Zither Emperor – [C62] Episode 3: Chapter 16.2

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Second regular chapter of the week~! (2/3)

Welp. School started earlier today (and yes, today. In August. August.).

Schedule’s not going to change for releases. It’s still going to be three a week, released approximately every other day or every other two days depending on when my TLCs can finish looking it over with their own busy schedules.

So for the rest of you still enjoying your summer (lucky…), enjoy it while it lasts. ☀

Almost forgot (I actually did >.< — went back to edit this post)

Due to new information given in 16.2 –
Eight East Imperial Sects [东龙八宗] → Eight Eastern Dragon Sects

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Sonic, Pseudonym

ED: Argos Yesu

ZE [C62] Episode 3: Chapter 16.2

TEASER [C63] Chapter 16.3


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