MCIF Chapter 18.1


Chapter 18.1 – Birthday Banquet

Xue Jing stuck out her tongue and personally sent her father to the gate. When they went out, they only saw Nian Bing standing on the stone paved path. His sight was resting on a big tree, his face not showing the thoughts running through his head.

Xue Ji walked until he was next to Nian Bing and said with a smile, “Young man, do a good job at Pure Wind House. Although my daughter acts willfully and makes a scene sometimes, she has a good nature. The matter before was just a misunderstanding. I already forgot about it. Do you have your hands full helping her?”

Nian Bing slightly wrinkled his brows. Xue Ji was the Pure Wind House’s owner. He came to him to talk, but to his surprise, he didn’t use a commanding tone. It was more like he was beseeching him. At this point, it was enough to show his elegance. Nian Bing’s good impression of him couldn’t help but increase. He respectfully said, “Owner, you’re welcome, but this is what I should do. ”

Xue Ji looked deeply at Nian Bing. Suddenly, his wrist flipped and thrusted toward Nian Bing’s shoulder. Nian Bing stood motionless. Xue Ji patted his shoulder and said, “Good! I’m going now. You should continue to follow her and learn.” As he finished speaking, he turned around and left in big strides. Nian Bing continued watching him until he was out of sight. Earlier, Xue Ji’s eyes revealed a glint of suspicions and decided to test Nian Bing. Xue Ji already found out that in Nian Bing’s body did not contain even  a single shred of dou qi. From the beginning, Xue Ji felt this youngster wasn’t as simple as he might seem, but he was unable to pinpoint the problem. As he walked out of the courtyard and passed the courtyard gate, he threw the thought from his mind.


With Xue Ji gone, Nian Bing’s sight turned back to Xue Jing. He saw Xue Jing who was patting her towering chest, “It really scares me to death. Fortunately, father was merely puzzled by your appearance. You’re an idiot. Earlier, who allowed you to tell my father about this? You won’t die if you talk less! I nearly died. Anyway, let’s continued learning. This time we can do it openly without fear.”

Once again, Nian Bing returned to Xue Jing’s room. This time, he didn’t need to learn etiquette. They directly started learning how to dance.

After two hours.

“Nian… Bing…” When Nian Bing managed to stepped on Xue Jing’s feet for the 14th times, that was her last straw. “I want to choke you to death! How can you be this stupid! I taught you so many times, but you still didn’t get it.”

While Nian Bing evaded Xue Jing, he replied like he felt he was wronged, “I’m just clumsy. You know it might not be too late. Miss, right now, it’s still morning. You should switch for someone else, there’s still time.”

“Switch for someone else? Switching your head! The clothes I borrowed were according to your size. Where will I find someone now? I’m going out for a bit. I will return quickly. Wait here for a moment.” She glared at Nian Bing ferociously before she ran out of the room. Looking at her hurried back, Nian Bing’s brows wrinkled. “This girl, if she had half of her father’s self-restraint, she would be considered as one of the top beauties. What a pity!”

It didn’t took long before Xue Jing returned. On her face, there was the trace of a strange smile. Unexpectedly, a clanking sound could be heard from her feet. “This time, it will be okay. You can step on me as you wish. As long as you continue stepping on me, you are not allowed to rest. You will keep practicing.”

Nian Bing stared warily and was shocked to find that Xue Jing was wearing a new pair of shoes, metal shoes. He opened wide his eyes and said, “Miss, you don’t need to be this excessive. Aren’t they heavy?”

Xue Jing snorted and replied, “Of course they are heavy! However, compared to you stepping on my feet, this is much better. These are the metal shoes I wore for five years and were specially made to train and forge the body. Each shoe weighs 7.5 kilograms. Right now, I’m lending you these shoes which weigh 14 kilograms each for dancing practice. You better take this seriously, you hear me?”

Just now, Nian Bing heard Xue Jing say that if he didn’t do well, he wouldn’t be allowed to rest. Ever since he agreed to the plan, he was already taking it seriously. Although holding a beautiful woman’s hand felt pretty good, as it stood, there was no such thing as ‘easy’ ever since he became a mage. He helplessly nodded and proceed with his dancing lessons.

The two of them continuously practiced without any rest. Nian Bing started to grasp the dancing steps with great difficulty. Although he was unable to tell if his movements were graceful, his ability to go on stage was passable. Both of them even ate lunch inside the room. Regardless of the time, Nian Bing was still wearing Xue Jing’s 14 kilograms shoes. At this moment, his brow was already beaded with sweat.

Xue Jing wiped the sweat on her forehead while she was sitting on her bed. “Finally, you can be considered to barely meet the standard. So be it! Let’s continue practicing. If you can persevere, I will accompany you to the end. Nian Bing, you should rest a bit and drink some water first. Later, you should go wash up first and change into clean underwear. After that, we will prepare ourselves before going. This time, I’m finally going to see if I am in his heart.”

Nian Bing watched Xue Jing’s dedicated appearance. Something strange suddenly arose in his heart. At this moment, Xue Jing seemed to be the most beautiful when she boldly pursued whatever she wanted. This caused Nian Bing to admire her greatly. “Miss, if he isn’t jealous, what should we do?”

Xue Jing unhappily said, “Shut you crow’s beak, saying such inauspicious remarks. This young lady is beautiful and moving, how can he not be aroused? If… if by chance he really is not jealous, then, you will have to explain yourself.”

Nian Bing innocently asked, “I am not him. What does that have anything to do with me?”

Xue Jing waved her hands in worry and said, “I just said it randomly. Anyway, human matters can be left to fate. If God hasn’t bound our fate together, what other methods do I have? Ling’er has it good. Since she was a child, she had her elder apprentice brother beside her, spoiling her and cherishing her. She also doesn’t need to feel vexed about love. I’m depressing myself to death right now. Nian Bing, if only you truly are a mage, it would be so much better!”

Nian Bing glanced at Xue Jing. “If I am a mage, how will that be good?”

Xue Jing happily laughed and replied, “If it is like that, you will be able to pursuit me! The status of mage is said to be above mine. Even if you are an Intermediate Mage, it doesn’t matter. Honestly speaking, I saw so many men, but you are the most beautiful one so far. If you were to wear women clothes, maybe, you might turn into a beautiful woman as beautiful as Ling’er and me?”

Nian Bing got goosebumps from hearing her. He bitterly smile and said, “Miss, to use the word beautiful to describe a man seems very inappropriate. At present, we have to go take a bath because I can barely stand myself.”

Xue Jing’s charming face blushed as she said, “Speak more clearly, what are you shouting about going to take a bath for. Let’s go. Fortunately, we learned to dance before I let you change into the mage gown. Otherwise, it would be dirty and that would certainly be troublesome. Do you know that this kind of gown is very valuable?”

Nian Bing thought, ‘I know. In your heart, I’m still not even worth a mage gown. It seems like in this society, without strength, you have nothing. If I was a mere commoner, perhaps, I might have to endure your insults. Unfortunately, I am not. Xue Jing, I will remember every single one of those words you said to me. You are such a crafty, unruly, and willful Miss High-and-Mighty, who would like you?’

As the curtain of the night gradually descended, a luxurious carriage was travelling on Ice Snow City’s main street. The carriage was pulled by four black and tall horses. The carriage was very big and more than ten people could sit inside without a problem. It was driven by an old man in a very strange way, his wrist would shake slightly and the reins inside his hands would automatically whip the horses’ backs in order to guide them. The control of the speed was quite adequate, neither too fast, nor too slow, while carrying them toward the west side of Ice Snow City.

Inside the carriage, Xue Jing was extremely uncomfortable and kept looking at her silver cheongsam. That dress wasn’t the same kind of dress she usually wore. It was specially made for the banquet. It had around three to four layers of clothes that needed the help of at least three servants girls to help with the dressing. Even with that, it took Xue Jing at least an hour before she was done. For her who always liked wearing practical clothes, it was simply torture.

“Nian Bing, are my clothes beautiful?” Xue Jing unconsciously asked Nian Bing who was sitting opposite to her.

Nian Bing faintly smiled and sincerely said, “Very beautiful. Miss’s long brown hair on the silver cheongsam made you look very noble compared to your usual dress.”

Xue Jing’s eyes brightened as she said, “Really? If it’s really beautiful, then it was worth it for me to have hurried them. These clothes are really tight! They are killing me! Fortunately, I’m not very fat. I don’t know how much of a crime it is for those fat married women wearing these kind of clothes. Still, you have it easy. No matter the event, it’s suitable for you to wear a mage gown.”

Nian Bing faintly smiled and replied, “In any case, I’m only pretending. Miss, if you feel it’s not comfortable, can’t you just wear a normal dress? Don’t tell me that you’re not confident about your beauty?”

Xue Jing snorted and said, “How am I not confident? It’s just that, today, I have to probe that troublesome guy’s feelings. If it were not for him, even ghosts would not want to wear this kind of dress. In the higher society of Ice Snow City, I am well-known as a free woman. Ah! That’s right, from here on, you must not call me Miss. If you call me that before the end of the banquet, I’ll become a huge joke.”

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