Zither Emperor – [C60] Episode 3: Chapter 15.4

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Third regular chapter of the week~! (3/3)

Sorry for the delay, but the ZE team agreed that several names had to be transliterated/changed.

Which means…

Pi’er Luo [皮尔洛] → Pirlo
Di Ya La [迪亚拉] → Diarra
Lu Fei Te [鲁菲特] → Rufete
Ge En [格恩] → Gern
Ha Te [哈特] → Hart
An Ya [安雅] → Anya
Ao Si Ding [奥斯丁] → Austin
Bi Ji [碧姬] → Brigitte
Fei Si Qie La [费斯切拉] → Fisichella
Luo Lan [罗兰] → Rolande
Ke Se [科萨] → Xhosa
Ba Si Teng [巴斯滕] → Basten
Fei Fei [肥肥] → Fatty

Glossary is also updated, btw~!

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Sonic

ED: Argos Yesu

ZE [C60] Episode 3: Chapter 15.4

TEASER [C61] Chapter 16.1


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  1. I think if you changed it from the start it wouldn’t be an issue instead of 3 volumes into the storyline, but now its unpleasant to read as i have no clue who they are referring to now. Its tedious and disruptive to stop reading then look at the glossary every time to see who is who.

    1. I apologize for this, but my TLC, editor, and I realized only now that TJSS has a recurring trend of using European surnames of celebrities as character names. If it’s any compensation, the names are only transliterated. For the most part, they are phonetically similar to the original name in pinyin.

      1. Ya, but at times, consistency is better than accuracy. In this case, changing the names didn’t help the story and it does impact the story at all.

        It just sounds awkward and makes it harder to remember the names (and they’re already hard enough to keep track of because we read so many stories).

        If you use a wrong name long enough, it’s better to keep it over the right name.

  2. Why are you suddenly adding Western names?

    And to be frank… what is up with this site and making edits into a series when it’s been too long?

    The large majority of people don’t even know Chinese so even if it for some reason will help those few people that can know Chinese… for the majority… it’s just a pain….

    1st Legend of the Dragon King- and the changes were kinda annoying-

    Now this…

    You know… lots of the words don’t need to be perfectly accurate. It’s fine to change things up to make it easier to understand and read as readers. We don’t know the Chinese and over all accuracy is much better…

    And it isn’t like the original version was even wrong…

    1. The problem is that TJSS will probably continue to use European surnames as character names. In the future, the names will get exceedingly long if kept in pinyin. It’s best to change the naming style now while I’m only 61 chapters into the novel instead of a couple hundred chapters in (the novel is 1038 chapters long, after all).
      The names were always westernized. It was originally decided to keep it in Chinese pinyin because that is the basis at which all novels here at Radiant are translated. TJSS, however, ruined that by deciding to consistently use foreign terms in the novel, requiring the use of transliterations. What was the final straw to my TLC and editor, however, were names like Ao Ka Fu and Ao Li Wei La. The issue of using transliterations versus pinyin has been debated often, and it has been decided that since TJSS obviously intended to use foreign terms that we would abide by his decisions and use transliterations.

      1. Rather than blaming you, I guess I’m really just blaming the situation (or complaining about it :P)

        I don’t mean harm.. but I do kinda need ta vent….

        1. haha, no problem.
          I just remembered though that one of the main reasons why I decided to change all those names is because western versus eastern names actually does play a part in ZE. Can’t really say any more on this topic without spoiling a lot except that the culture of the continent is clearly defined along this western and eastern division.

No spoilers

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