Zither Emperor – Episode 5: [C133]

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Third regular release of the week~! (3/3)

My apologies!!!

I didn’t realize I made some mistakes in naming things.

The continent actually has a name, for one. Longinus Continent ← Basically, TJSS made a huge typo that confused the whole ZE team for a long time. I’ll slowly go back and add it to the chapters where it’s needed, but since no other continents appeared so far, you don’t need to worry about it for now.

Remember that phrase, “Praise Blue Dias?” Yea… uh… “Praise Falan.” Sorry!!! Super, super sorry. I didn’t realize that Falan and Blue Dias Empire got mixed up very early on (in the very first chapter) because of the similar character both of them have in their names. So… quick run down. Falan is the Holy Land of Mages. Blue Dias is an empire in the southern region of the Longinus Continent, of equal power to the Milan Empire. It is actually Milan Empire’s southern counterpart so to say.

That’s the two major changes that I needed to tell you about. bows deeply

[[ Waits fearfully for reprisal and dissent]]

Also, my editors are slowly going back and editing my old chapters for Episode 1 and Episode 2, as my editors back then weren’t as thorough. A lot of terms got messy over the several months, so this will also help consolidate and keep the terms more consistent.

So thank Moonclipse for going back and editing [C1] through [C4], which I have just re-uploaded.

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse, Argos Yesu

ZE [C133] Episode 5: Chapter 35.1

TEASER [C134] Chapter 35.2


No spoilers

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