Zither Emperor – [C47] Episode 2: Chapter 12.3

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Second regular chapter of the week~! (2/3)

So guys-

I decided to change the chapter numbering system for ZE. Officially, it is no longer numbered in chapter parts. Don’t worry~ I’ll still be referring to it as chapter parts, but official numbering will be simply numerical.


1.1 → [C1]

1.2 → [C2]

12.2 → [C46]

12.3 → [C47]

TL;DR: New numbering system, 1.1 → 12.3 = C1 → C47

P.S. Check out the new (and prettier~!!!) Table of Contents. Beware of spoilers though? Chapter titles foreshadow a lot.


TL: Kiseki

TLC: Sonic, Pseudonym

ED: Argos Yesu, Bigredcomrade

ZE [C47] Episode 2: Chapter 12.3

TEASER [C48] Chapter 12.4



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  1. Huh? But I just thought that Tang San’s chapters were just longer than other authors (so the numbered parts were just parts of whole chapters).

    So wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to just put all the chapters together as one? (So chapter 1.1 & 1.2 as a single chapter).

    Just remove the comment section for those older chapters instead. so that the pages wouldn’t be too big.

    Oh, well… in the end, we readers just want the chapters, so it isn’t really that big a deal 😛

    Hope the decision works out for you and thank you so much for all the hard work you are putting in this. XD

    1. TJSS actually releases the chapters on Qidian as parts. For chapters 1-30, each chapter is released in four parts. I have been translating according to his chapter numbering system since each part is comparable to a regular chapter of another novel (2000-3500 characters on average). Afterwards, for chapters 30-336, TJSS releases the chapters in three parts. If the parts were combined together, they would be approximately 10,000 characters long. It wouldn’t be feasible for me to combine all the chapters into one because I would end up releasing only one chapter a week then (a length of 10,000 characters would take be at minimum 6 hours to translate if it had very easy vocabulary without any new information or terms. On average, it would take me 10 hours and more if TJSS ends up using poetry, idioms, or uncommon references in the chapter).
      In total, Zither Emperor has a total of 1038 chapters.
      It’s easier for me to just translate as TJSS released them, and then just renumber it here on Radiant so people understand how many chapters there actually is. Chapter 47 is more understandable then Chapter 12.3 after all.

  2. That’s what I thought too, but each chapter in the toc has an individual title. Either way I’m fine with it, it makes it easier to see the progress, 47 seems a lot more than 12.3

    1. It is, isn’t it? Chapter 47 of 1038 (I’m mentally crying here. I began the novel, not knowing exactly how long it was. Now I’m too invested to abandon it. I’m going to see this through, I swear.)
      I’ve only translated 4.5% of the novel at this rate… (actually 5.4% since I have a stockpile, but still…)
      This new numbering system will hopefully clear a lot of misconceptions (so many people refuse to start a novel that doesn’t have 50 chapters translated. Ruzey suggested I take a page of SYWZ and just renumber everything so it’s neater.)
      I hope you like the new ToC! It’s so much more cleaner and prettier now~~ <3

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