MCIF Chapter 21.2


Chapter 21.2 –  Fire God’s Left Hand

Nian Bing was slack-jawed and tongue-tied from Feng Nu’s question. He hurriedly said, “No! It’s not like that. It’s really my fault.” At once, Nian Bing narrated the simple version of everything that happened to him these past several days. However, he didn’t mention anything about attending the banquet and left out many others things. His story then resumed to him entering the Mage Association.

“So right now, you are already a member of the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association and a Great Mage. You were so absorbed with magic that you even forgot about me.” Although Feng Nu said such words, her pretty face already had a slight smile on it. It was clear that she didn’t really blame Nian Bing.

Nian Bing spoke. “When I followed my master to practice my cooking skills, I was fumbling in the dark trying to cultivate magic. This is the first time I found such an opportunity with great difficulty, so of course, I was engrossed somewhat.”

Feng Nu seemed as if she recalled something. “Oh! That’s right. Earlier, when you blocked my attack, it seemed like you used two kinds of magic. The first one was weaker compared to the other one. However, it slowed down my qi blade. After that, you followed up with that strong magic attack and redirected my qi to the side. Anyway, what baffled me is that your magic doesn’t seem to be of the same nature; one is ice while the other is fire. This is the first time I’ve seen you use them at the same time. I was still under the impression your magic power was very low since you had no guide and you cultivate two kinds of magic. When one has low magic power, it’s hard to discern it on the body. Now that I’ve seen it, your two kinds of magic seem to have already reached quite a high level. Don’t tell me you are really an ice and fire mage? Both are completely opposite in nature!”


Nian Bing was inwardly alarmed. Although he had a very good opinion of Feng Nu, his secret wasn’t something he would easily disclose. He hurriedly explained, “I possess a constitution suited towards both ice and fire. Therefore, I am able to cultivate two kinds of magic simultaneously. However, now that I think about it, both magics are opposite in nature and restrain each other. It makes it very difficult to me to reach a high level. In order not to cause a reverse effect, I merely use my magic control to maintain a certain level of magic power. However, as far as I’m concerned, this kind of control is already sufficient. Anyway, I’m only a chef. Magic is only used to supplement my cooking skills. Feng Nu, I didn’t expect your martial skills to have unexpectedly reached this level. From what I see, you must have almost reached the cultivation of Martial Master.”

An extraordinary splendor flashed through Feng Nu’s eyes. She looked at Heavenly Flame Sword sheathed in her hand and nodded before saying, “At last! Nian Bing, I know you have some distrust in your heart and want to know how I can reach such a formidable strength at such a young age. However, I hope you will not ask. You only need to know that I don’t have any ill intent toward you. When the True Sun Knife is complete, it will be the day our paths shall diverge. At that time, you will leave Ice and Snow City and I leave this Shui Huo Metal Shop.”

Nian Bing was surprised as he looked at Feng Nu. Since the first time he saw Feng Nu, he had sensed there was trace of mysterious aura on Feng Nu’s body. However, this trace of mysterious aura was hidden very deeply. He also didn’t think about doing an in-depth investigation. At least, he believed there was no doubt that Feng Nu was Hua Tian’s disciple. Otherwise, she wouldn’t ask him for his assistance for the inlaying of Fire God’s stone. However, right now, it seemed like the situation he feared was more complicated than he had imagine. The mysteries surrounding Feng Nu were not simple, especially her age being completely inconsistent to her strong martial skill. On the continent, although the number of Martial Masters wasn’t as pitifully small like the number of Magic Scholar, it still didn’t surpass a thousand. Every country’s Martial Master was a target that the imperial family roped in. It allowed the five great empires to live in harmony for the past ten years. Although, in the dark, the struggle between each country never ceased and these battles had mainly manifested in two ways. One of it was through duels between martial artists and the other was through big competitions between mages. No matter the quarrels between governments, the winners of the continental martial arts and mage tournaments, no matter which country they came from, were treated with respect. As long as they had exceptional performance records, they can receive their whole country’s support and obtain other countries’ acknowledgement. That kind of “not a battle yet fold people’s weapons” competition was what every country wished to see. In the continent’s history, the youngest Martial Master was at least 35 years old, but Feng Nu’s and Nian Bing’s were around the same age. If it was known there was such a young Martial Master, it would raise a big wave of commotion on the whole continent.

Feng Nu felt somewhat uneasy as her eyes met with Nian Bing’s burning gaze. She lowered her head and said, “That day when I went to find you, I only wanted to tell you that the True Sun Knife’s hardness is much greater than I had imagined. I will not be able to finish carving in one month. So, you will have to wait longer. I will need at least three months to carve the knife, and that’s just a conservative estimation. You’re staying at the Mage Association, right? Wait there until I finish carving. I will go find you at that time. You should go back and properly study magic. After all, it’s always good to have some abilities to protect yourself. In fact, as I look at your physique, if you cultivate martial skills, after a certain time, you can succeed. Magic is an ability that’s useful during wars. Except, it can’t be compared to martial skills. For example, just a moment ago, if I were to attack continuously, I’m afraid that you would already be unable to keep up. Of course, that’s only my suggestion, that’s all. If you simply just want to cultivate magic in order to be a better chef than that choice is obviously quite correct.”

Nian Bing smiled slightly and said, “Feng Nu, you have the ability to perceive powerful qi because what you cultivate is qi. Unlike you, I cultivate magic and it has its own mysteries. If my magic power and your qi are to be compared, I think, your qi might not necessary be able to restrain my magic. Mages only need time to chant the incantation. It’s correct to say that I won’t be able to withstand your stream of attacks, but if I was a Magic Scholar and I cast a rank 8 magic spell, even a Martial Master will not be able to contend against it. Thus, I always believe, the difference between mages and warriors mainly lies in distance. For a mage and a warrior with equivalent level in battle, if the distance was close, the warrior will certainly win; whereas if the distance was far, the mage will have time to chant his spell. I’m afraid that the warrior will be in a dangerous position. Naturally, the best combination will be a warrior and a mage coordinating; the warrior will hold the enemy in front at close range while the mage in the rear will cast a suitable magic spell. This is the way wars are fought, as well as battles. It’s nothing more than a question of difference in distance. It’s just as you said, I’m only a chef. As far as I’m concerned, studying magic is already enough. If I were to distract myself with studying martial skills, I will have achieved nothing in the end.”

After hearing Nian Bing’s words, Feng Nu’s dark blue eyes revealed a trace of astonishment. “I didn’t think that your knowledge was actually so thorough. Then, I also don’t have much to say. It seems like today you didn’t prepare something delicious for me to try.” As she said that, a look of longing clearly could be seen in her eyes. She always had Nian Bing’s cooking on her mind.

Nian Bing helplessly spreaded out his hands and said, “Indeed… Once I heard you went to Pure Wind House to find me, I set out immediately and didn’t prepare anything. How about I go buy something right away?”

Feng Nu said with a smile, “No need. I was just joking with you. Although the food you make is very delicious, I really I don’t want to eat too much of it. Otherwise, later when we part ways, how can I be satisfied with other food? Quickly leave, return to the Mage Association.”

Feng Nu’s understanding touched Nian Bing’s heart. As for her words, it didn’t need much explanations. A few meaningful glances was all that was needed for the other party to clearly understand what the other needed most right now. They mutually understood each other, thus it gave a more relaxing atmosphere. This relaxing feeling increased his good impression of the mysterious Feng Nu. Ever since he arrived at Ice Snow City, after meeting four beauties, in his heart, Feng Nu held the first position without a doubt. Although she was somewhat mysterious, she had the least misgivings towards Nian Bing among the four. Nian Bing didn’t even hide his ability to use two kind of magic and when he’s together with her, it felt so natural like he had removed some sort of mask. It’s similar to how it felt between close relatives.

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