My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 43

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Weekly release~!


Did you enjoy the cliffe last time?

And when you read the screenshot teasers, please for the love of god COMMENT YOUR REACTIONS

Kek. Are you as broken as Yue after reading the teasers I sent her?

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse

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Chapter 43 — Husband and wife with common wishes, its profit-breaking gold

? MWFRL ? My World Falls into the River of Love ? MWFRL ?

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  1. You guys are so funny! I read the screenshot in the update from two weeks ago..? omg that must take quite an effort to post every message. I had fun reading your reactions haha so cute ;D What did Chestnut posted in her weibo, if I may know? ah.. I wish I can understand Chinese >.<
    Three more weeks until Chapter 46………../dies/

    1. Myuu~
      And she didn’t post anything on her Weibo :3 Yue misunderstood. I was talking about the Weibo comments in the novel chapters. (Fyi, Chestnut mainly posts pics of food or chapter updates on her Weibo. Plus promotional stuff for buying the paperback version of her books)
      And I just screenshot our private chat lol. Not that much effort except when I bother to go back and censor spoilers (which I haven’t been doing recently bc the hint of spoilers I let slip are way more of a tease)

      1. Haha I see. I do recall someone mentioned about Chestnut being a foodie haha.
        Yeah, you’re such a tease but I love those hint of spoilers so pls keep them coming! >0<
        and thank you for the update too 😉

No spoilers

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