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Chapter 14.1 – Menacing Goddess Worshipper

After hearing the Second Manager’s story, the Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshipper slowly nodded. “Magic Reaper, huh? It looks like there should have been more than one person at that time. You are quite intelligent to be able to find some clues on the cause of death from the condition of Third Liao’s body. You are correct to think that the cause of his death wasn’t from the Exploding Flame. Before the Exploding Flame, his head was already injured by ice magic, and his brain immediately suffered a baptism of ice. The Exploding Flame was just a cover; he had already died from the ice magic. As you can all see, although his head was a bit charred, it was still kept intact because of the initial freezing. By examining it with my spirit force, I was able to discover a very small wound, the size of a needle. He was killed by an attack shaped into something similar to a needle. Moreover, his head clearly had the aura of the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone. It’s obvious that this attack was created through the use of the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone. This killer is a mage with an extremely high magic control power. To be able to condense the ice into something akin to a needle and to use it to pierce through hard skull, he should have at least the strength of a Magic Scholar, the presence of a fire mage clearly only serve as a cover. With the combination of two Magic Killers would that scenario be plausible. Long Zhi, use all possible means to gather all the ice Magic Scholars here. Whoever has the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone aura on his body is the murderer.”

Long Zhi hesitated, then all of a sudden, said, “Goddess’s Worshipper, I think that there shouldn’t be a mage under my leadership who could be the killer. You should also know that on the continent, a mages’ status is very high. Considering the identity of Third Manager Liao, I fear there was no need to use a Magic Scholar rank mage to dispose of him. Two mages teaming and coordinating to kill, just this point is clearly fishy enough. I still hope you can wisely reexamine this matter.””

The Goddess’s Worshipper clearly had a good opinion of Long Zhi. She didn’t ruthlessly rebuke him, like she did with the Marquis, and calmly said, “Although what you said is rational, however, there is also a saying, ‘One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature’. You bring all of them here. I’ll be the one inspecting them, and naturally, everything will soon be clear. It looks like it won’t be too long until I obtain the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone; the number of ice Magic Scholars are very few. That man lurking in the shadows is far from simple. Do it as I have advised you. In a fight, you must settle everything in the shortest amount of time. At the same time, divide the other mages under your command to guard the four gates of Ice Snow city. Do you understand what I mean?”

Long Zhi respectfully nodded his head and replied, “I’m taking my leave then.” As he finished speaking, his whole body flashed with green light. By the time everyone returned to their senses, he had already disappeared. The Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshiper’s eyes displayed a strange light. She inwardly thought that Long Zhi truly deserved to be called as the continent’s most outstanding magic genius. He was merely fifty something years old, but his wind magic had already reached the point of perfection. If he received some guidance, maybe, in less than twenty years, Ice Moon Empire would see the appearance of another Divine Descendant, a wind Divine Descendant. However, did he really need to work so hard? The Ice’ God’s Pagoda’s dignity must not be infringed upon.



Nian Bing was chopping firewood inside the firewood house. It hadn’t been long since he answered, but dodged most, of Uncle Li‘s questions with great difficulty. The Clever King of the kitchen, Ming Yuan shocked him. His proficient cooking skills were in no way attainable through practice alone. He really deserved to be the head chef of Pure Wind House. Contrary to what he had imagined, there was still some difference between him and Ming Yuan. In fact, if they were to cook the same Golden Aromatic Ring, even at his fastest, he would be a bit slower than Ming Yuan. Although Ming Yuan had already figured out a few things about him, but Xue Jing had yet to find anything. Perhaps, she helped him learn about Ming Yuan’s Golden Aromatic Ring in order to compensate for the slap which still marked his face red.

Thinking about this, Nian Bing couldn’t refrain from bitterly laughing and touching the bandage that covered his face. Although the swelling of the palm imprint had gradually reduced, it would still need at least another two days to fully recover. ‘This slap of hers was really heavy! Anyway, that Xue Jing has such a strong and beautifully lovable body. Now that I think about it, she had a really excessive attractiveness. Her skin felt… Ah! Stop, stop, stop! Out of my head, away with these thoughts!’Nian Bing was inwardly cursing himself. What was he doing, thinking about all these messed up things. He still had a big hatred that was still unavenged. Now, the most important thing was to increase his strength, and to not let his mind wander on other things. For the time being, he also shouldn’t visit Feng Nu. If she saw the palm imprint on his face, he wouldn’t know how to explain it. For the same reason, he also wouldn’t go to the Mage Association, not until after a few days. He was at loss on what to do for now. Like this, three days passed by peacefully with him holing up in the firewood house unaware, that thanks to Xue Jing’s slap, he inadvertently avoided a deadly calamity.

After three days has passed by, Nian Bing started to act like a normal servant. Every day, he simply chopped firewood. Apart from his daily tasks, his time was spent quietly cultivating the his ice and fire pair magic. During the time he cultivated, the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone simply absorbed the ice element from heaven and earth without releasing any ice magic. Therefore, even if the Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshipper’s ability was powerful, it was impossible to discover his location. Nian Bing kept waiting for Ming Yuan to come find him, but he had yet to show up, even during mealtime. What’s more, he also didn’t eat any meals with the other chefs due to the other day when Xue Jing got him the chance to watch Ming Yuan make the Golden Aromatic Ring. They had all alienated him, except for Uncle Li. The kitchen staff basically didn’t take the initiative to talk to him. However, Nian Bing was happy since he could get some peace, and naturally didn’t take the initiative to greet them.

After three days, the palm imprint on his face had finally disappeared. In the morning, when he had finished his work, he went to Uncle Li and told him about it. Then he quietly slipped away from the back door of Pure Wind House.

Right now, the Ice Snow City’s north gate already had a thousand soldiers completely guarding it under martial law. The city’s Lord, the Mage Association’s president, and all the influential figures in Ice Snow City, at this moment, all inwardly let out a sigh of relief. In their heart, the one they deemed as the Pestilence God was finally leaving. How can they not feel glad? Three days of rigorous searching and they still couldn’t find the man the Goddess’s Worshipper wanted. The two ice Magic Scholars in the Mage Association was also investigated through her spirit. In order for the normal activities in Ice Snow City to resume, the Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshipper had no choice but to give up the search for the time being.

“Lord Marquis. This time, many thanks for your assistance. Perhaps, that person who’s in possession of the Ice Snow Goddess’s stone had already left Ice Snow City. I will continue to track him down. In the case you find something, immediately report the news to the Ice’ God’s Pagoda. Magic Scholar Long Zhi, I’m asking for your cooperation in this matter. If an unfamiliar ice Magic Scholar appeared, you must find out all about his background. Is that clear?”

The Marquis and Long Zhi both agreed before escorting the Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshipper out of the city. The white gown’s wide sleeve lightly fluttered as white light from heaven and earth condensed into a floating snowflake that was the size of palm. Unexpectedly, the Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshipper stepped on that snowflake and flew away. Her divine and brilliant skills made people gasp in amazement.

Watching the Ice Snow Goddess’s Worshipper depart, the Marquis couldn’t refrain from relaxing. He and Long Zhi looked at each other, unable to stop themselves from laughing bitterly. “Old Long, it’s already noon. I’ll be the host. Let’s go to Pure Wind House to eat a meal. I know you like the light food there. These past few days had kept me nervous to the utmost as I feared that I wouldn’t be able to serve her in a satisfactory way!”

Long Zhi slightly smiled and said, “It should be me inviting Lord Marquis. These past few days were also the same for me, even my cultivation time had been drastically reduced. I believe that Pure Wind House’s Bamboo Bark Wine should help us keep the pressure under control. I came to an agreement with Big Brother Xue, this time, I coerced him into taking out a thirty year old fermented Bamboo Bark Wine for us to taste. Big Brother Xue, you cannot be stingy.” As he spoke, Long Zhi looked at a white clothed middle-aged man not too far behind him. The white clothed middle-aged man looked to be only around forty years old. His appearance was extremely fresh and elegant, similar to a scholar. The Grand Pavilion’s Owner dressed in golden clothes was standing right next to him. The instant he heard the Marquis and the Mage Association’s president choose to go to Pure Wind House, his complexion seemed to darken somewhat.

The white clothed middle-aged man helplessly laughed and said, “You two! Can’t you just spare me?! Drink, drink! Anyway, just don’t drink the whole thing. Jin Hao, old friend, want to go drink together?”

The Grand Pavilion’s owner indifferently said, “Thanks a lot Big Brother Xue Yu, but the Grand Pavilion still had many matters that I need to resolve. There’s also Third Liao’s recent funeral. I simply have to go. Some other time, I’ll go visit you to offer my apologies.”

Xue Yu slightly smiled, “It’s also not good to force someone. Lord Marquis, Long Zhi, let us go. There were too many things to do these past few days. Because the city was sealed, we at the Pure Wind House also suffered a lot from the consequences it brought.”

From Xue Yu’s reminders, the Marquis slapped his forehead and suddenly said, “Look at this memory of mine. Send someone to immediately pass my order to lift the restrictions on the sealing of the city. Go! Today, I want to drink a lot. These two days had truly exhausted me. I’m old. My body is not working. Ah! Old Xue, can you ask that Clever King of kitchen to personally cook today? His Green Bamboo Banquet suits my taste best right now.”

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