ZE Glossary



Name CN Description Appearance
Pirlo 皮尔洛 Intermediate Level Yellow Ranked Mage of Arcadian Magic Guild 1.1
Diarra 迪亚拉 Cyan Ranked Mage of Arcadian Magic Guild, formerly Interim President 1.1
Qin Shang 秦殇 Primary Level Violet Ranked Mage from Falan, newly appointed President of Magic Guild 1.1
Mei Ying 梅英 Also known as Ying’er ( 英儿); YZ’s mother 1.2
Ye Zhong 叶重 Mei Yin’s husband; YZ’s father 1.2
Ye Li 叶离 Father of Ye Zhong, grandfather of Mei Ying’s son (also known as MC); Head of Bamboo Sect, primary level violet ranked warrior of Bamboo Dou Qi 1.3
Mei Hua 梅花 Mei Ying’s mother 2.1
Lan Qing 兰清 Renowned midwife responsible for saving Mei Ying and YZ’s lives during a difficult labor 2.1
Ye Yin Zhu 叶音竹 MC 2.3
Violet Nicknamed Little Violet (小紫) by YZ; childhood friend of YZ; found in Desolate Jade Sea [Bromance Interest] 3.1
Rufete 鲁菲特 Emissary from Wavast Royal Family, Cyan Rank Spirit Mage 3.3
Gern 格恩 Head of Iron Brambles Mercenary Company 5.1
Hart 哈特 Gnu Dealer 5.1
Anya 安雅 Employer of Iron Brambles for escort mission to Milan (mage) 5.3
Austin 奥斯丁 Dragon Cavalry Commander (龙骑将); Viscount (子爵); Rolande’s eldest brother 6.3
Brigitte 碧姬 Divine Music division teacher, Orange Rank, owns Jade Gnu 7.3
Nina 妮娜 Divine Music division Dean 8.1
Xue Ling 雪玲 Also calls herself Chui Xiao (吹萧); short-haired girl who plays the xiao 8.1
Lan Xi 蓝曦 Zither player (beginner) in possession of the Jade Charm Zither 8.1
Berlusconi Fisichella 贝鲁斯科尼 . 费斯切拉 Red-haired male student of the Swordmaster division; Imperial Crown Prince 8.2
Hai Yang 海洋 White-clothed girl, senior Divine Music student who plays the guzheng; second-year
Part of one of the three major clans
Rolande 罗兰 Granddaughter of the patriarch of the Violet Clan, genius wind mage, Intermediate Level Yellow Rank at age of 16 8.3
Sura 苏拉 Top Assassin of First-Year Students; Yin Zhu’s roommate 8.4
Kong Que 孔雀 Advanced Level Red Rank Divine Music mage who plays the pipa, most developed among the new Divine Music students 9.2
Wa Ge Lei 瓦格雷 Water division Dean, Intermediate Level Indigo Rank Mage Scholar 10.1
Ferguson 弗格森 President of Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts, wizened old man. 10.1
Karachi 卡拉奇 Water division general for Freshman Competition, Second-year student; Primary Level Yellow Rank 10.2
Xhosa 科萨 Ferguson’s contracted magical beast, rank 8 Red Dragon 11.2
Jia Nei Di 加内帝 Warrior with a tiger appearance, lost money from gambling on the Freshman Competition Divine Music v. Water match – out to take revenge on Yin Zhu 11.3
Yue Ming 月冥 Advanced Level Yellow Rank Dark Magic mage, general of Dark Magic division for Freshman Competition 12.2
Ming Xue 冥雪 Netherworld Snow Spirit, rank 4; Yue Ming’s contracted magical beast 12.3
Basten 巴斯滕 Dean of Dark Magic Division 12.3
Berlusconi Xiang Luan 贝鲁斯科尼 . 香鸾 most beautiful woman in Institution – national beauty of empire; also known as ‘Golden Lily’; strawberry blonde hair and lilac eyes [described with Ode of the Goddess of the Luo River’ and its art counterpart ‘Goddess of the Luo River’ — Gu Kai Zhi ] Imperial Princess 14.1
Fatty 肥肥 Green Dragon, chubby 14.2
Maldini 马尔蒂尼 Violet Star Dragon Cavalary Commander, Violet Clan 15.4
Materazzi 马特拉奇 Vice-President of the Milan Magic Guild, Violet Clan, younger brother of Maldini 15.4
Okafur 奥卡福 Gold Star Dragon Cavalry Commander, second eldest brother of Rolande 15.4
Oliveira 奥利维拉 Fifth-year student, Rolande’s third eldest brother with water-attribute Gigantic Dragon 15.4
Yue Hui 月辉 President of the Milan Magic Guild, Violet Rank Level 5 15.4
Dida 迪达 Head Waiter at Floating Orchid Pavilion; Anya’s younger brother 16.3
Seedorf 西多夫 Violet Star Dragon Cavalry Commander of the Milan Empire, Imperial Marshal 17.1
Berlusconi Silvio 贝鲁斯科尼 . 西尔维奥 Milan Emperor 17.1
Nesta 内斯塔 Second Year Heavy Cavalry general; Primary level Green Rank; Red Dragon magical beast partner 19.3
Lao Houzi 老猴子 Heavy Sword division Dean 19.4
Tie Bi 铁臂 Heavy Cavalry division Dean 19.4
Degas 狄加 Nesta’s partner—Red Dragon (rank 5) 20.3
Ma Liang 马良 First year, 17-18 years old; Summon division general; of Eastern Dragon Sect of Painting 21.4
Vieri 维埃里 Dean of the Summon division 22.3
Lan Ming Zhu 蓝明珠 Princess of the Lan clan (Falan), cursed to take form of a guqin 24.3
Qin Zhi 秦治 Divine Music Mage that Lan Ming Zhu fell in love with 24.3
Angel 安琪 Anya’s elder sister who fell to the darkness; one of two surviving Elven Royalty 25.2
Mu Anya’s alicorn; rank 9 magical beast partner 26.3
Yin Bi 银币 Sura’s baby Silver Dragon partner; king of magical beasts/dragons
“Silver Coin”
Chang Hao 常昊 generational disciple of Chess Sect; first-year FC general of Spatial Domain 27.4
Carol 卡罗 Light division first-year and FC general 27.4
Freud 弗洛德 Spiritual division first-year and FC general 27.4
Guti 古蒂 Chief of Thor Tribe 30.3
Emerson 埃莫森 Secret benefactor of Thor Tribe 30.3
Dis 狄斯 Plundering Legion of Beastmen Army: Commander; Gold Behemoth 31.1
Perkins 帕金斯 Plundering Legion of Beastmen Army: Vice-Commander; Gold Behemoth 31.1
Rhubarb 大黄 Okafur’s rank 8 Earth-attribute Gigantic Dragon 33.3
Lunar 月辉 Great Master, related to Empire (high standing) 34.3


Name CN Description
Longinus Continent 龙崎努斯大陆 Continent
Arcadia [Kingdom] 阿卡迪亚 YZ’s origin
Falan [Empire] 法蓝 holy place of mages, neighboring empire
Luna City 露娜城 city where Magic Guild is located in Arcadia
Wavast [Kingdom] 极北荒原 neighboring empire; from “Wave” + “Vast” as decreed by Ren
Northern Wasteland 极北荒原 wastelands to the north of Arcadia; home of beastmen
Desolate Jade Sea 碧空海 bamboo forest; YZ’s home
Seven Pagoda 七座法师塔 mage training sect, also referred to as Seven Story Magic Pagoda
Milan Institution for Magic and Martial Arts 米兰魔武学院 best magic college; also known as Milan Imperial Institute
Milan Empire 米兰帝国 north of Northern Wasteland
Rolle City 市罗尔 southern city in Wavast Kingdom
Floating Orchid Pavilion 飘兰轩 where An Ya can be found in Milan City
Ascoli [Kingdom] 阿斯科利 west of Milan
Florence [Kingdom] 佛罗 east of Milan
Palermo [Kingdom] 巴勒莫 southwest of Milan
Mission Retrieval Center 接任务的地方 in Mercenary Guild, where to get missions
Mission Reward Center 交任务的地方 in Mercenary Guild, where to get mission payments
Registration and Upgrade Counter 注册已经升级的柜台 in Mercenary Guild, where to register a mercenary company and to upgrade its rank
Solomon Stronghold 所罗门要塞 Northern Wasteland stronghold bordering Ascoli Kingdom
Mjolnir Stronghold 雷神之锤要塞 Northern Wasteland stronghold bordering Milan Empire, where Zi was chased to kill from
Mars Stronghold 战神要塞 Northern Wasteland stronghold bordering Florence Kingdom
Eastern Dragon Empire 东龙帝国
Maple Forest 枫林 where Ming Zhu met Qin Zhi and fell in love, and where she was cursed into zither form upon being heartbroken and breaking God’s decree
Elven Forest 灵森林 home of the elves, highly concentrated magical ambiance
Origin Forest 原始森林 aka Elven Forest
Sacred Heart City 圣心城 Milan Empire Stronghold opposing Mjolnir Stronghold
Konya City 科尼亚城 250 km west of Sacred Heart City; under attack
Brenner Pass 布伦纳山口 Mountain pass through the alps, natural hole in Milan’s defenses
Puglia Plains 普利亚平原 Economic lifeline of Milan Empire, full of metropolis cities and abundant in food


Name CN Description
Magic Guild 魔法师公会 Literal
Falan Guardian Flange Legion 守卫法蓝的法兰军团 Falan Warrior Military Forces
Bamboo Sect 竹宗 Sect practicing Bamboo Dou Qi, headed by Ye Li
Zither Sect 琴宗 Sect practicing Zither Magic, headed by Qin Shang
Divine Music discipline, a branch of the Spiritual discipline
Eight Eastern Dragon Sects 东龙八宗 Four Magic, Four Dou Qi
Iron Brambles Mercenary Company 铁荆棘佣兵团 Sole permanent mercenary force in City of Lore
Mercenary Guild 佣兵公会 Literal
Dragon Cavalry 龙骑兵 Heavy cavalry elite miliary
Violet Mercenary Company 紫罗兰佣兵团 S-rank, associated with Violet clan
Violet Clan 罗兰家 One of three major clans, highly influential in military
Warrior Guild 战士公会 Literal
Yue Hui Clan 月辉家族 One of three major clans, meteroic rise
Ancelotti Clan 安切洛蒂家族 One of three major clans,
Painting Sect 画宗 cultivated Summon Magic, summoning magical beasts via paintings
Chess Sect 棋宗 Domain Seal discipline, a branch of the Spatial Domain discipline
Scripture Sect 书宗 similar to each elemental discipline, and was the only sect among the four magic sects to cultivate Synthesis Magic
Plum Sect 梅宗
Violet Sect 兰宗
Chrysanthemum Sect 菊宗


Branch Name CN
Divine Music 神音
Spiritual 精神
Water 水系
Dark Magic 暗魔
Spatial Domain 空间领域
Summon 召唤
Dragon 为龙
Domain Seal 领域封印
Synthesis 综合性
Metal 金属
Transportation 传送
Swordmaster 剑师
Assassin 刺客
Heavy Sword 重剑
Heavy Cavalry 重骑兵

Ranking System

System Name CN Description
Red Chi
Orange Cheng
Yellow Huang
Green 绿 Lu
Cyan Qing
Indigo Lan
Violet Zi
Magic Sublevel
Primary 初阶
Intermediate 中阶
Advanced 高阶
Zither Heart
Red Zither Heart 红色的琴心
Yellow Zither Heart 黄色的琴心
Courageous Zither Heart Realm 胆琴心的境界
Violet Zither Heart 紫色琴心
Profound Violet Zither Heart 紫微琴心
Cyan Bamboo 青竹
Yellow Bamboo 黄竹
Violet Bamboo 紫竹
Elementary Mage 魔法师 Mage; Red
Intermediate Mage 中级魔法师 Orange
Advanced Mage 高级魔法师 Yellow
Great Mage 大魔法师 Green
Mage Scholar 魔导士 Cyan
Magister 魔导师 Indigo
Great Magister 大魔导师 Violet
Warrior 战士 Elementary; Red
Intermediate Warrior 中级战士 Orange
Advanced Warrior 高级战士 Yellow
Earth Warrior 大地战士 Green
Heaven Warrior 天空战士 Cyan
War Master 战师 Indigo
Great War Master 大战师 Violet
Mercenary Company
Low Order Mercenary Company 超阶佣兵团 [E] [F] [G]
Middle Order Mercenary Company 中阶佣兵团 [C] [D]
High Order Mercenary Company 高阶佣兵团 [B]
Supreme Order Mercenary Company 超阶佣兵团 [S] [A]
Mercenary Company Head 佣兵团的团长 D Rank and above
Dragon Cavalry
Silver Star 银星
Gold Star 金星
Violet Star 紫星
Dragon Cavalry Squad Captain 龙骑兵小队长
Dragon Cavalry Commander 龙骑将
Dragon Cavalry Regiment Commander 统帅龙骑大队
Dragon Cavalry Army Commander 军团长龙骑将
Mundane Weakest – 1
Divine Strongest – 5


Name CN Description
Falan Rainbow Achievement List 法蓝彩虹榜 Falan Ranking List
Rainbow Ranking System 彩虹七色等级排 Seven Colored Ranking System based on the colors of the Rainbow
Red Rank mage emblem 赤级魔法师的徽章 Rank Identification
Dragonspear 龙枪 Dragon Cavalry weapon
Divine Celestial Protection Robe 月神守护法袍 Elf-made, has light element defensive ability dependent on spiritual power released and a self-cleaning water magic feature; Good resistance to any type of attack (physical or magical)
Pure Brightness Spirit Guardian 清明的心灵守护 Necklace; Thrice a day use – protects your mind and specializes in guarding against spiritual power
Life Guardian Bracelet 生命守护手 Once a day, summons an absolute defense against anything Violet Rank or below
Jade Silk 碧丝 The Bamboo of Life had a core in its center. Every century, it grows one inch. This is Jade Silk. It can be said to be the toughest and most durable thing in the whole world. Moreover, it possessed tremendous vitality
Violet Bamboo Needle 紫竹针 Only 18 in existence, extracted from core of 18 Violet Bamboos growing around the Bamboo of Life; 11 centimeters long, emits soft violet light, tremendous vitality, has nature’s power of harmony; used in acupuncture
Blood Soul Spear 血魂枪 Nesta’s dragonspear; dark red and eight meters long
Painting Brush 画笔 exclusive weapon of Eastern Dragon Painting Sect
Six Components of the Silver Dragon 银龙六器 organs of a Silver Dragon to lessen the requirement to summon a Silver Dragon via Painting Sect magic
Autumnal Beastmen Harvest War 兽人族的秋季抢粮 during autumn, beastmen army attacks the borders of human countries to plunder foodstuff
Eternal Substitute Puppet/Immortal Body 永恒替身傀儡/不死之身 body double; only three in existence—last one in Sura’s permanent possession
Nanshan Millenium Tree 南山千年桐木 the wood from which Qin Zhi carved the Waterfall Zither’s body
Amethyst Sword 紫晶巨剑
Angel’s Sigh 天使叹息 Also known as the Cursed Blade (诅咒之刃) and the Uncrowned King (among the assassin circles)
Gives 200% attack increase against magic defenses, 105% against physical defenses, and silently cuts through the air while preventing any light from releasing from it when dou qi is channeled
Elven Forest’s Elixir of Life 精灵森林的生命之水 highly potent healing elixir
Elven Race’s Symbolic Seed of Life 精灵族的象征生命之种


Branch Specialization Name CN Description
Dou Qi Dou Qi 斗气 combat energy/spirit power
Bamboo Dou Qi 竹斗气 specialized Dou Qi of Bamboo Sect
Bamboo Sect Swordplay 竹宗的剑术 Bamboo swordplay
Bamboo Defense 竹御 cloudy mist shield – can only be broken by another Bamboo Dou Qi user; Jade Silk technique
Bamboo Attack 竹攻 pillar of light; Jade Silk technique
Heavy Sword
Battle Edge 战芒 Extending the tip of a weapon up to 3.3 meters; typically only accessible at Cyan Rank
Thousand Shadow Strikes 千影击 Created by Tie Bi; uses dou qi to enhance speed of attacks, appearing like several shadow attacks
Assassin Stealth 隐匿 advanced assassin concealment skill
Zither Magic 琴魔法 Magic through the use of a zither
Sound wave 音波 Literal
Pure Zither Heart 赤子琴心 Special Innate Zither Heart, pure and innocent
Origin Cultivation Meditation Song 培源静心曲 Cultivation Enhancing Song on Zither
Sound blade 音刃 blade of sound
The Wind Startles the Dancing Crane gesture 风惊鹤舞势 playing technique
The Wind Carries the Gentle Cloud gesture 风送轻云势 playing technique
The Luan and Phoenix Harmoniously Cry gesture 鸾凤和鸣势 playing technique
The Water Follows the Fallen Flower gesture 落花随水势 playing technique
Sonic Boom 爆音 explosion of sound waves, equivalent to instantaneous magic; Green
Ensemble Performance 合奏 Literal
Empty Valley, Momentum Transfer gesture 空谷传声势 playing technique
Deep Valley, Flowing Spring gesture 幽谷流泉势 playing technique
Seven Killer Notes 七杀音 seven simultaneous sound blades
Seven Note Linked Explosion 七音连爆 continuous sonic booms; highest quality
Falcon Quickly Strikes gesture 鹰隼捷击势 playing technique
Spring Warbler Entering the Valley gesture 春莺出谷势 playing technique
Crane Crying from the Clouds gesture 鹤鸣在阴势 playing technique
Precious Goose Holding Reeds in its Mouth gesture 宝雁衔芦势 playing technique
Lonely Duck Staring at its Flock gesture 孤鹜顾群势 playing technique
Encouragement of Shangyang gesture 商羊鼓舞势 playing technique
Wyvern Seizing the Clouds gesture 飞龙拏云势 playing technique
Mantis Stalks the Cicada gesture 螳螂捕蝉势 playing technique
Autumn Western Osprey Overlooking the Wind gesture 秋鹗临风势 playing technique
Holy Bird Holding a Book in its Mouth gesture 神鸟衔书势 playing technique
Fragrant Woods, Delicate Oriole gesture 芳林娇莺势 playing technique
Azure Dragon Entering the Sea gesture 苍龙入海势 playing technique
Perched Phoenix Combing its Plume gesture 栖凤梳翎势 playing technique
Cultured Leopard Carrying Objects gesture 文豹抱物势 playing technique
Roaring Ape, Ascending Tree gesture 号猿升木势 playing technique
Forbidden Sky 禁空 Forces flying creatures to fall to the ground unless they are three levels above the musician
Glissando 滚拂 a glide from one pitch to another
Arpeggio 绰注 “broken chord” is a musical technique where notes in a chord are played or sung in sequence, one after the other, rather than playing all of the notes simultaneously
Seventy-Two Glissandi of Running Water 七十二滚拂流水 literal(?); unique to << High Mountain and Running Water >>
Red Water Arrow 色水箭 literal; Red
Roaring Wave 水咆哮 literal; Orange
Water Spirit Blessing 水精灵的庇佑 reduces water magic cast time by 30%; Green(?)
Cry of the Water Dragon 水龙吟 roaring water dragon; Orange
Summon Summoning Technique 炼召唤术 special training needed, allows the ability to have a growth-type magical beast
Dark Magic
Corrosion Magic 腐蚀魔 cannot be healed if inflicted
Dark Sphere 暗之球 literal; Red
Dark Magic Split Shadow 暗魔裂影 doppelganger spell; Yellow
Dark Curse – Infernal Howl of Sorrow 暗魔咒——地狱悲嚎 literal; Green
Wind Wind Blade 风刃 literal; Red
Painting Substitute Magical Beast 替身兽魔法 basically a shadow clone ala Naruto
Elemental Elemental (Magic) Shield 元素盾 shield constructed with elemental magic/magical elements; strength depends on intensity
Spiritual Shockwave 精神冲击波 literal; wave of spiritual force
Myriad Spirits Confluence 海纳百神 basically gathering spiritual force for one person, the core, to absorb; too much absorbed spiritual force can lead to the core person’s spirit shattering and then becoming brain-dead
Ice Icicle 冰锥 spikes of ice shooting out like arrows/bullets
Fireball 火球 literal
Flames of Renouncement 抗拒火焰 Orange Rank; fire spell
Light Light Bullet 光弹 literal
Spatial Domain
Magic Amplification 法力增幅 literal
Voice Magnification 声音扩大 literal
Spiritual Domain Force Field 精神领域力场 optimizes spiritual force/magic in a bounded field created using Silver Crystals
Spiritual Condensation Spell 精神凝聚法阵 literal; condenses spiritual force
Divine Acupuncture Vein Treatment 神针刺脉疗法 literal
Three Needle Attention Concentration 三针定神
Magical Beast
Netherworld Snow Spirit
Soul Scream 魄啸 ear-piercing scream of grief and ice
Snow Dance 雪舞 corrosion magic-laced snowflake attack
Green Dragon Wind Blade Breath 风刃吐息 sphere of wind blades; Green
Bewildering Footsteps Spell 迷踪阵 Notice-me-not Formation
Familiar 魔宠 Magical Beast partner
Mid-Grade Magic Transmittance Emblem 中阶魔导士的象征 feed spiritual power to it, opens up
Radiant Blessing 光明祝福 Enchantment on magic equipment that shields against Spiritual Magic
Spiritual Imprint 精神烙印 source of life of a Spiritual Mage (essense of the mind)
Equal Life Contract 做同等本命契约 Unique, allows summoning from both partners; summoning lasts half an hour and consumes very little spiritual power; creation process known only by Zi
Master-Slave Contract 主从契约 typical contract between humans and magical beasts

Magical Beasts

Name CN Rank Description
Rudimentary Magical Beasts 低级魔兽 1 – 3
Gnu 角马 1 beasts with two horns on their head, weakest in power, used as transportation
Armored Beast 铁甲兽 3 hornless beasts plated with keratin armour, used by heavy cavalry
Jade Gnu 怎么办 3 white-furred gnu, very rare, superb endurance
Wind Wolf 风狼 3 cyan wolf, 3 meters long, pure wind attribute; orange ranked wind blade attack
Advanced Magical Beasts 高级魔兽 4 – 6
Tamed Dragon 驯龙 4 Race
Green Ridgeback Earth Dragon 绿脊地龙 4 strong concussive force, excellent defensive ability and could spray a sour, corrosive liquid, Green Rank strength
Maginot Iron Dragon 马奇诺铁龙 4 well-known for defense (indestructible), gray/black scales, earth dragon
Earthbound Swift Dragon 埃里克敏龙 4 – 5 cyan-colored dragon, extremely swift; faster than a Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon in short distance
Falcon Dragon 鹰隼龙 5 dragon head, eagle body, metallic wings, sharp claws, makes up the best aerial dragon cavalry corps on the continent
Golden Crystal Tyrant Dragon 金晶暴龙 6 wingless, somewhat pointed head, meter long horn flickering with a golden crystal-like brilliance; appeared to be a qilin with its gigantic, compact body, its long tail , and atop each and every triangle spike; the tail’s tip was bifurcated into three, slightly curving upwards flickering with an indigo, gem-like luster; metal class innate magic, comparable to a rudimentary genuine dragon in strength, strong defensive power
Metal-attribute Magic
Sentient Magical Beasts 智慧魔兽 7 – 10
Berserker Behemoth 狂暴比蒙 7 iron gray haired body, could tear a rank 8 gigantic dragon to shreds; immune to magic lower than Indigo Rank
Green Dragon 绿龙 7- 8 cyan body, seven meters long, three meters high; genuine dragon
Red Dragon 红龙 8 literal; fire magic & capable of flight; genuine dragon; can talk in human tongue
Silver Behemoth 白银比蒙 8 silver haired body, immune to all Indigo Rank magic and below; sturdier body than Berserker Behemoth
Netherworld Snow Spirit 幽冥雪魄 9 comparable to gigantic dragon, growth-type; needed to defeat to contract with the Violet Rank Dark Water dual-type Great Magister equivalent magical beast
Gigantic Dragon 巨龙 9 Race
Gold Behemoth 黄金比蒙 9 gold haired body, immune to all magic Level 3 Violet Rank and below; bodies comparable to any armor in toughness and durability
Silver Dragon 银龙 9 10+ meters long, sparkling and fine scales, completely silver eyes, four claws, can use elemental magic
Alicorn 独角兽 9 pure white coat, humongous snow white wings, spiral horn, clear translucent blue eyes
Divine Spirit Horse
Mythological Beast 神兽 10

Other Races

Name CN Description
Beastmen 兽人 originates from Northern Wastelands
Lion Tribe 狮族人
Thor Tribe 雷神部落 of the Mjolnir Stronghold
Apemen 猿人 ash-gray bodies; 2.5 meters+ height
Behemoth 比蒙 closely related to dragon race, lives in Northern Wastelands
Tigermen 虎人 yellow/black striped beastmen
Leopardmen 豹人 tawny furred, black-spotted; incredibly fast and only 2 meters tall
Bearmen 熊人
Minotaur 牛头人 Ox-Head (mythological figure) men
Centaur 半人马
Dragon 龙族 closely related to Beamon race, pure dragon race nearly extinct while the rest have mixed blood/diluted dragon blood
Genuine/True 真正
Elf 精灵


Name CN Description
Green Water 绿水 simplest song
Withered Wood, Dragon’s Roar 枯木龙吟 highly acclaimed and difficult song
Three Variations of Yangguan 阳关三叠 reluctant farewell song
A Chinese Ghost Story 倩女幽魂 theme song of romantic comedy horror film, A Chinese Ghost Story
Dream Guzheng song of gentle and distressed unwillingness
White Snow 白雪 4 person ensemble, sad song
Autumn Geese 秋鸿 zither song, emotional
Mist and Clouds over Xiaoxiang 潇湘水云 song with overtones and hazy atmosphere, imitates the sounds of nature
Raiment of Rainbows and Feathers 霓裳 abbrv. for the Tang Dynasty song (霓裳羽衣曲 or 霓裳羽衣舞)
Flock of Geese on the Shore 平沙落雁 one of famed great 9 Zither Sect songs; casts Forbidden Sky spell
Thoughts on a Tranquil Night 静夜思 expresses solemnity and yearning through a combination of its night-time imagery and its spare form
Solitary Orchid 幽兰 probably the oldest surviving piece of written music in the Far East; melody is noted for its use of microtones, which creates a mysterious effect sound
High Mountains and Running Water 高山流水 top ranked Ancient Classical Chinese piece; synonymous with an intimate and understanding friend/sublime musical composition
effects: weakness, amplification

Wu Xing (Elemental Chart)



Name CN
Cry of the Phoenix Zither 鸣凤琴
Song of the Dead Forest Dragon Zither 枯木龙吟琴
Music of the Lost Emperor Zither 大圣遗音琴
Nine Heavenly Jade Rings Zither 九霄环佩琴
Thundering Spring Zither 春雷琴
Jade Charm Zither 玉韵琴
Moon and Tides’ Clear Brilliance 海月清辉琴
Waterfall of Connecting Pearls Zither 飞瀑连珠的琴

Zither Styles

Name CN
Dragon God Style 神龙式
Five Bead Style 连珠式
Lute Style 师旷式
Whimsical Myriad Style 灵机式
Phoenix Power Style 凤势式

Zither Parts





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