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Chapter 19.2 – The Wise Luo Ruo

Nian Bing acted as if he had not seen Xue Jing’s stare. As before, he looked into Luo Rou’s eyes, blue as his own. “May I have the honor of assisting you?”

Although her heart was filled with suspicion, Luo Ruo lived up to the title of Wise Girl. In these circumstances, she smiled slightly and said, “Just now, when Jing Jing greeted you, I will take her place in apologizing to the young lord. There are no status based divisions at Luo Rou’s birthday feast. Everyone who comes is a guest; all are Luo Rou’s friends. Please, young lord.” While saying this, she took the cake knife in her hand and passed it to Nian Bing.

A simple sentence immediately resolved the awkward atmosphere. Nian Bing walked up to Luo Rou’s side. To her, he gave a small nod. He said, “If the misses would please step back, in order to avoid cream splattering on you.”

Luo Rou cast a glance at Nian Bing, and stepped back together with Long Ling and Xue Jing. Nian Bing’s hand gripped the knife handle. Even though it was a different knife, because of his experience with knives, he could clearly perceive the cake knife’s aura. He shot a glance at the dining cart’s plates. Yan Feng came to his side and passed the first plate into his hands. Nian Bing smiled lightly, saying, “This first piece, is naturally for today’s birthday girl, Miss Wise Girl.”


A light flashed. Besides Yan Feng at Nian Bing’s side, no one could clearly see what sort of hand movements he did. A slice of cake had already appeared neatly on the plate. What was even more fantastic was that no cream could be seen on the knife. On the leftover cake, the incision was extremely neat with not even a little bit of cream touching it. Nian Bing took the plate to give to the Wise Girl behind him. “This piece of cake will be Miss Wise Girl’s birthday present from me.”

Even if the Wise Girl was brilliant, she, too, could not understand Nian Bing’s intentions. Long Ling next to her could not help but ask, “This is obviously Ruo’er’s household’s cake, how can it be a present you gave?”

Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, “Miss Wise Girl, just taste and see, this is a one of a kind slice of cake.”

Luo Rou’s and Nian Bing’s gazes met. She was surprised to discover that she could not see through the abnormal, handsome male in front of her. She took a spoon from a servant at the side. She scooped a small piece of the cake and put in her mouth. While she was scooping, she discovered that the cake seemed to have some hardness. The cake entered her mouth, and Luo Rou could not help but exclaim in surprise, “How cold!” The originally soft cake had many distinguishably sweet scents. It had turned into an icy clear cream when it entered her mouth. The sweet, refreshing scent immediately filled her mouth and nose. It made Luo Ruo’s spirit shake. Her pale, smart face had flushed red.

Nian Bing gave a little smile, saying, “How is it?” Ice Magic was put into the cake, it seemed simple, but the heat control was extremely important. If the ice element was too little, the flavor of the cake would be somewhat off. If too much, then the cake would become an inedible lump of ice. It required precise use at the perfect spot. Maybe only Nian Bing, who was a Magic Chef, could make this.

Luo Rou’s eyes glittered. To Nian Bing, she nodded her head and said, “Thank you very much, young lord. Luo Rou is very pleased with this present. It has already been long since there was something that could make me want to eat more than a few bites. I don’t know if it is possible for the young lord to let my two sisters try this deliciousness too?”

The nobles at the event naturally did not understand the meaning of their conversation, but Luo Rou’s words did not seem to be fake. In a moment, they could not help but cast their curious stares at Nian Bing.

Nian Bing smiled indifferently. His face held a cold, arrogant air. “My apologies, Miss Luo Rou. As I said, that today only you could sample this kind of special present.” Turning around, the knife light flashed. Piece after piece of cake was cut by the knife and placed onto the empty plates. Nian Bing’s every ten cuts only took a moment. He made Yan Feng divide the cake out. At the venue, there were no lack of people familiar with martial arts. They all saw that Nian Bing did not use any Dou Qi. He relied only on his precise knife skills and exceptional wrist strength to put on such a display. His strength control was extremely mystifying. Every piece of cake sustained no damage. The size was all completely identical. It was only that when the cake entered the mouths of the nobles, it still had its original flavor.

When Nian Bing had placed the last piece of cake into someone’s hands, the seven layer cake had been completely divided up. Every person got a piece, no more no less. When added to the fact that every piece was exactly the same size, it was obvious that everything had already been especially calculated.

Luo Rou had eaten less than half of the cake in her hands. Looking at Nian Bing who had finished dividing the cake, she lightly smiled and said, “I really did not think that the young lord could completely divide the cake so quickly.”

Nian Bing held the cake in his hands and walked in front of Luo Rou. He smiled slightly and said, “If it was some other person, maybe they would have no way of dancing together with miss.” Suddenly, dividing the cake looked like a simple task. But if it had been an ordinary person, cutting these one hundred plus slices of cake would require some time. Taking advantage of this time, the dance would’ve started earlier. Luo Ruo could’ve completely used waiting for the cake to be cut as a reason to refuse others’ invitation to dance. And once the person cutting the cake had finished, she could’ve found another reason to conveniently avoid the dance. It seemed that these schemes are undoubtedly from the one called Wise Girl. When she asked for someone to replace her in cutting the cake, Nian Bing already understood it all. This Wise Girl, although appeared to be gentle and peaceful, was actually covered in sharp points. Her inner arrogance is something only an intellectual could see.

Luo Rou’s knew that Nian Bing had already seen through her plans. In her hand half of the cake had already been eaten. At the time, the three great beauties of Ice Snow City gaze’s had fallen on his person. Luo Rou’s gaze was provocative, Long Ling’s was filled with curiosity and query, and Xue Jing’s, the most obvious one, was filled with anger and a sliver of curiosity.

Luo Rou said in a clear voice, “After everyone has eaten their cake, feel free to participate in dancing. Luo Rou, right now, must keep her promises and dance with this mage for the first song. Music, please.”

Mellifluous music began to play. Luo Rou extended her right arm to Nian Bing. Nian Bing smiled slightly and took hold of her small hand, naturally embracing her slender waist that seemed like it could break at any moment. His foot slid to step into the dance floor. The guests, aware of these two, scattered to let them have the center. Nian Bing’s dance skills, although unpracticed, gradually came together with the music.

Luo Rou’s scent was very faint, but it was enough to make Nian Bing recall deeply. This scent seemed to be that of an orchid. Her soft hands, as if boneless, felt indescribably comfortable in his palms. They stared deeply into each other’s blue eyes. From on outside person’s point of view, these were gazes filled with deep intimacy. Nian Bing and Luo Rou both knew that the person standing opposite of them was sending out a look of challenge.

Luo Rou’s cherry blossom lips hummed. In a voice only Nian Bing could hear, she said, “Where are you from? I can determine that you are not from this city because in the Ice Moon Empire, there are very few blondes.”

Nian Bing smiled slightly. Using a similarly low voice he answered, “That’s right, I have not been in Ice Snow City for very long. Miss naturally could not have seen me somewhere. I have long since heard the name Wise Girl. Today, as I expected, the name was not given for nothing. To be able to dance with Miss is definitely a great honor.”

Luo Rou’s crystal clear eyes exuded a sliver of dissatisfaction. “In front of the so-called famous people, there is no need to speak falsely. Is it necessary to use such tiger balm speech to offer excuses? Can you tell me who you came with? Yan Feng is not someone who associates with other people as he wishes, and today, it seemed that he came by himself. I think that you should not have known each over for too long. To make him help you, it seems that your distinguished self’s charisma is not small!”

Nian Bing said without batting an eyelid, “It is probably because Brother Yan and I were brought together by fate. For Miss Luo Ruo to know where I am from, it is not difficult. You need only to ask your good sisters and you will know.”

Luo Rou’s eyes, for the first time, emitted a light of surprise. It seemed she had already come to a conclusion it. “Don’t tell me, don’t tell me that you are the fake boyfriend Jing Jing came together with?”

Nian Bing said indifferently, “As expected, you are really close sisters. Even these things you already know. Is it still necessary for me to explain anything?”

Luo Rou gave an expression of being deep in thought. As before, Nian Bing’s passionate eyes looked into hers. Luo Rou knew, since the first time she and Nian Bing had crossed swords, she had already lost. Lost to Nian Bing’s mystery. Ever since she was small, this was her first time having a taste of defeat. Her mind could not help but have a profound understanding of the youth in front of her.

The guests in the surrounding dance floor watched the man and woman, with gazes of envy and praise. The man was handsome and tall, and the girl was stunning and glamorous, just like a golden son and a jade daughter. Even Luo Rou’s father, the old count, could not help but nod his head in satisfaction. He held social parties many times, but this was the first time he saw a man with the looks and stature that could match up to his own precious baby daughter.

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