MCIF Chapter 21.3


Chapter 21.2 –  Fire God’s Left Hand

Feng Nu did not talk more and sent Nian Bing off to the entrance of the Shui Huo Metal Shop. “Okay, you should go. I’ll give you this. In Ice Snow City, if you encounter a problem you can’t settle, you only have to blow it, and I will definitely hurry to you in the shortest time possible.” She took out a small bamboo flute from her chest and handed it to Nian Bing. The flute was approximately three inches in length. Its whole body was dark red and on top were holes of various sizes. The carving design was in the shape of a phoenix. The style was simple, but the glossy luster confirmed its value. What’s more, it gave off a warm aura.

“Try and blow into it.” Feng Nu smiled slightly while saying.

Nian Bing brought the flute to his lips and blew gently. Though he could clearly perceive a sharp and penetrating sound coming out from the flute, no sound actually reached his ears.

Feng Nu said proudly, “This phoenix flute is extremely precious, keep it safe. This has been passed down through generations of my family. I only have the one so I’ll only lend it to you to temporarily use. When I’ve finished inlaying the gem into the True Sun Knife, you must return it to me. It’s not that I’m being stingy, but this belonged to my mother and is the only thing I can remember her by so I cannot easily give it to others. The sound produced by the phoenix flute can only be heard by our clan. Well, to clarify, only those who undergo a special cultivation can hear it.” Having said this, Feng Nu thought of her mother’s words on her deathbed. Her mother told her that only when she met someone she really liked, someone who could she entrust her whole life to, could she give the Phoenix Flute. Thinking of this, her delicate face that looked like it could break by blowing on it could not help but flush red.


From the bamboo flute came a faintly sweet fragrance that made Nian Bing feel excited. “Feng Nu, I……”

“Shh.” Feng Nu brought a finger to her lips. “Don’t say anything and go. We are friends; we should help one another. Remember, we’re only friends.”

Nian Bing’s mind went blank. It was like cold water had been splashed on his face, and he was immediately aroused from his stupor. He looked at Feng Nu’s stunning beauty. That’s right! They were only friends. What’s more, it was not the time for him to be off pursuing an intimate relationship.

He did not use the Snowstorm again. Nian Bing plodded on home to the Mage Association step by step. When he arrived back, lunch had already ended. On the road, he clutched tightly onto the Phoenix Flute, his mind was full of the images of Feng Nu. Perhaps it was love at first sight? Ever since Nian Bing came to Ice Snow City, all the events he experienced had left him tired. It was only in front of Feng Nu that his tired mind could loosen a bit. After he left Ice Snow City, he could forget Xue Jing, he could forget Luo Rou, and he could even forget the gentle Long Ling. But he knew that even after a very long period time, it would be very difficult to forget Feng Nu. Her long pink hair. Her blue clothes that hugged her stunning form. Those eyes blue as the sky. How could she not leave such a deep impression in his heart. ‘Feng Nu, oh Feng Nu. What sort of person are you after all? Clansmen, you spoke of your clansmen. Don’t tell me you are part of a special clan?’ His father once told him that at the end of the war, many ethnic groups perished because they lost. But these ethnic groups had survivors who dispersed throughout the world. Due to mankind not having many distinct features, it was hard to tell them apart. Maybe, Feng Nu is one of the lost ethnicities.

“Nian Bing, you have returned.” A flat voice awoke Nian Bing from his thoughts. He raised his head to see Long Zhi wearing an azure Magic Scholar gown not too far off in front of him.

Nian Bing hurriedly calmed his expression and took a few steps forward. Respectfully he said, “Greetings, President.”

Long Zhi smiled slightly and said, “Liking cultivation is a good thing, but you mustn’t overwork and disregard your well being. Although, if everyone in the Association made progress like you, I wouldn’t have to worry.”

Nian Bing spoke indifferently, “President is praising me. Ever since Nian Bing started cultivating magic, this is the first time I’ve seen so many magic books. For me, this is the biggest treasure trove. How could one enter into such a treasure hold and return empty handed. It’s only that understanding the theoretical knowledge takes some time. Nian Bing started out late and must naturally step up his learning so that from now on, his cultivation can progress smoothly.”

Long Zhi nodded his head slightly. He said, “When you first started going to the library, I wasn’t too surprised. After all, any mage needs magic spells that are suited to them. What surprised me was that the first floor magic materials made you squander for days. From your foundation, it was enough for me to see that you were a diamond in the rough. The library’s first three floors are always completely open. Continue studying. If there is something you don’t understand, just come find me. As for the matter with the Pure Wind House, there is no need for you to worry. My relationship with the owner of the Pure Wind House is very good. With me stepping in for you, they shouldn’t bother you anymore. Since you want to cultivate, by all means, continue to do so. I heard Ling’er say that you already prepared to enter the library’s second floor to study. Just like you, she is also an Ice Mage. From now on, please let her study the library materials with you. You can compare notes with each other. Especially in terms of magic control, you can give her a few pointers. You are peers of the same age, so associating should be comparatively easy. Letting her comprehend things herself, compared to me directly teaching her, should have better results.”

Nian Bing’s brows creased slightly. He was a dual element mage so he didn’t only need to read the Ice materials. If Long Ling was with him, it would naturally be very troublesome. But Long Zhi was the Ice Moon Empire Mage Association President and Nian Bing had no way of rejecting his request. His heart tremored. He said, “President, that should be fine, but let Big Brother Shi Jiu come with us. If a male and a female were alone with each other, it would be somewhat inappropriate. If everyone studied and investigated together, the benefits should be much greater. On the first floor, I read in the book A Detailed Explanation of Magic Foundation that every type of magic is connected. Although Big Brother Shi Jiu is an earth mage, if he were to study together with us, the results should be even better.”

Long Zhi’s eyes exuded a hint of surprise. His daughter had a lot of sex appeal. He, of course, clearly knew this. He arranged for Long Ling and Nian Bing to study together in the library because he wanted to create some opportunities for Nian Bing, but he never thought that he would take the initiative to abandon the opportunity. It couldn’t be that he was not even slightly attracted to his daughter’s appearance? Though he thought this in his mind, he said out loud, “You’re thinking is very thoughtful. So now that has been arranged, you needn’t worry about other things. If you need something, don’t hesitate to speak with a servant. I will assign someone to bring food to the library every day. I hope that within this time, you will have some breakthroughs. Nian Bing, you must remember, magic power is the crux magic cultivation, and it is also the foundation to even higher level magic. Don’t be overcome by spells and skills.”

Long Zhi’s words were simple, but it gave Nian Bing a sudden realization. That’s right. Magic power is the true cornerstone in magic cultivation. His ice and fire source magic and other magic were not alike. Researching how to get these two extreme magic power to truly harmonize together is his biggest task. And for this problem, he could only go to the library to find out. “Many thanks for President’s pointers, I will definitely endeavor to cultivate further.” Towards Long Zhi, Nian Bing bowed before he headed towards the library.

Looking at Nian Bing’s back, Long Zhi could not help but smile a little. When he was at his age, his magic cultivation was far off from his. He didn’t know if Nian Bing would give him even greater surprises.That day, after Shi Jiu and Long Ling had returned, he confirmed that Nian Bing had once chopped wood at the Pure Wind House. This allowed Long Zhi’s trust in him to grow. At least, this confirmed that Nian Bing had no relationship with the person the Ice and Snow Goddess Worshipper was looking for. In Long Zhi’s eyes, Nian Bing was a genius mage who studied hard to progress. With such a talent, he naturally wanted to lure him in.

The next time Nian Bing went to the library, he directly ascended to the second floor. The second floor had records of rank 3 to 6 magic knowledge, as well as more profound magic explanations. What he need the most was to commit to memory ice magic spells. Therefore, the first book he chose was a complete compilation of mid-rank ice magic spells.

He was halfway into a book when Shi Jiu and Long Ling stepped onto the stairs. Shi Jiu went up and proactively called out a greeting to Nian Bing. “Brother, we have arrived.”

Nian Bing put down the book in his hands and smiled slightly towards the two. He said, “Big Brother Shi Jiu, Ling’er, you’ve come to  start reading magic books too.”

Shi Jiu said somewhat helplessly, “I really don’t know what master was thinking, wanting us to come and read books. These sort of mid-rank magic foundation is something we have already committed to memory. Nian Bing, do you have a good explanation?”

Nian Bing shrugged his shoulders, saying, “I’ve only just come on to the second floor and I’m still reading spells. Since President made you guys come, you should read as you please, there should be something helpful.

Long Ling’s warm and soft gaze settled on Nian Bing. She said, “Have you gone to see Jing Jing?”

Nian Bing shook his head, saying, “I don’t want to go see her. You know her character. If she sees me, she will only mock and ridicule me. It’s better to not see her.”

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  2. Hmmm a mother on her deathbed and a precious keepsake from her that can only be trusted with the person you love the most…Nope doesn’t ring any bells for me.

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