Tempest of the Stellar War – Volume 2: Chapter 4

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So, how many of you like this novel as a refreshing change to most translated Chinese web novels around, and how many like it because they are a fan of Mecha/Sci Fi? Let me know in the comments and maybe we can share some of our favorite shows. Personally, I have been re-watching some old anime from when I was a kid. Every night as I lay in bed, I will watch an episode or two. Finished re-watching Outlaw Star, and almost done with Cowboy Bebop. Will either watch Ghost in a Shell or Trigun next.




Translator: Roboarc

TLC: Phi, Sir Jynx

Editors: Sir Jynx, Argos Yesu, Uxorious

Chapter: Volume 2 – Chapter 4


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  1. I like it cause of mechs, but love it because it different from other wuxia/xanxia novels it’s a nice change and would like to see a daily release for such a good novel.

  2. Personally I enjoy the mech aspect, but really wouldn’t count it much different from the majority of wuxia / martial arts in terms of how the fights and battles go. Still sees to have a lot of the “got a hold of mystical power somehow, and now loser becomes a boss” aspect.

    Btw, if you haven’t watched it try “Photon: Idiot Adventures”. If you enjoy Trigun you’ll enjoy it.

    That, and the original Tenchi Muyo! series. The expansions don’t really add much (though GXP does at least give a big FU to monogamy =p)

  3. As Zhao Zhao said it is very refreshing and usually the mech genre is only big in Japan so i love for the Chinese to give it a shot. Has a good sense of humor as well which is also usually a big plus.

  4. This series has more then one thing going for it; mecha; martial arts; slightly realistic physics; and a glimpse of social economics of space spanning civilization. It also meshs the mecha and fighting genre well. Other attempts have been poor we all remember mobile gundam *Kung fu*. Looking forward to future releases. o7 fly safe.

  5. I like it because sometimes you need something other than ‘hey! I live in an ancient China / Japan / European environment and we all cultivate and then massacre each other for the hey of it!.’

    Sometimes, you need that in space! ^_^ lol!

  6. Both are excellent reasons. I suggest Trigun of the two. I love GITS, but Kuroneko-sama is always good! I would also recommend watching The Third.

    1. Hey~~ Phi here (The TLC). I also watched trigun for the crossdre………um………….uh………whatever……..But it was interesting, so I would suggest that too~~

  7. Hi, I did follow this work since it was translated by the same group doing CoL, LXY, MCoFnI and others. However, now this work is on top of others in my read list.
    It really interesting to read this since it has different genre, settings and and flow from other novels.
    Thanks for the update and hope to read another translated chapter soon.

  8. Thanks for the update,,,
    I’m so sad bc i need to wait again… 🙁
    Hope you guys dont drop this amazing series,,
    and this series is so freaking underrated…

  9. The xianxia+mechs combo is pretty interesting. Infusing modern humor plus primitive martial arts is fun. The only thing I’m not sure is the size of these mechs. Are they Gundam-sized, larger, or smaller?

  10. I really like this story. It’s quite different from classic xanxia. Thanks a lot for all those chapters.
    I like all stories made by Masamune Shirow, as many SiFi stories.

    Do you know Cobra Space Adventure ? It’s an old anime but a funny one, where women are beautiful but almost naked (we didn’t see such characters later. It represents the late 70’s and early 80’s).

    Thanks again.

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