My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 45

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One more chapter left until #braindead readers#

So… yeah. This week’s AQ will be released tomorrow, ISUD for last week and this week later in the week… (I literally have no free time for my schedule)

SS Teasers at the bottom! Oh, and the donation queue is slowly rising too…

TL: Kiseki

ED: Moonclipse

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Chapter 45

? MWFRL ? My World Falls into the River of Love ? MWFRL ?

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Comments 11

  1. First of all, you guys are so cute ^0^
    Secondly, how do you expect me to wait for another week for the doomsday to arrive sobsss
    that tease in the last three screenshots /im dead/

    1. Ty~ we are downright adorable, aren’t we :3
      Hmm… well, there is always sponsoring another chapter. The queue is already at $10/$45 after all. Though… it is just a week. //shrugs
      And I chose a perfect spot to end the teasers, didn’t I :>

  2. I am in a meeting now, 6PM local time. Sh*cks..
    But your chat screen made my day.
    Now, I just need to hold my laugh, before everyone think I am crazy. LOL.

      1. Yupsie…
        Wish I can give you hugs and kisses…

        Btw, just out of curiousity, does someone need to be fluent in mandarin in order to be an editor?

        1. Nope! Just have to be good at creative writing and English :3
          I just lucked out with Yue as she’s verbally fluent enough to check over my translations with a text-to-speech tool.

          1. Ah…OK.

            I’ve been reading chinese novels translation since 3 years ago.
            And I’ve been thinking of what to give to the community.
            Whether helping to be an editor, or helping more on the tech side, still unsure.
            (I work in IT corporate)

            Btw, I am in a dilemma, of what to call you.
            If I call you that (your username), then it feels like I am cursing. LOL
            Let me just call you, Miss K, then.

          2. Myuu? Another nickname? Mkay (lol are you Korean or know it? Because I’ve been told *many* times that it sounds like a curse word)
            Other nicknames I’ve been given from Kiseki are: Secchan, Seki, Kii, Kise; so call me Miss K or any of those xD
            We are looking for tech people!!! You could apply for both :>

          3. Oh, and just talked with Ruzey. He says to include what sort of tech you can actually help out with when you apply :3

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