PD3M Chapter 39


Chapter 39: An accidental meeting! (1)

“Who is it?”

An Yan halted her steps. Following that, a voice filled with wariness was heard. It was a male voice. His voice sounded a little hoarse. Now that he heard a peculiar sound, he immediately sobered.

It would be a lie if An Yan said she was not nervous nor frantic.

An Yan did not know what to do at this moment. She had accidentally run into an illicit couple and was even discovered by that bastard couple. If she was caught, how could she put up a resistance against a man as a girl?


“Who is there?”

That man released the woman in his embrace and started to move in the direction of where An Yan was, step by step. His eyes were glinting in the dark like a panther’s eyes. An Yan, who had her back facing him, could feel a dangerous vibe coming from him.

Mustering her courage, she was prepared to shout out. She heard that the guards from the manor usually patrolled in this area. If they didn’t want to be drowned in a pig cage, they would definitely escape from this place as quickly as possible!

However, it was actually needless for An Yan to execute what she was preparing herself to do.

“How can there be anyone here? This is the most secluded region within the Manor. Moreover, today is the birthday of the eldest Misses. All the servants are tired to their bones and had gone to bed. How can there still be anyone around then?”

The woman’s voice was alluring, yet sharp. Just when An Yan and that man’s entire body muscles were tensed up, her carefree words made them look at her subconsciously.

The moonlight that night was dim. An Yan was not able to see that madam’s face clearly even after widening her eyes. But, An Yan felt that her voice was somewhat familiar.

The woman’s voice was a little seductive and captivating. When her voice reached a man’s ears, they would seem to feel their feeble heart being scratched lightly, unbearably itchy.

“Vixen! Slut! I am not afraid of anyone finding out about us! You, on the other hand, started to mock me.”

The man, as expected, stopped in his tracks after hearing that woman’s words. Yet, he remained on alert, looking at the source of where the noise was previously heard. Nonetheless, since the moonlight was too dim, he couldn’t see if there was anyone there.

‘Perhaps I am overthinking. How can there be anyone around now, dead in the night?’

‘However, it is an unusual day today as I managed to run into this vixen at this place. Normally, I will have to think up of a lot of plans to make her come and service me willingly. Yet,  she came to me with her own will today — really, this feels refreshing!’

“This humble self…. This humble self just…”

That woman no longer said any further. An Yan did not know what that woman did, but she heard a grunt from that man. Her body was still stiffened as she stayed hidden until those two people gradually moved away from her. She heaved a sigh of relief and left the tree.

‘That was certainly one of the concubine aunt’s voice, right? Her voice is really familiar.’

‘But it does not matter to me. Right now, Aunt Ye is more important.’

She hastily turned around and prepared to head back. Yet, she glimpsed a blue handkerchief on the ground while she was turning around, atop the snow.

She frowned as she bent down to pick it up. The moonlight emitted a snow-white glow as it shone on the handkerchief.  She could not see anything unusual from that blue handkerchief. She didn’t think much about it and stuffed the handkerchief into her pocket, hurriedly rushing back to her room.

An Yan returned to her room and silently waited for a long time. More than half of the candle had already been burned out. Aunt Ye still did not come at all even after An Yan waited for her until midnight.

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