Zither Emperor – [C79] Episode 3: Chapter 20.3

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Third regular release of the week~!

xD I got sucked into Mystic Messenger. Funnily enough, it actually stabilized my sleep schedule.


And an update on my family situation…

It’s not going well. Right now my schedule is chaotic. I can still translate and all, but I really cannot confirm anything outside of that. It should still be three a week for ZE and once a month for Unrepentant at least. Translating and MysMe has been my stress relief this past month, well that and reading.

My grandfather, from seemingly doing well and on his way out of the hospital and into semi-recovery, well … he’s now in the ICU.


That’s why I’m just going to keep posting this recruitment message:

I’m looking for translators to help me with Zither Emperor or my side-project Unrepentant in order for the release pace of either or both of the novels to increase. If you want to help, please check out the Recruitment Page.

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Sugar

ED: Argos Yesu, Deyna

ZE [C79] Episode 3: Chapter 20.3

TEASER [C80] Chapter 20.4


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