Amnesiac Queen — Chapter 46

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Hey, guys! I’m back, super quick compared to the last couple of months.

A faster update this time because I want to tell you that Chestnut (板栗子) will be publishing a new novel soon!

〖现实圈〗  徐徐恋长空 | [Reality] Gently Longing for the Vast Sky  is completed at 66 chapters and 229939 characters as of May 2, 2018.

Following her completion of the novel, she took a two month break (as usual) before starting a novel outside the Truly Precious Shared Universe → 和甜文男主谈恋爱[快穿] | Dating the Male Lead in a Romance Novel [Transmigration]. It honestly sounds quite interesting. From the summary, it sounds like the main character, Shi Yan, is down on her luck and enters a challenge/competition set down by this company. She enters into a romance novel, transmigrated at the start of that novel, and must follow the customs/conditions set within that novel world. Since she chose a romance novel, she must get the male lead to fall for her successfully, but that doesn’t mean the female character she will be transmigrating into is the original female lead. Seems like, from the tags, it’s a system-type of transmigration.

(It also literally got finished this very morning lol)

But that isn’t what I’m here to announce! (I got side-tracked.)


〖接档文〗 维纳斯之吻

[Picking Up Official Records] Kiss of Venus


Li Shen sung a performance in the finals of 《Heavenly Voice》that stole the breaths of everyone present. The judging panel praised him, saying he was ‘a man kissed by a goddess.’ Li Shen faintly curved his lips. In his entire life, only the woman called Yu Wan had kissed him.

Yu Wan didn’t expect to return to A City one day after leaving three years ago, and then to run into Li Shen again.
After Li Shen found her, he said, “Yu Wan, can I ask you to plan a wedding?”
Yu Wan asked, “Who are the newlyweds?”
Li Shen replied, “Li Shen and Yu Wan.”

Putting back together a shattered mirror, sweet

Tags: Destined Love in the City, Having a Feeling for Something, Industry Elite, Romance
Keywords: Leads | Yu Wan, Li Shen; Supporting Characters | Chestnut; Others | Wedding Planning

TL: Kiseki

TLC: Phi

ED: Snow 

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Chapter 46: Night Clothes — Why don’t you wear this for me to see?

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