The Legend of the Dragon King

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So yea. I decided to pick this up about 0.000001 seconds after seeing the words “Dragon King.”
It’s the newest ongoing novel by TJSS and it’s set in the Douluo Dalu universe.

Info page with synopsis

Volume 1: Chapter 1



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  2. So, his spirit will be ;
    1 – A rare dragon that will be weird (disregarded) or scary (terrifying)
    2 – An apparent useless spirit like Tang San’s Silver Grass and Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes
    3 – No Spirit … his real spirit will awoken later in some special circonstance

    And the MC’s personnality will, at the beginning, be :
    1 – Naturally strong like Tang San
    2 – Weak but persistant like Huo Yuhao
    3 – Lazy like Zhang Gong
    4 – Braty and perverted like Zhou Weiqing
    5 – Gentle and dumb like Ah Dai
    6 – Average

No spoilers

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