[C30] ZE Chapter 8.2


Chapter 8 – Registration Crisis (II)



Lan Xi covered her small mouth and said, “Praise Falan! So you really are…you must be really lucky to pass the exam like this. Fortunately you chose the Divine Music division, which has few people. Relatively speaking, the rejection rate is low. Other divisions’ rejection rates are very high. Every year, there are at least twenty thousand people who come to Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts to enroll, but the final number of accepted applicants never surpass two thousand, a ten percent chance. Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts is divided into the north and south districts. The south district is the warrior district who all train according to their specialization over there. The north district, where we currently are, is the mage district. Each division’s mage has a specialty here. Regardless of whether it is the north district or the south district, the teaching area is in the middle of the institution. Neighboring them are training areas for every specialization. Luckily the road to the teaching area is quite close. Otherwise, we will suffer hardships walking from one area to the next. Today is the final day for registration, so every specialization has gathered together.”

Just as she finished, Brigitte and the twelve students arrived in front of a tall school building. There were many makeshift stone counters in charge of student registration fees irrespective of speciality. Brigitte waved her hand and said, “Well, everyone can go. School officially starts the day after tomorrow. Only after you have completed registration will the institution assign you dormitories to live in. You can also go out, but you must remember to pay attention to safety.” Once she finished speaking, she glanced at Yin Zhu who was in the middle of the crowd of females. She then summoned her jade gnu once more and left.


“Praise Falan! Quickly, look! The new beautiful ladies of the Divine Music division have arrived!” an unknown person cried out.

Although the Divine Music division at Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts was a support vocation, one had to admit that the accepted girls of this vocation were practically all beautiful ladies. Suddenly, everyone focused on the 11 beautiful ladies. The gazes of the other divisions’ newly accepted students all focused on them as well.

Regardless of location, the impact of beautiful women was immense. The lines of new students immediately became chaotic, several of them fawning upon the beautiful ladies.

“Come up here to register! The beautiful ladies of the Divine Music division never have to wait in line.” Immediately, several registration locations opened up. The new students revolved around the Divine Music division’s 11 beautiful ladies who quite quickly stepped up to finish registering.

Yin Zhu, standing behind the beautiful ladies, also prepared to register at this time, but someone stopped him.

“Little boy, what division are you? Are you trying to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain?”  Two tall male students blocked Yin Zhu’s path, glowering at him.

Yin Zhu shook his head and said, “I am also part of the Divine Music division. Why can I not register?”

“You are a part of the Divine Music division? Thinking and making up such a horrible lie, what boy would choose to join the Divine Music division?” The red-haired male student disdainfully snorted, clenching his massive fist. Yin Zhu’s handsome face easily caused the male student to be jealous, especially since Yin Zhu arrived together with the beautiful ladies.

“Who said the Divine Music division cannot have a male student? I can testify that he is part of the Divine Music division.” The short-haired beauty who called herself Chui Xiao had finished registering and had stepped up to Yin Zhu’s side some unknown period of time ago.


Instantly, everyone became quiet. Whether they were registering or fawning over the beautiful ladies of the Divine Music division, all of their gazes centralized on Yin Zhu’s body. He had become the center of attention.

The red-haired male student stared foolishly at Yin Zhu. “He, he’s really part of the Divine Music division?”

The short-haired beauty loftily replied, “That’s right! Would I, Xue Ling, lie?”

The male student’s countenance changed. Suddenly, he strode forward and stood in front of Yin Zhu. before Yin Zhu could react, the student, with an excited face, already held his hand.

“Idol! You must be a prodigy at picking up girls, right? In order to be able to pick up the beautiful ladies of the Divine Music division, you unexpectedly, without hesitation, self-harmed yourself to enter the Divine Music division. Admiring, extremely admiring. Idol, accept me as your little brother. You must impart your sect teachings on picking up girls to me.”

Everyone present roared with laughter. For a moment, all kinds of envious, jealous, and disdainful gazes rested on Yin Zhu. From the moment this started, the blade of grass among ten thousand flowers, the Divine Music division’s first male student, the idol, and other addresses kept being added onto Yin Zhu’s head, making him become the new center of attention. He instantly became a Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts celebrity.

Yin Zhu shook off the other’s hand, frowned, and said, “Self-harm? Why would I be harming myself? Does the Divine Music division really not have any male students?”

The red-haired male student, without the slightest hesitation, replied, “Of course, since the establishment of Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts several hundred years ago, you are unconditionally the one and only male student. Idol, I admire your spirit of sacrifice. I didn’t realize this at the beginning. I am the Swordmaster division’s Fei Si Qie La. You must remember me! Since you are of the Divine Music division, you can immediately register.” As he spoke, he thought to himself, ‘Looking at this very simple boy, it will be good to have a good relationship with him. I fear if there will even be another opportunity to approach the Divine Music division’s beautiful ladies in the future. He cannot possibly handle this many beautiful ladies by himself.’ Thinking of this, he couldn’t help the smile at the corner of his mouth becoming somewhat lewd.

Xue Ling testified that Yin Zhu was of the Divine Music division, so no one else blocked him.

“One hundred gold coins.” Sitting behind the desk was a strictly impartial and incorruptible teacher. His ice-cold voice made people feel as if it was winter.

“Oh? So expensive.” Yin Zhu looked stupefied at him and extracted the entirety of his assets, ten gold coins, from the ring Anya had given him. “Teacher, I only have this much.” Although he expected the tuition fee to be quite expensive, he didn’t expect it to be this excessively expensive. One hundred gold coins was enough for an ordinary family to pay their expenses for several years, but here, it was only the tuition for a single term.

“Why did you come to Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts without money? This tuition is not only to stay in the dorms; some of it is used for magical material in lessons and venue costs are also included in the bill. Since you don’t have money, leave.” The teacher repulsively waved at Yin Zhu as if he was a housefly.

“I remember that he dared to criticize our mercenary company and its greatness, but I didn’t expect the idiot can’t even pay the tuition fee.” At this moment, the lined up stream of people automatically parted, and a pink silhouette entered his vision.

This person recognized Yin Zhu, having previously met him at the Mercenary Guild. She was the female mage of the S rank mercenary company. Now, she advanced towards Yin Zhu step by step, the registering students parting for her one after another. They clearly recognized her.

“I’m not an idiot,” Yin Zhu said lowly.

The girl objected. “Arriving at the Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts without the tuition fee, in addition to choosing the Divine Music division, are you still not an idiot? A pauper unexpectedly dared to criticize our Violet Mercenary Company. I see, you had better take a hike and leave this place. The Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts does not welcome poor bastards.”

“You…” Yin Zhu glared and took a step forward. His right fist was clenched tightly as he, with great difficulty, suppressed his fury. “I don’t hit women.”

Haha…” The girl laughed heartily. “Is this a joke? You think you can hit me? Aren’t you only a Red Rank mage? You can’t even pay the tuition fee, get lost! Leave so I don’t have to look at your irksome presence.” Her words brimmed with contempt.

“Who said he doesn’t have the money to pay for his tuition fee? I’m paying for his tuition.” The icy voice echoed, making the crowd shiver. A path opened up within the crowd, and a slender figure gradually became visible. Dressed in a long white skirt with a faint, cold aura, the figure who unexpectedly arrived was the girl who previously performed a duet with Yin Zhu in the auditorium.


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