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Chapter 19.1 – The Wise Luo Ruo

Yan Feng coldly said, “The Count’s name is Luo Hao. Honestly speaking, he holds quite a bit of power as he controls Ice Snow City’s finances. Every year, the tax money he transferred to the Ice Moon Empire’s higher ups was never less than the other cities in the empire.  This Count who manages the biggest territory only has one daughter, Luo Rou. Although she’s eighteen this year, she already became famous 10 years ago. At that time, she was only eight years old, and she participated in the Ice Moon Empire’s national literary exam, which happened once every three years. Unexpectedly, she was the top scorer of the exam. Furthermore, there was a large gap between her and the second top scorer. She is a genius that improves constantly with time. Her intelligence is something that’s continuously displayed. I heard that one of the reasons why all of the Count’s financial budget can be this clear and orderly may have been linked to his daughter’s intelligence. Among Ice Snow City’s top three beauties, considering her age, she may be the  youngest, but she is also the wisest. The three of them are known as the Wise Girl, Luo Rou; Magical Girl, Long Ling; And, last but not least, Mad Girl, Xue Jing. Even the city’s owner, Lord Marquis, has yielded to them to some extent.

“Mad Girl? Haha! It’s really not in name only, but it is also in reality. According to her temperament, that nickname completely fits her.” When he heard the three girls’ nicknames, Nian Bing couldn’t help but find it funny in his heart.

Yan Feng’s sight stayed on Nian Bing, “What? You also know Xue Jing?”

Nian Bing nodded and said, “Today, I’m just her companion. So, of course I know her. I don’t know what Big Brother Yan thinks of her.”


There was amazement displayed inside Yan Feng’s eyes. “I didn’t expect that you would be Xue Jing’s companion. What do I think of her? I only know that her father, Xue Ji, and one of the three Great Marshals of the Ice Moon Empire, the Devourer of Blood and Exterminator of Soul, Xue Po, are blood-related brothers. That Xue Po, as the head of the three Great Marshals of the empire, cultivated the Iron Blood Way. As long as they send him out to fight a war, the enemy would all be killed without a single survivor. So, him being the Iron Blood commander-in-chief is justified. Xue Ji, compared to his older brother, is more low-keyed. He only opened a restaurant called Pure Wind House in Ice Snow City. With his brother’s prestige, no one would dare to offend him.”

Finally, Nian Bing was able to learn the Xue family’s background. Inwardly, he couldn’t help but gloomily sigh. ‘To be able to open a big restaurant in the center of the city, he’s indeed not simple, Ah!’

At that instant, a gasp of surprise could be heard. Everyone’s sight all turned toward the staircases. Coincidentally, they all shouted together two words, “Wise Girl, Wise Girl, Wise Girl…”

On the staircase, leading the way was Xue Jing and Long Ling, two woman, one silver, the other purple. Each of them wearing a tight-fitted evening gown that highlighted their well-endowed figure. As they stood there, it appeared that Xue Jing was a bit more developed. The many years of training in martial arts had tempered her body and made her brim with health and vivacity. Although Long Ling was more slender, her smiling expression was gentle and easily made people have a good impression of her.

The majority of the gentlemen present were all staring at the two women, but that didn’t include Nian Bing and Yan Feng. Right at that moment, a blue figure appeared between Long Ling and Xue Jing. She possessed blue long hair that was slightly curly and didn’t seem to be style as they wafted behind her back. Inside her large blue eyes, there emitted a faint light. There was no need to look at her appearance as the look in her eyes was enough to deeply attract Nian Bing. Those eyes were full of wisdom and were as deep and clear as the water in the Yougushentan where the bottom couldn’t be seen. As for her appearance, among the women Nian Bing had seen, only Feng Nu could be compared to her. However, this Miss Luo Rou appeared excessively fragile and her appearance contained a trace of an ephemeral beauty.

Nian Bing smiled. “No wonder Big Brother Yan said that the respectable Count’s only daughter is very precious. Looking at that Wise Girl, I’m really somewhat suspicious about her being the respectable Count’s real daughter.”

Yang Feng looked at Nian Bing. His face displayed a rare light smile. “I don’t really know anything about this, but you shouldn’t let the respectable Count hear these words by any means. Otherwise, he will be livid.”

Both of them looked at each other and laughed. Imperceptibly, the distance between them had greatly shrunk. At that time, the Count was already welcoming people at the bottom of the staircase. The Xue Jing and Long Ling escorted the Wise Girl Luo Rou down the stairs. As she came arrived at the bottom, she stopped and faintly smiled. Then, she slowly bowed to everyone. “Today is my birthday. Many thanks for everyone attending tonight. I can’t help but feel extremely honored by your presence.”

The melodious birthday’s song echoed, giving the inside of the hall a harmonious atmosphere. A cart pushed by two servants slowly arrived. On the cart, there was an excessively immense cake composed of seven layers. On the cake, there were 18 blue candles that had already been lit. As the cake appeared, the light of the grand hall was extinguished. Only the candle light on the cake flickered in the dark. Apart from Nian Bing and Yan Feng, all the other guests were loudly singing the birthday song. Luo Rou was smiling warmly. Her hands were clasped in front of her chest as she closed her eyes to make a wish. After a short moment, her eyes opened and there was a trace of a smile on the corner of her mouth. “Jing Jing, Ling’er! Come blow the candles with me.”

At the same time, the three beauties blew out the 18 candles’ light. Once again, the light in the hall returned. The birthday’s ceremony had come to an end. Luo Rou took a knife and made the first cut in the cake. The knife sliced the first layer of the cake and, when it was pulled out, the knife came out  covered in cream. Luo Rou said with a smile, “To the many guest present, my body is not too well. I don’t know if it’s possible to ask one of the young masters present to help me divided the cake. Today, I didn’t have a male companion with me. I hope this young master can also be my partner for the first dance.” When these words came out, it immediately caused an uproar. Every one of them believed they were qualified and all raised their hand. Each and every one of them outdoing one another, wishing they could gain Luo Rou’s approval.

Nian Bing glanced at Yan Feng. “Big Brother Yan, are you not interested?”

Yan Feng indifferently said, “I’m not interest. If you say the words, I can lend you a hand in this.”

Nian Bing smiled. “That’s good! Then, I’ll trouble you Big Brother Yan.”

There was a trace of surprise in Yan Feng’s eyes. “You really want to go?”

Nian Bing faintly smiled and said, “Why not? I have one dance with the Wise Girl and I won’t have come here in vain. Big Brother Yan, we can leave more quickly this way, if not, we will have to wait for Miss Luo Rou to pick a dance partner.”

Yan Feng looked deeply at Nian Bing. He nodded before saying, “Very good. I’ll help you. Follow behind me.” As he finished speaking, he strided towards where the crowd was the most dense. Faint white qi faintly emitted from Yan Feng’s body. Everyone who came in contact with his dou qi dropped down one after another from each of his side. Originally, they wanted to be angry, but, with one glance at Yan Feng’s ice-cold appearance, they refrained themselves. Yan Feng’s action immediately drew everyone’s attention, including Xue Jing. Except for Yan Feng himself and Nian Bing, at this instant, everyone thought that Yan Feng wanted to cut the cake with Luo Rou. For a moment, there was only silence. It seemed like no one wanted to fight with him over the matter of the cake. There was no more need to use dou qi to pressure them to make way for him.

Xue Jing’s complexion slightly changed. Today, the main reason why she came was for Yan Feng and, right now, she saw Yan Feng wanted to cut the cake for her best friend. Immediately, her heart felt complicated.

Luo Rou looked at Yan Feng walking toward her. She couldn’t help from lightly smiling and said, “Young Master Yan, you want to help me cut this cake? This is Luo Rou’s honor.”

Yan Feng walked until he was in front of the cake. He swept a glance at Luo Rou and the other women and nodded at the Count who was standing on the side. He spoke, “No, not me. It’s my friend who wants Miss Luo Rou to give him this opportunity.” As he finished, he stepped aside and everyone took notice of the person who was behind him, a mage in a fiery red gown. When they saw him appeared, Xue Jing and Long Ling couldn’t help but gasp in surprise. When Luo Rou saw Nian Bing’s handsome appearance, she couldn’t help showing a suspicious look. He had uncommon temperament and in his beautiful eyes, there was a flash of an extraordinary splendor. At this instant, Nian Bing became the focus of the entire banquet.

Nian Bing walked next to Yan Feng. He was looking at the three women with a calm look and said with a smile, “Miss Luo Rou, may I have the honor of assisting you?”

“Out of question!” Luo Rou didn’t even open her mouth, but Xue Jing rushed to yell. As she yelled those words, she realized she was extremely anxious and felt everyone looking at her with curious look. She couldn’t help but continue, “I, I mean his identity isn’t qualified enough.”

Yan Feng coldly said, “Mad Girl Xue Jing, as expected, you really deserve to be called Mad Girl. This is Miss Luo Rou’s birthday banquet. Are you going to go mad? He is my friend. Another thing, with his identity, he’s already qualified.”

Hearing Yan Feng, Xue Jing was already speechless. She glared ferociously at Nian Bing and no longer said a word.

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