MCIF Chapter 20.2


Chapter 20.2 – Yan Feng’s Unusual Hobby

Just as Nian Bing determined that, Xue Jing closed her eyes. She actually was going to run herself through Yan Feng’s short sword. Yan Feng did not have enough time to react. At this critical moment, Nian Bing’s outstretched arm reached and directly grabbed at Yan Feng’s short sword. Xue Jing’s side directly bumped into his arm. Blood flowed down Nian Bing’s arm, dying Yan Feng’s sword red. The short sword seemed to have intelligence and seemed excited. Xue Jing felt that something was not right. When she opened her eyes, she could clearly see bright scarlet blood drip onto the ground.

Nian Bing sighed softly, and helplessly looked at Xue Jing. “Why do you even bother? Can you not even withstand this kind of attack? When you were going to run yourself through the blade, did you not even think of your family and friends? Xue Jing, although you’re named Mad Girl, crazy should still have some limits. Life is bestowed by heavens. Every person has only a few decades; you must treasure your own life.

Yan Feng used his left hand to stem the blood vessels of Nian Bing’s wrist. He said indifferently, “She wants to die, than let her die. Why would you go through so much trouble to save her?”

Nian bing smiled slightly, saying, “Brother Yan, you are really extreme. As I said, life is a precious treasure, to say nothing of the fact she had a crazed mind for just a period of time, that is all. Miss Xue Jing helped me before, and I did conceal the fact that I was a mage from her. This sword is like I gave it to her. Miss Xue Jing, from now on, I don’t owe you, and you don’t owe me. Please go back.


Although the blood flowed slowly, upon seeing the fresh blood drip to the ground, the anger in Xue Jing’s eyes faded away. In its place was a complicated light. Biting her lower lip, she slowly retreated backwards. Violently, she took the short sword in her hands and casted it onto the ground. She turned to run into the pitch black night, followed by two sparkling and translucent teardrops drifting through the wind.

“Nian Bing, how are you? My Frost Flame Knife is extremely sharp. Maybe it has already damaged your muscles and bones, what do we do? I still haven’t taken out my knife. I’ll bring you to the doctor right away.” Yan Feng had already lost his cold arrogance from before. His feelings of deep concern clearly exhibited themselves in his speech. Seeing his worried expression, Nian Bing’s mind was filled with an improper feeling. He said hurriedly, “My thanks to brother Yan for your concern, but relax. It is not as serious as you think. Your knife is very sharp, even the ice in my hand was cut in half.” While saying this, he slowly opened his hand. Two sharpened pieces of ice dyed red fell to the ground. Though the blood flow was not small, the wound was actually superficial. Xue Jing’s bumping into him only made Yan Feng’s Frost Flame Knife cut through the ice to pierce Nian Bing’s skin.

“Life is the source! Send out your clear light, bestow curing water with the imprint of life on me and remove the pain of the wound. — Hydrotherapy Spell.” A blue light condensed around Nian Bing’s hand. Like a thread, it bubbled up in the center of his palm. The result of the blue light could almost be seen by the naked eye. It continuously healed his wounded hand.

Nian Bing smiled in satisfaction. He said, “As expected, the book has such a yellow gold room. Yesterday, it was not clear to determine if this rank two Hydrotherapy Spell is more useful than the rank one Healing Spell.” This second rank spell was something he had learned in a water element magic book the day before. Not only did he possess ice abilities, he could also be considered a water mage at the same time. But water mages, on the other hand, were unable to utilize the powers of ice magic. This is why, in the continental magic world, ice magic outranked the four ordinary magic.

Yan Feng sighed in acclamation. “Magic is really a mystical thing. Even a simple healing technique cannot be attained by martial arts.

Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, “Many thanks to brother Yan for saving me. Although magic has its advantages, martial arts similarly has its special points. “

Yan Feng, at the present, did not have his cold demeanor. He smiled, saying, “So courteous. Actually, I already saw that you had prepared, but I went crazy out of concern and could not help but make a move. That Mad Girl is really crazy, to actually want to kill a person because of such a small matter.

The inappropriate feeling in Nian Bing’s heart gradually grew stronger. He had seen something from Yan Feng’s eyes. With great difficulty, he smiled and said, “Brother Yan, I have things to do, I must return to the Mage Association.”

Yan Feng was somewhat reluctant to part. He said, “Brother Nian, we are already friends. May I come to the Mage Association to see you some other time? Oh right, you can call me by my nickname, Juhua, Yan Juhua.

Nian bing was overcome with a full body chill. But at the moment, he couldn’t reject Yan Feng who had saved him. With a feeling of resisting the urge to vomit, he nodded and said, “Of course you can. Brother Yan, I hope that we will see each other again.” With this said, he gave a little nod to Yan Feng, and turned to the direction of the Mage Association. While walking, he thought, ‘Xue Jing, oh Xue Jing, you fell for such a type of person. You unfortunately like this piece of glass.’ Upon thinking this, Nian bing could not help but let out a full body shiver. After today, he really did not want to see that Brother Yan again

While walking towards the Mage Association, Nian Bing’s mind continuously reverberated with Yan Feng’s secret grudge gaze. He shivered all over his body and lifted up his gown. He discovered that on his skin, a layer of goosebumps appeared. It’s no wonder that guy looked at him in a way different from the masses. It’s no wonder that Xue Jing, such a beautiful girl, could not elicit a change in expression from him. He actually had such a nauseating hobby1. It’s a good thing he realized this from his expressions early on. If not, he may have been tangled in a very troublesome matter. It was very obvious that guy had reached a high level in martial arts. Only if he used his Ice Snow Goddess’ Sigh with his ice and fire source magic would he have a small chance to defeat him. Besides, he did not have any evil intentions. He had no reason to make a move against him. Right now, he hoped that he would not find him again. Otherwise, if other people misunderstood, even jumping into the Azure Sky River could not wash his reputation clean.

Slowly, he walked on the street. Nian Bing’s heart was light; the matter with Xue Jing had finally been resolved. Although it might be very difficult for her to accept, at the very least, he had taken a knife for her. Even if she went mad again, she wouldn’t look at him with a hate filled glare.

Hurried horses’ hooves could suddenly be heard. Nian Bing hastily went to the side. The road he was walking on could not be considered broad. If he was hit, he would really be out of luck.

xijinjin (apparently the sound of horses neighing) neigh. Two fine steeds stopped in front of Nian Bing. He was surprised to find out that the owner of the horses were actually Long Ling and Shi Jiu. The two dismounted from their horses. Shi Jiu said with dissatisfaction, “I say, brother, how could you leave without a word? “

Nian Bing smile bitterly. “Could I stay and not go in such a situation?”

Long Ling’s previously warn gaze had turned somewhat more nippy. “Nian Bing, I need you to explain the thing between you and Jingjing.”

Nian Bing smiled bitterly, saying, “Explain? That’s very easy. You should already know that it was her who made me dress up as her boyfriend and go to the gathering with her. Before I had entered the Mage Association, I had just arrIved in Ice Snow City and was not familiar with life. During a conflict between the Pure Wind House and the Great City Pavilion, I wanted to find work and settle down. But who knows why the Third Manager of the Great City Pavilion made it hard for me. Xue Jing came in good time and punished that Manager An and brought me to the Pure Wind House to let me work temporarily as a woodcutter. Probably because my looks are passable, she chose me to play the role of  her boyfriend.”

Long Ling went blank, then said, “It was that simple?”

Nian bing shrugged his shoulders and said, “It was that simple. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Xue Jing.”

Long Ling’s outstanding eyebrows creases slightly, saying, “To make a Great Mage cut wood is really laughable. However, since Jingjing helped you at the start, why did you embarrass her today at the banquet? Is it because she made you disguise yourself as her boyfriend?”

Nian Bing shook his head. He said, “As I’ve already said to Luo Rou, I only wanted to teach her a lesson. I could bear her humiliating me, but I hoped that she would not stay that way forever. Because she believes herself to be ‘Mad Girl, ‘ one day, she will inevitably receive an even greater setback. Rather than that, it would be better for me to provoke her. And did it feel like my provocation was too fierce? Then let me say that I am a Great Mage and she is just Ling’er!”

Long Ling looked blankly. Carefully thinking back, Nian Bing did not really do anything. He only cut the cake for Luo Rou and accompanied her for a dance. But Xue Jing, upon learning of Nian Bing’s true identity, had suddenly been greatly shaken by anger and suddenly left the event. Thinking of this, Long Ling’s gaze became gradually softer. She lightly nodded her head, saying, “Having said that, you really cannot be blamed. However, I want to know, do you not think of Xue Jing as a friend? “

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  1. Note that this was written in 2006 in China. Much different than how things are now.

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  1. I’M SCREaMIN I CALLED IT YAN FENG IS GAY. While I’m glad we have a gay character I’m sad that it was referred to as a “nauseating hobby”, like friendo, why.

    1. Just take it with a grain of salt. It’s the same as series portraying slavery. Personally I kind of like it when series don’t really care for modern morals; gives it a bit of authenticity. I’m surprised when in a medieval setting characters aren’t at least a bit homophobic.

    2. Well I don’t consider myself homophobic since I will make friends with anyone, gay or not. But as a straight man it does cover you in a disgusting feeling when you see that one of the guys you thought of as a friend looks at you in that kind of way… The description was completely accurate as speaking from experience. You just get goose bumps all over you when a gay guy is really into you…

      Plus there is the whole, butt sex part of it which is gross and of course that isnt just limited to gay guys, but gay guys are sexually limited to it.

      So in actuality it truly is a “nauseating hobby” because of what it entitles. While the people might not be bad people, gross things are gross. Nothing really changes that. But by all means people can do what they want, and I am not saying gays should be avoided or anything. Just stating that the novel is portraying an accurate feeling and situation.

  2. Oh okay. I thought that he has a tendency to like killling people, since it was called a hobby. If it was for being homo Wasnt it more of a lifestyle if anything. But i do get it called nauseating since china is not exactly a big fan of the lgbt comm. But i still think yan likes killing sheeple.

  3. Honestly, that revelation is rich, coming from the author whose first work had so many examples of bromance that could easily be shipped romantically and took forever to railroad him into a heterosexual relationship and then his subsequent works used the “first girl is soul mate” pattern liberally.

  4. I don’t know if this would be a spoiler, but I see this as an educated guess, i think yan is not gay but actually a girl.

  5. Am surprised Ning Bian was able to figure out that Yan is gay, he who has spent so little time with others, even I thought Yan had some blood fetish or something.
    I hope it’s just Nian’s views to avoid Yan since he is young and not the author’s own views to avoid gay people.

  6. haha! My suspicion was correct! that guy was gay!… he was very suspicious with how he couldn’t take his eyes off of Nian Bing’s face.

  7. I said “bromance” in a comment from a previous chapter as a joke but in fact the joke became real and it explain the title of the previous chapter xD

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