《 Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire 》— Chapter 3

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pokes head from beneath fluffy blue covers myuu~?


Tis sick. But still well enough to translate (though slower. cries)

Welcoming the final installment of the 《 Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire 》 teaser series~

(Though you guys can vote for me to pick this novel up at the end of the teaser collection! Out of the 5 novel teasers, I will pick up 2. I have already chosen Amnesiac Queen as one of the novels. Readers can vote at the end of the week for which novel out of Divorce: This is a Trivial Matter, Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire, Sonata: Fleeing to Avoid an Arranged Marriageand My World Falls into the River of Love for me to pick up.

I want to welcome Darkreverie, who joined little Moonclipse in editing this romance novel chapter~!

Anyway~~ if you haven’t read any of the other romance novel teasers, you should!

《 Good Morning, Miss GhostC1-3 — C4+

Amnesiac QueenC1-3

Divorce: This is a Trivial MatterC1C2C3

Sweet Heart in Honeyed DesireC1 — C2



? SHHD ? Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire ? SHHD ? 

Chapter 3: Second Round Interview — In the end, my dream is world peace.

? SHHD ? Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire ? SHHD ? 

With love, Kiseki


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  1. :((( I don’t wanna chose! XD

    Thank you so much for translating these teasers though~ I leaning towards voting for this right now, but Divorce: This Is A Trivial Matter is just as amazing. -cries-

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