smelling breeze assailed his nostrils. Aware of male-female relations because of An Ya’s explanations, Yin Zhu’s face couldn’t help but turn crimson upon being surrounded by the numerous females. The delicate maiden fragrance lingered at the tip of his nose, and he clearly felt his heartbeat speed up. Having never felt this strange feeling before, Yin Zhu’s mind felt somewhat apprehensive. Scratching his head in puzzlement, he said, “What do you mean by Divine Music mages being no good?”

Ah, very interesting! The blade of grass among ten thousand flowers is such a handsome young boy. I saw you play the zither just now; do you study the zither?” the first delicate, charming girl who ran over asked excitedly.

Yin Zhu nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Hello, I am Chui Xiao.”

Yin Zhu’s eyes lit up. He knew that the xiao was the only musical instrument capable of perfectly playing music with the zither. “Very good, in the future I must experience Chui Xiao’s art.

After a brief moment of silence, the girls surrounding him roared with laughter.

“I’m dying of laughter. She said she blows the xiao; you don’t want to blow the xiao for this little boy, right?…”

Yin Zhu confusedly asked, “What’s wrong with her blowing the xiao for me?”

The roar of laughter immediately increased in volume, numerous girls already bending over at the waist and laughing. Yin Zhu’s innocence couldn’t help but create a favorable impression among them. The first male student in the history of the Divine Music division was quite entertaining.

The short-haired girl realized her misspoken words. Immediately her charming face turned as red as Yin Zhu’s with shame. “You’re all dead…”

“Well, girls, come on. Are you not worried about frightening your future classmate? In the future, all of you will study together. There are plenty of chances for you to be together. Now follow me to register.” Bi Ji resisted smiling. She looked at this lively group of girls and couldn’t help but feel somewhat envious. Ten years ago, one couldn’t be like them, carefree and without worries.

Under Bi Ji’s guidance, the 12 new Divine Music division students, including Yin Zhu, exited the auditorium. Yin Zhu walked at the back and stared at these lively girls. His heart felt very comfortable as he thought to himself, ‘Apparently my future at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts will be pretty good!’

“Hello.” By Yin Zhu’s side, a gentle and soft, somewhat timid voice chimed out. It was the girl who sat by Ye Yin Zhu previously, the girl in possession of the Jade Charm Zither. Her height barely reached Yin Zhu’s chest. Her blue clothing matched her azure eyes which were as gentle as a stream. Her soft aura reminded Yin Zhu of An Ya, only this girl was significantly more underdeveloped compared to An Ya.

Yin Zhu quickly replied, “Hello, just now I borrowed your zither…”

The girl hastily interrupted him, “It doesn’t matter. Your zither playing is really good; oh, your singing is also good.”

“You heard?” Yin Zhu looked at the girl, amazed. Although he didn’t deliberately control his aura and magical strength, it was unlikely for those without a certain understanding of the zither song and decent spiritual power to hear his zither music.

The girl nodded, “Yes! But I only heard half of the first verse. After that, I can’t recall the rest. My mind was completely immersed in the cries of your zither and the guzheng. I remember, the zither and guzheng couldn’t perform music together. How did you accomplish that? Can you tell me? Oh, that’s right. You are called Ye Yin Zhu. I am called Lan Xi.”

Yin Zhu said, “It is indeed extremely challenging for the zither and guzheng to perform music together. If it is a short musical composition, however, some skill and different fingering methods can still make this possible. It’s just that it is quite difficult to complement one another, that’s all. One party has no other choice but to play in the background of the other.”

Lan Xi suddenly understood and said, “ So it’s like this, but without outstanding skill, I’m afraid that this is awfully difficult to accomplish. Your zither playing must be very good. Afterwards, can you teach me? I have merely just begun studying.”

Ye Yin Zhu smiled and said, “It’s okay! I can’t be your teacher; I still have a long way to go. If you have any questions, you can ask me. I’ll explain as long as I know the answer.”

“Thank you, you are a really good person. Just now they teased you like that, but you didn’t get angry.” Lan Xi’s attractive face blushed lightly as she whispered.

Yin Zhu forced a smile and said, “I didn’t get angry because some of their words I didn’t understand.”

Lan Xi stuck out her cute little tongue and exclaimed, “Just now, you have a lot of nerve! Unexpectedly calling Dean Nina grandmother, don’t tell me you didn’t know she hates other people calling her old? Fortunately, your zither playing is good. Otherwise, it would have been difficult for you to be accepted.”

Yin Zhu was surprised and asked, “Really? I didn’t know!”

Lan Xi showed him a defeated expression. “It is unlikely you didn’t know. Don’t tell me that you have arrived to take the exam without investigating the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts? Don’t tell me that you know nothing about it at all.”

Yin Zhu nodded seriously. “I truly didn’t know!”

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  1. your translation here is inaccurate (are you using MTL?)

    I’m dying of laughter, she said she plays (blows) the xiao, are you going to help this cute boy blow the xiao (chinese flute)?

    Baffled, Yinzhu asked: what’s wrong with her blowing the xiao for me?

    Innuendo is obvious here

    1. Oh… xD
      Huh — I didn’t realize it was an innuendo. My mind doesn’t go to the gutter when I read something like that.
      Thanks for catching the mistake! Even my TLC missed it.
      I’ll go fix it.

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