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Presenting a spoiler rant on Zither Emperor by Thyaeria~


Is he in the academy?

Oh okay

So he’ll have this roommate which is from the assassin class


Name’s sula or however it’s translated

also the one that stole his ring and a female as well. The princess of the dark empire that wields the phoenix bloodline. Also the disciple of the Darkness tower’s master of this most power organization on the entire continent.


He’d meet this girl as well, the called Hai something I forgot lol. Anyways, she has black hair as him. Black hair are features of the descendent of the Easten Dragon Empire of the Eastern Dragon Continent


So they’ll go to train in the frontline of a war and that’s when Sula returned him his interspatial ring which she have been hesitating to do so in fear that he would judge her for stealing his stuff.

On the battlefield, the situation suddenly changed and the frontline that they are assigned to, wasn’t supposed to have any beasts at all and somehow, there was a planned attack from the Behemoths

No one was able to defeat the benemoths but then, the MC got this ice magic user to make a loudspeaker for his zither and used one of the zither that was in the stolen interspatial ring, the dragon zither

He played this particular song that would cause dragons to go berserk and self destruct

He used this method to enrage all the dragon that were on their side to charge at the beast army and basically destoryed them.

Knowing that the kids are in danger, the general sent a group of reinforcement that consist of the team with the fastest group of dragon

Dragon go near, enraged by the song and the dragon was sacrificed as well (LOL)

The silver dragon city took note of that boy since he possessed power to make dragon enrage and self-destruct

The silver dragon elder sent his grand-daughter to get the MC to the silver dragon city

The MC went and was basically not given a good time ofc

he was given a scale of the Saint Dragon (All elemental dragon, upon reaching 10th rank would evolve into Saint Dragon)

He is to go to the dragon graveyard and pass the test to become a External Silver Dragon (Basically a human recognized by dragons and become part of their clan, wielding their specialities. EG. External Silver Dragon = Elemental affinity to all except darkness boosted.)

He went to the graveyard and was attacked by countless bone dragons and he failed on the first try. He couldn’t return or he would die so he could only complete the test or die. He used the dragon enraging song again on those bone dragon causing them to attack eachother

But was stopped by the Soul of the Saint Dragon by using all his power

And in order to cure those bone dragon of the massacre, he have to play a smoothening song which required a powerful zither

oops, not the dragon enraging song but was a massacre song that those who listen to it would start killing one another

the Zither was made with the Saint Dragon’s Bone, 7 strum from the 7 dead dragon king vein (7 elements)

When he finished making the zither with the help of the Saint Dragon, he smoothen those bone dragon

However, the Saint Dragon had regarded as a threat and wanted to kill him but ended up having his soul sealed in the Zither and therefore, forming a supreme artifact.

However, due to insufficient power, he couldn’t use that artifact and it was sealed within his heart.

Until here, it should be around 100+ chapters



100+ chapters?


Don’t remember much about the story anymore so I’ll go super summary on the rest



That’s fine


the story up till what I’ve described should be from 1-100+ chapters


Oh ok


So Zi, the amethyst behemoth is one of the four supreme beast

The Giant / Worm / Bull / Behemoth

The 4 supreme beat that upon maturity, they would become a Class 10 beast purely by growth

The giant is actually the ancestors of dwarfs (LOL, IK) they were apprently cursed or something. The giant was the last remaining that escaped the curse.

So Ying Zhu (MC) and Zi have to go to the beast side of the continent to search for the possible supreme beast that might still be remaining.

As for the previous generation of the supreme beast, they were betrayed by the Saint Dragon and were killed. If I remember correctly, the amethyst behemoth perished together with the Saint Dragon and therefore, his soul was in the graveyard

So why are they betrayed

There are two continents previously

I forgot the name of one, but let’s call it the eastern and western continent

Dragons of the Western are those lizard like while those of the Eastern are those snake likes

When the two continent clashed, the Western was basically helpless against it

The clash created a spatial rift which connects to someone like the nether realm

Monsters from the nether realm could spread plague and stuff so they are deadly to their realm

The eastern dragon, Shen Long was super duper powerful to the point that Western’s class 10 beast would be helpless before them

The Shen Long sealed the rift at the cost of the lives of their entire clan

The sealing point of the rift was at the location of the most powerful organization that had the darkness tower that i spoke of

So upon sealing, the eastern who did the most effort and sacrificed the most, was invaded by the western and therefore, took over.

Yin Zhu’s the eight clan, four arts and bamboo whatever

they are the remaining of the eastern that still remembered their roots

There are black hair around but they no longer rememebred their roots

Btw, the Hai girl that I spoke of, is the royal descendant of the Dong Long Empire / Eastern Dragon Empire.

oh right, because of Yin Zhu’s effort in fighting off the beast by using the lives of those dragons, he was given a title and his land would be at the land that he had saved. At the edge that was near to the beast empire

During Yin Zhu’s stay in the school (before he search for the 4 supreme beast)

He was in need of money and therefore, he played zither at this super high class VIP restaurant

Which the owner is an elf

The owner’s sister, which was corrupted by the Darkness Tower’s Master, tried to control the entire elf from the owner so that she can get the elfs to fight (elfs in there are peace loving people that hates fighting)

So after he was given control of the city, the owner of the super high class restaurant (An Ya) moved in to help yin zhu manage as that will also be a new place where elfs can live peacefully as well.

back to searching for the four beast

So they went to the northern part first, full of ice and stuff

Over there is ruled by 10 strongest beast. Naturally as the Amethyst Behemoth, Zi’s aura alone could suppress all other beast with his bloodline. And at that time, he had control of the behemoth pack that was attacking the city. One of the Gold Behemoth tried to kill yin zhu and then Zi broke through the rift as he opened a portal and saved yin zhu. Naturally, seeing their king, all the behemoth immediately surrendered to him and become his underlings.

So they heard that within the center of the north, there lies an extremely powerful beast

They went to look for him in hope that it’s one of the four divine beast

It turns out to be the bull, the bull with the most powerful charging ability that with his charge, he could topples mountain and stuff

But in ranking from 1st-4th

Behemoth, Bull, Giant, Worm

the bull is unhappy that he’s ranked 2 because his ancestor couldn’t beat the behemoth

so he fought with the pre-matured Zi and naturally, Zi wasn’t the bull’s opponent

so when Zi’s group (together with yin zhu) are about to all die in the hands of the bull

Yin Zhu summoned that Supreme Artifact

He strum all 7 strings (7 veins of the 7 dead dragon king)

Strumming the seven strings, he summoned forth 7 forbidden elemental technique (WEW)

Base on the pressure alone, it made the bull surrender and Yin zhu ordered him to be Zi’s ride from now on

Jsut when they tot that they had gain a Class 10 fully matured beast’s help, HOW CAN THE AUTHOR BREAK THE STORY!

It turns out that the bull requires a huge amount of food that even Yin Zhu and Zi couldn’t support

The bull surrendered by passing his beast soul over to Zi

zi is in control of his beast soul so he have to absolute obey Zi otherwise, if Zi destroys his beast soul he would die

The subduing method between beast

BUT I REMEMBERED WRONGLY, they first encountered the Worm 4 supreme beast along the way to the north xD

Both were still infant

Their ability is they could unleash 3 forbidden technique equivalent bomb a day

Other than that they’re useless

Basically cannons

when they read Yin Zhu’s memories by chance, they found out that Yin Zhu had taken revenge for them by sealing the soul of that Saint Dragon into the artifact, they bond themselves with Yin Zhu

Both yin zhu’s arm on covered with gold tattoos while the other one with silver tattoos

Basically he have a pair of forbidden cannon unleashing hands

So then they encountered the dwarfs

Which they had a guardian beast, yeah the giant

so they formed an alliance with the dwarfs blabla

then when yin zhu return back to his city, he wants to break away from the western empire and be by himself

the city was already began to develop into an invincible fortress by An Ya the elf queen’s bloodline

she possessed the elf tree (Like a beacon to gather all elf and could also temper with life etc, giving live to the surround plants)

so discovered that living in the city (It’s surrounding by mountain range around)

in one of the mountain lives this group of race that were human-like but shorter version

something like imp

so they are super smart and they could come up with technologies like cannons etc…

so they begun to build cannon to make it an invincible fortress

But thennnn

the easten organizations (four art sects and the bamboo shit blabla) come over and claimed that they are going to revive their empire from Yin Zhu’s city (Basically snatching over)

So drama shits happen between races blabla

The powerful organization that guard the rift deemed them as threats (Those people from the organization originated from the western continent originally)

Trying to destroy them blabla but because somehow they retreated if I remember

So thennnn

The Silver Dragon Elder, because there could only be 1 Saint Dragon at a time and the previous Saint Dragon had died, he somehow ranked up to become Class 10 beast

He gathered all the dragon race (like it or not, they have to obey him since he’s the Saint Dragon, the almighty dragon)

To attack Yin Zhu’s city (Yin Zhu proved to be a threat after all and blabla)

However because the imp race had developed a observation device, they could observe all the area within the city and knowing that the dragon are attacking

An Ya, which controlled the observation sync’ed the hundred over cannons and attacked the dragons

Dragon ended up losing blabla well, in novels MC never lost anyways.

Then they heard that the Dark Empire is hosting a marriage seeking for their princess (Sula)

Yin Zhi fell in love with sula in her female self

he went over there and fought

he won and he revealed his identity (he’s an enemy to the darkness empire)

lots of shit happened

OHHH before that, when he was in the school, there was a tournament hosted by the Powerful organization which revealed that Sula is actually a princess of the darkness empire and his enemy (they’re both in love with each other in fact.)

Because Sula couldn’t be with Yin Zhu as her 三魂七魄, one of it was taken by her master (darkness tower master)

if her master destroyes it, she dies

so she had no choice but to obey her master

and in the process, yin zhu found the soul of the darkness tower master’s master which is the previous tower master

the current tower master betrayed his master, snatching his soul pearl (When you’re about to become godhood in translation, for darkness you will form a soul pearl and you will lose your physical body, becoming a god soul)

Yin Zhu found the locked up soul of the previous master

So the previous master wanted revenge blabla

okay back to the tournament

The current darkness master arrived and tried to kill yin zhu or something like that

However, the previous master sacrificed his life, turning the 4 divine beast into supreme artifacts. Means beast who can transform into artifact. AKA Evolve the current beast

So the worm (there was a twin) became his wings artifact, Zi became a sword. The bull and giant became his armour

with his supreme artifact zither


He defeated the master but the current dark master managed to escape

on the way, he extinguished sula’s soul and causing her to die


Yin Zhu used a secret technique that involved his five senses or osmething like that

So he perm lost his sense of sight and taste in order to recreate 一魂一魄 for sula and revived her


He could have died

if he lost his sense of touch, or feel or something like that, he would instantly die

and it’s totally random when they choose your senses so he’s taking a gamble~


so they returned to the city and get married etc…

A war broke out as the beast empire and darkness empire are ganking on the empire that Yin Zhu used to belong

He was friend with the princess etc, he have many friends and loved ones over there

so naturally he have to participate

When he defeated those dragons earlier on, a portion was captured and Yin Zhu feigned to be an External Saint Dragon (By leaking the Saint Dragon aura from the supreme zither)

so they believed him and he became to leader



The beast emperor (lion) possessed half of a supreme artifact. Thor’s Hammer. It was originally 2 piece (combine both for the genuine supreme artifact)

So Yin Zhu was like spam struck by lighting created from the beast emperor’s one hammer

the hammer allowed him to breakthrough in both physical and magic if I’m not wrong

so he became the most powerful existence blablabla

He won all the shit and Zi took back the city and become the new Beast Emperor


Just kidding, because of how powerful yin zhu have become, the darkness master felt threaten as he activated the organization’s power to fight Yin Zhi’s city


So the other tower master found out that the darkness master had betrayed his master blabla

They went along with his play

when darkness master came to attack yin zhu and was defeated personally by the 5 YOLO MOFO ARTIFACT COMBINED

the master tried to run but was stopped by the other masters

and therefore, he was killed.

The soul pearl that belonged to the previous master was retrieved back by him and he fused with it since the owner had already died


oh btw, under the guidance of the previous master, Yin zhu became a necromancer kindda job (subclass in dark magic)

And since he broke thorugh to the highest level probaly obtainable

first perosn in history to have reach that level in both physical and magic

therefore, it was no longer physical or magic, but a white energy taht would change into any element he likes

so he took over the dark tower as the new master

The seal to the rift was calling him, the Easten Dragon King

his great ancestor

you know they say chinese is 龙的传人

So the Eastern Dragon King want Yin Zhu to lead army into the nether realm and take revenge for their eastern empire

but first

he have to find the last living Eastern Dragon (daughter of the dragon king)

he found her, she was guarding by the pool of life (Blood of the Eastern Dragon)

he was soaked in it for 10 years something

when he awaken, the power of the blood healed his sight and tastebud

but when he returned

he missed out 10 years (his child was born by then)

Oh did i mention that in an event that yin zhu was drunk, the princess of the starting empire had *** with him and she was pregnant with his child as well, except she didn’t tell Yin zhu about it. So he doesn’t know he have another son.

All 4 children were bloody OP as shit

Par of Yin-Yang twin that could fully merge their power


A son that was extremely talented in martial arts

the princess and his son (at age of 4-5 possessed wisdom of an adult WTF?)

he also have 8 fingers that he had inherited from Yin Zhu

So they built something like a space ship (those imps and dwarf working tgt)

they attacked the nether realm together with the daughter of the dragon king

The Eastern Dragon King (Godhood cultivation) and the Nether Realm’s 母妖王 (godhood as well) previously fought and the Mu Yao Wang Died, the dragon king sealing the rift

The Mu Yao Wang didng’ die actually, her soul went to possess the unhatched last Eastern dragon by then


(AND RETAINED ALL HER MEMORIES, fell in love with Yin zhu tho THAT TWIST)

so when they invaded the nether realm, the mu yao wang wanted to borrow the power of those monsters to kill the girls around yin zhu (jealousy can be a frightening thing)

the princess was killed

but in the end, Yin Zhu exposed the Mu Yao Wang when they were winning and fought with the mu yao wang

you can predict the ending now~


Wew that took a long while



You went ham Thy


literally an hour


That was 70 minutes of straight typing




And thanks~


I could translate stright for 7 hours lol



I was only expecting like three paragraphs. And then you dropped an essay



Lol xD

You should probably read it

I missed out on quite a few stuff

if I were to get into detail, it would take another 70mins


Yea. I will~



I didn’t knew it was 70 minutes lol

I thought it was like 30 minutes or smth



I see that you really like ZE~


You’l be like

Dem feels

Lots of sad part actually

those close to him die die die blabla



I’ll prepare for the feels


the previous dark master was like the grandpa in first part of CD to Yin Zhu

so when he died, dem feels

Zither Emperor


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