PD3M Chapter 7


Chapter 7: The fierce mouth pierces through(3)

An Xi was rather bewildered. She hid the package in her hand behind her back to keep it out of sight from Aunt Lin. She mumbled something as she turned to look at An Yan, whose expression was rather terrible.

“Mother, Xi-er came to find Yan jiejie to play with. After that, I will return back home. What is all this about bad luck and all? Moreover…”

An Xi looked like she was thinking of something and had just opened her mouth to continue her retort, but was interrupted by An Yan with a light yet frosty tone.

“Xi meimei, follow Third Aunt and go home. This small place cannot tolerate two respected gods. All this poisonous gas, all this bad luck, I, An Yan, will swallow it all alone.”


An Yan had already reverted back to cover her entire body with thorns, protecting herself.

She was the person who ought not to be arrogant, and yet, with her head held high and her back proudly straight, her exit was rather bold and sarcastic.

She actually knew that her unkindness would only gain her more enemies, but who would dare to provoke her? She was the poisonous daughter!

“You little pig! I have not seen you for a few days yet your mouth has only grown sharper!”

Aunt Lin pulled An Xi’s hand as she sneered. She was a pretty woman in her brocade coat and gold and jade hairpins, standing as tall as An Yan. With a snort, her red lips parted as she said that cynically.

An Xi shook off Aunt Lin’s hand, looking at An Yan worriedly.

Aunt Lin reached out to grab Xi-er’s hand again, the sneer still on her face.

“No matter how powerful An Yan was, she is not an equal of her third aunt, as she was able to securely capture the prime minister’s heart, firmly stepping on Aunt Rong under her feet!”

It was because of this last fact that An Yan loathed Aunt Lin. Aunt Lin had the affections of the prime minister, causing An Yan’s favourite Aunt Rong to be sad. This Aunt Lin was a really alluring woman, on the outside at least.

“Hmph! You bitch! You think to meddle in the matter between me and Concubine Rong — just stay here obediently!”

Aunt Lin got angry to cover up her humiliation. She shouted fiercely, dragging An Xi out of the courtyard as the other two women rushed to follow them out.

When they reached the gate of the courtyard, An Xi, who had been forced away, couldn’t help but turn her head to look at An Yan, who was back facing them in the middle of the courtyard and felt rather sad in her heart. However, she could only let herself be taken away by her mother.

An Yan hugged the two jewellery boxes that had taken her ten days to carve. Though the timber was very common, the carvings were exquisitely rendered. She looked at the tiny bloodstain in the corner and then looked at the small cut on her right forefinger. In the end, she couldn’t help but tear up.

With great effort, she tried to inhale and calm her emotions.

Perhaps her sisters had not liked this humble carving. Then next time, next time, she would definitely put in more effort.

An Yan actually despised her own humbleness a little. She is the third Miss — she should not be so humble. Her second aunt had said that An Yan is the best, that Yan-er is the most well-behaved, that her identity is distinguished, but that she is just like an unpolished jade.

Her face suddenly felt a little cold. She wiped her face and turned her head to look up at the sky. Originally, there hadn’t been any snow today, but now snowflakes fluttered to the ground steadily.

She went around to the backyard and went through the small door. She placed the boxes on the table and rubbed her hands together as she prepared to ignite the charcoal that Second Aunt had sent to her a few days ago to warm herself up.

Then, once again, she heard someone outside knocking on her door.   She stared fixedly at the door.

“Who is it?”

“Third Miss, it is me, a servant sent by Second Madam. Second Madam wants to see you in her courtyard.”

When An Yan heard that, she relaxed her vigilance. It was Zi jiejie. She was the lady’s maid1 for her second aunt. After hearing maid Zi say these words, An Yan felt her mood improve.

“Okay. I will come at once.”

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  1. this is a term used in British nobility, and it refers to the highest ranked female personal servant of a noblewoman.

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  1. All females except the MC in these types of novels are usually crazy and evil, so her Second Aunt being kind to her really creeps me out. Can’t believe i feel more comfortable with Aunt Lin. Hidden daggers can be more deadly.

  2. The parts with her carving really tugged at my heartstrings ah… Such a sweet little girl, she only wants the love of her sisters. Her hope to get even the tiniest recognition that keeps driving her, even if that means getting stepped upon time after time… I hope we will soon be introduced to a character that truly cherishes her.╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯♡

    1. Post

      I do not think her memories of the past have been awakened…and perhaps because they r of the same blood as her ;and also maybe because of her mom’s relationship with aunt Rong(they were blood sisters). Any one of these three reasons or even all of them could be the reason why she is after the twins….

      Well the story seems to be like An Xi bothering An Yan, An Yan bothering the twins, the twins bothering the neighbourhood aristrocratic boys….

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  4. I do not trust this “sincerity” coming from Auntie Rong. She is using it to suppress Ah Yan. They all talk about her being evil yet don’t they fear she will poison them at all. If they don’t fear this, it means that it is just rumors not based on any truth.

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