My World Falls into the River of Love — Chapter 46 + AQ/ISUD delayed

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My apologies…but AQ and ISUD are going to be delayed for quite a while.

I decided to go crazy with summer college courses to get ahead, ya know? And then Yue got slammed over the head with RL matters too…

But I’m still keeping a tally (below) with all the owed chapters, so all’s well?



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Owed Chapters (Bonus + Late): 8

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Owed Chapters (Late): 4

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  1. LMAOOO… WHEN WILL THAT “ITALICIZED” ITEM BEING USED? Chuan chuan is better than He Xiu in this.
    Cold shower is bad for your health.
    Ah, and I once read that “doing the deed” can generate enough electricity for 30 houses. Hmm, is that a mythology or my brain remembered wrongly?

    1. //points out
      But JY is way more delicate in these matters than Pei Ying
      I mean, I did mention in the SS Teasers the fact that she was threatened with rape as a kid and had the threat hanging over her head for years. It’s why she has misandry (or one of the reasons why)
      MWFRL is a slow slow slow burn.
      Besides, He Xiu is a complete dork. This cinnamon roll tries too much. Do you really think he’s going to do something in such an unromantic setting? Especially for Jian Yan’s first time?

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