PD3M Chapter 29


Chapter 29: Does Beauty Makes You Senseless?(1)

Who was he?

An Yan was still submerged in her thoughts and continued to appear outwardly cold. She didn’t pay any attention to the man.

In comparison to this table, the amused chatter and noise of the shop sounded quite harsh and unnecessary. This was because the atmosphere around the table was just too quiet and calm.

“Young Miss, did you get a fright by what I said?” When the wild man saw An Yan quiet down and didn’t react or speak, he took the initiative to speak. There was a hint of inquisitiveness in his tone.


“Aunty Lan, A’Yan will go back home now. Here’s the money for the steamed buns.” An Yan still hadn’t figured out where she had seen those eyes that seemed capable of penetrating through and reading a person’s heart. When she saw that it was time for her to go back, however, she picked up the last remaining bun and waved toward Aunty Lan, who had just come back from inside the room, and left..

With such a common and coarse fellow, how could his eyesight be so sharp and penetrating? How could he radiate the feeling of being able to see through anyone?

As she was watched by the wild guy, An Yan felt as though she wasn’t wearing any clothes. It felt like he was able to see through her clothes and eye her flesh and meat clearly.

That kind of feeling was terrible. It felt like the core of her sense of self, her faults and all, had all be exposed to his gaze.

She didn’t like the feeling and didn’t like when it felt as though all of her defenses had been pierced through.

“Alright. Come again to Aunty Lan’s place and eat more steamed stuffed buns next time.”

Aunty Lan gleefully picked up An Yan’s money that had been placed on the table. The guy there was also watching, a grin stretched from ear to ear.

Just as An Yan moved to leave, the wild man’s order of steamed buns arrived at the table. He first stared at the plate then looked up and saw An Yan’s cold glare. His lips curved up into a smile. With large hands he picked up a few of the steamed buns and followed behind An Yan, mumbling to himself, “This girl is so slender yet she runs like the wind.”

If an irritating bee was buzzing around someone, especially such a bee that grew to such an immense size, then the person would be incredibly ticked and wish to swat the bee into the ground. They would also raise their right foot to stomp down on the insect and crush it to relieve their hearts.

An Yan currently had this kind of thought. She was itching to kick the wild man to the ground. Then she would use her foot to stomp his face into the mud and turn it into paste. She had never known a man could be such a chatterbox. Yet, she was also puzzled. Why was this man following her?

First, she had no gold on her. Second, she had no power or authority. Third, she wasn’t beautiful. Him following her didn’t benefit anyone.

If she went left, he also stepped left. If she turned right then he moved right. He stopped when she stopped. This was done repeatedly and it seemed he didn’t get tired of this game.

An Yan inhaled deeply.

Aunt Ye had once said, ‘As a woman, one must learn to endure. By enduring enough small matters it will eventually turn into success.’ Thus, she endured.

“Hey, you! You’ve been following this young miss since the steamed bun shop. What is your intent for doing so!?” An Yan ended up directly facing the wild man. With raised eyebrows, she asked her question, a glint in her eyes as she did so.

People moved to and fro around them but he looked as though there wasn’t anyone else near them. The only thing in his eyes was this young girl wearing her ash-gray chinese dress. Behind her was a snow-covered willow tree branch. The branch wasn’t long, and as the wind blew it caused the snow atop it to slide and fall off. Snowflakes landed on her hair and melted, causing her hair to sparkle.

Her eyes shot out angry sparks as she looked at him. They warned him, rejected him, made him feel alienated.

The coarse, shirt-wearing wild man saw all of this and suddenly smiled. Beneath all of that bear stubble, the face that couldn’t be seen clearly now bore a grin.

An Yan saw the grin and noticed that all of his teeth was whiter than that of a countryside hamster that ate the pines off trees.

He said…

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