Truly Precious Shared Universe Teaser Collection Project~! 《Good Morning, Miss Ghost》Novel Teaser (C1-3)

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Ah… Imagine my surprise when I realized one of the novel teasers I have been working on got picked up by Novitranslation. Well, I already translated three chapters for it and felt it would be a waste to just have it lying in my drive.

I was planning to release it in a week or two with the rest of the teaser collection (yes, collection. You’ll see why in a moment), but best laid plans of mice and men.

¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

Things didn’t go my way.

So… Welcoming the launch of the Truly Precious Shared Universe Teaser Collection~!

Essentially, props to Twelve Months of May for making me fall in love with Ban Li Zi (Chestnut)’s writing with their translation of My Fault for Being Blind at the Start

As a tribute to Chestnut, I planned to translate three chapters for each novel from the rest of the shared universe that My Fault for Being Blind at the Start is a part of, which includes:

#1 [Entertainment] Good Morning, Miss Ghost

#2 [Aristocracy] Amnesiac Queen

#3 [Marriage] Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter

#4 [Culinary] Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire

#5 [Music] Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love)

Which is being translated here: abcpwip — Marriage Concerto (Small Thing Called Love) 

#6 [Friendship] Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriage

#7 [Literature] Finding Glowing Beauty in Books

Which is being translated here: Tinkerbellsan — Finding Glowing Beauty in Books

#8 [Business] My Fault for Being Blind at the Start

Which is being translated here: Mayyth — My Fault for Being Blind at the Start

#9 [Style] My World Falls into the River of Love

Now, as you have probably read from the start of this long post, I didn’t realize that someone had already begun translating Good Morning, Miss Ghost. I’ve kept these for a while before actually throwing them at the lovely Moonclipse, who edited all three of these chapters for me in less than a day.

So… here are the three intended teaser chapters. No translator drama— I’m not going to fight Xixi, the translator over at Novitranslation, for the novel, but I felt that I might as well post these three novel teaser chapters up instead of letting them gather dust.

《Good Morning, Miss Ghost》

GMMG Chapter 1

GMMG Chapter 2

GMMG Chapter 3

All translated by yours truly, Kiseki

And… I guess since this set the precedent, I’ll be releasing the rest of the novel teaser chapters once I finish the teaser set of three for the novel.


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  1. Ah sorry! I didn’t realize someone was already interested in Good Morning Miss Ghost, but thank you for the Chestnut teaser collection, I’m also a huge fan of chestnut XD

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