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Chapter 21.1 – Fire God’s Left Hand

Without even thinking too deeply about it, Nian Bing knew that the one causing a big ruckus at the Pure Wind House was definitely Feng Nu. Feng Nu was definitely there because he hadn’t gone to see her at all. She also couldn’t find him at the Pure Wind House and got into a fight with Xue Jing. Aiiieee, he was really stupid. While reading books, he forgot about everything else.

Exiting the library, Nian Bing burned with impatience. He didn’t know why, but right now, his mind was filled with images of Feng Nu’s lithe figure. Disregarding propriety, he raised the Icicle Rod up and chanted, “Mighty Ice and Snow Goddess! Please, lend me your anger to send me onto the opposite bank. —- Snowstorm.” The blue light particles coming from the Icicle Rod scattered and flew away. The surrounding air immediately chilled. The wind whipped around and the snow fluttered as the Rank 4 Snowstorm gradually became wilder and more violent. Nian Bing completely blended in his internal ice element. His body became surrounded by snow flurries as he rode the snowstorm high into the air.

Although the Snowstorm is only used to fly for short distances, the distance one can travel depended on the mage’s cultivation level; mages with very high cultivations can fly further. With Nian Bing’s current Great Mage magic power, his proficient magic control, and his ability to use the least amount of magic needed to maintain the spell, flying from the Mage Association to the Shui Huo Metal Shop would not be too difficult.

In the distance, Nian Bing could already see the courtyard of the Shui Huo Metal Shop. A red light twisted and turned like a red flood dragon. Although the distance was a bit far, he could faintly sense that contained within it was an enormous power. Nian Bing controlled the Snowstorm to slowly descend upon the courtyard. As the distance gradually shortened, Nian Bing discovered that the one practicing swordplay was Feng Nu. This was the first time he had seen Feng Nu practice martial arts. His heart trembled slightly. Faintly, he felt the strength of Feng Nu’s qi was actually not inferior to Blacksmith God Hua Tian’s. The qi pervaded the entire  courtyard. The dark red light roused a scorching current of air. The distance from the ground was twenty metres, yet Nian Bing already felt the temperature constantly increasing, causing the Snowstorm to gradually melt. What he saw made him unable to control his descent.


The Snowstorm, after all, definitely had an effect on the air. While Feng Nu was concentrating on practicing, she suddenly felt the surrounding air drop several degrees as the air streams became more intense. Subconsciously, she raised her head to look and saw a blue figure descending down in her direction. She was already in a bad mood, and looking at the situation, she immediately said, “Who is it?” She planted her feet subtly and gripped the Heavenly Flame Sword with two hands. Suddenly, she took a step forward and covered majority of her body in a red, flame qi. As if splitting the heavens and earth, she lifted up the sword. With a sharp hissing sound, the red qi extended from the Heavenly Flame Sword. A red blade-light about a meter wide came directly hacking at Nian Bing.

Suddenly feeling a great oppressive strength coming at him from below, Nian Bing could not help but jump in fright. Being in such a critical situation without having enough time to explain, he subconsciously touched the Morning Dew Knife in his chest. No, as of right now, he should be calling it the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh. An enormous amount of ice element encircled the cloth of the knife handle and caused frost to form. Blue light suddenly burst out. Nian Bing did not have enough time to chant a spell. From his chest, he grabbed a pile of paper and scattered it into the air. Under the influence of the Ice and Snow Goddess’s sigh, the ten plus pieces of paper actually became a bizarrely large ice net. In order to prevent the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh from leaking any of the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Stone’s aura, Nian Bing painstakingly used his magic power around the area of the Ice and Snow Goddess Stone to arrange a small scale boundary. Although this prevented the Ice and Snow Goddess Stone’s aura from leaking out, the power of the ice net fell drastically.

Bang! The ice knife collided head on with the large flame blade. A big sound rang out. The flame qi in the shape of a blade weakened under the attack of the ice blades , but the Ice Blade was after all, only a rank 2 ice magic. How could its power compare with an air-splitting qi originating from the Heavenly Flame Sword? Although the light of the qi weakened a bit, it still came cutting down on Nian Bing as before.

The ten or so Ice Blades bought Nian Bing some time. He did not dare to use the Ice and Snow Goddess’ Sigh again. Instead, he touched the Fire God stone in his chest. Quickly chanting, he said, “Mighty Fire God! Please allow me to make use of your left hand and let the flame descend to earth to eradicate the wicked power. Let the blaze illuminate the whole earth and destroy all the barriers obstructing before me. — The Fire God’s Left Hand.” The Fire God’s Left Hand, according to legend, is the weakest part of the fire god’s entire body. Therefore, this summoning of the fire element type fire magic is merely rank 5. If it is changed out with the Fire God’s Right Hand, although there is only one word difference, the spell rank would increase by four levels . A rank 9 Fire God’s Right Hand could easily destroy a thousand-person calvary team.

A giant fiery hand appeared in front of Nian Bing at the conclusion of the spell. At this time, the red qi chop had already arrived in front of Nian Bing. The giant fiery hand directly met the slicing qi, but it didn’t explode right in front. In a moment, the Fire God’s Left Hand grabbed the qi slash and fiercely sent it to the side. The Fire God’s Left Hand may have been was the weakest part of the Fire God, but it was still a part of the Fire God. Though Rank 5 single target magic is not at the extreme limits of a Great Mage, it still approached the limit. The Heavenly Flame Sword’s air-splitting blade qi was extremely powerful, but with the Fire God’s Left Hand bringing it to the side, it harmlessly slid past Nian Bing. Under Nian Bing’s exquisite control, the Fire God’s Left Hand opened at the precisely right time. He did not use magic to destroy the blade qi, but rather redirected it.

“Feng Nu, don’t attack, it’s me.” Nian Bing called out hurriedly. Feng Nu’s slicing qi emitted from the Heavenly Flame Sword was too scary. The Fire God’s Left Hand could only touch it from the side and weaken it by a third. If he had not relied on the Fire God Stone when summoning, maybe the rank 5 magic would have been destroyed earlier . Just as Long Ling had said, Feng Nu’s real strength had definitely reached the level of a Martial Master. Just how old is she! A Martial Master had the equivalent strength of a Magic Scholar.

From below, Feng Nu regretted her decision as soon as she had sent out a sword attack. She had been practicing the sword and when she had discovered a descending, unidentifiable flying object, she subconsciously sent out the sword chop. She had waved her sword before she had determined whether it was friend or enemy, but the qi had already been sent out. Unless her martial arts attained complete perfection, how could she take it back? The changes in the air had completely surprised her. The qi, although sent out from her sword, still had some connection to her spirit. She clearly felt that in the short period of time it took to blink, ten or so ice blades had blocked her attack. Immediately following that attack, a blazing, giant hand took her attack to dissolve it to the side. Obviously, the opponent was a mage, and with such a quick reaction, the mage could not be so simple. Even if she had not heard Nian Bing’s voice yell out, she would not have continued to attack.

Under the protection of the Fire God’s Left Hand, Nian Bing slowly descended. Due the effects of the Fire God’s Stone, the rank 5 magic had not given been a large burden to cast and didn’t leave him exhausted. Still fearful of the previous attack, he landed in front of Feng Nu. Smiling bitterly, he said, “We haven’t met in a few days, but there’s no need to greet me so, that could kill someone!” When he landed on the ground, the giant Fire God’s Left Hand disappeared.

The red light flashed as the Heavenly Flame Sword was returned to its scabbard. Feng Nu, who had already come up to Nian Bing, carefully looked at him and dodged. She let out a breath and said, “Who let you come down from the sky so suddenly. Fortunately I didn’t injure you. When I’m practicing the sword, I’ll immediately attack anything that comes near because I’m concentrating completely. Luckily, I did not make a serious mistake. There’s a door, but you didn’t go through. I must insist that you come from the front next time. You, really.”

Nian Bing naturally could not blame Feng Nu. Seeing her deeply concerned expression in her eyes, he said apologetically, “Sorry, it was my bad. Feng Nu, did you go to the Pure Wind House?”

Upon hearing Nian Bing bring up the Pure Wind House, Feng Nu could not help but let out a snort. She said, “Don’t bring up the Pure Wind House again. I went there to find you very politely. As a result, I bumped into an unruly girl who talked carelessly and said you died. I became angry and fought her. Her skills weren’t as good as her mouth. Afterwards, if it were not for a middle aged person from the Pure Wind House who explained the events to me, that day I would’ve taught her a good lesson. Nian Bing, where have you been these past few days? I looked for you but could not find you. You also did not come see me. Don’t tell me I did something to make you hate me?”

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