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Chapter 9.1 – Feng Nu and the Heavenly Flame Sword

After many years of practicing magic, Nian Bing’s spirit power already reached a formidable level. He coughed to concealed his awkwardness and said, “Hello, I’m the one who came to find Senior Hua Tian. Is he here?”

The girl looked up and down several times, sizing up Nian Bing. She said in a somewhat doubtful tone, “Who are you? What do you want, trying to look for him?”

Nian Bing heard the young lady’s cautious question. He couldn’t help thinking about his master. He softly sighed, “I am here to pay my respects to Senior Hua Tian on the final wishes of my deceased master.”

The young lady still didn’t believe Nian Bing. She asked, “Who was your master?”


Nian Bing’s brows slightly creased as he said, “It is forbidden for me to spread my master’s name. Previously, my master had one nickname, he was called the Demon Chef.”

Hearing the two words, Demon Chef, the young lady shouted in alarm and threw the doors wide open as she rushed out. Nian Bing could now clearly see her entire appearance. Her clothing was blue in color from the top down to the trousers, except for her head. Her chest was wrapped with bindings. Her very tall neck was protected. Her exquisite body was both curvy and delicate. She had a beautiful pair of big blue eyes staring straight at him without blinking. That pair of blue eyes gave him the distinct impression of a clear blue sky without any bit of impurity, whereas his were a deep blue ocean. Nian Bing appeared astonished. The young lady’s stature was very tall, most ordinary people were not that tall. Compared to her tall figure, he was only half a head taller. Covered by the trousers were a pair of slenders thighs. All of this gave her a beauty that shook a person to their core.

The young lady saw Nian Bing sizing her up in turn. Her gorgeous face changed to express some bashfulness as she propped him with a question. “Are you Senior Zha’s disciple? Just a moment ago you said his last wish, don’t tell me… don’t tell me Senior Zha is already…”

Nian Bing sadly nodded his head and said, “My master has just recently passed away. Young lady, where is Senior Hua Tian?”

The young woman looked at Nian Bing with a somewhat doubtful look and said, “This Senior Hua Tian you mentioned is my master but, according to my master, Senior Zha only had a disciple who is a fatty and you’re not fat at all! Furthermore, my master said that Senior Zha’s health is very good, how could he suddenly die?”

Nian Bing looked at the young lady’s serious appearance, causing his sorrow to unexpectedly lighten up somewhat despite Zha Ji’s death, he laughed and said, “Man’s fate is as uncertain as the weather, who can possibly say with certainty how long one may have left to live? Why do you believe that I’m a swindler? Last time Senior Hua Tian saw me, I was only 11 years old, that was already seven years ago. I was fat at that time, but it doesn’t mean that I’d grow up staying fat. Rest assured, that fat person you were talking about is me.”

A cold light flash inside of the young lady’s eyes, she persisted saying, “Only if you can take out something that will prove your identity, will you be able to see my master.”

Nian Bing helplessly said, “I remember the last time I came, Senior Hua Tian didn’t seem to have taken in a disciple. Since you demand proof, then take a look at this.” As he said, he reached to his chest, took out Hua Tian’s original and most successful work; the Morning Dew knife.

When the young lady saw the Morning Dew knife, her eyes immediately let out bright sparkles. She took hold of the knife’s handle, carefully, as she was caressing the corroded scabbard. She felt a chilliness emanating from inside the scabbard, muttering, “That’s right, that’s right, it’s exactly that, it’s exactly that, ah! The Morning Dew knife.” Her hands move to the knife’s handle to where the precious stone was inlaid, she felt an ice-cold breath emitting from the rhombus shaped precious stone. She already somewhat believed him.

Nian Bing saw the precious knife in the young lady’s hands and said, “ I call it the Ice Snow Goddess’ Sigh.”

The young lady stared blankly and said, “A very beautiful name, only it sounds somewhat desolate. Why did you call it this?”

Nian Bing slightly smile and said, “I cannot tell you about this. Consider this as being my secret alone. Beautiful lady, now you can take me to see Senior Hua Tian, right?”

The young woman lightly nodded her head, holding firmly onto the  Morning Dew knife and turned to go inside, “Come with me.”

Nian Bing followed the young lady into Shui Huo Metal Tools shop’s courtyard. It was as empty as it was last time. That furnace was still placed in the middle of the courtyard in addition to several others things beside it which appeared to help ignite things.

The young lady took Nian Bing toward the rooms inside. It was daytime which allowed Nian Bing to clearly see the ruined appearance of the two rooms. It appeared as if they could collapse at any given time. The young lady walked to a room door when she abruptly stopped, turned her head towards Nian Bing and said, “Please come in.” When she finished speaking, she pushed open the door and invited Nian Bing with a gesture of her hands.

Nian Bing looked at the young lady limpid blue eyes. He didn’t know why a feeling of strong trust arose from inside his heart without any trace of suspicion. In big strides, he went inside the room.

“Ah!” Nian Bing cried out in alarm. He barely entered the room as his footsteps had come to a halt. Inside the room there was only one window, sunlight poured in giving the inside of the dim room a somewhat clear view. In the room, Nian Bing saw there was a piece of sign exhibited on top of a counter. There was clearly a name on it. It was a memorial tablet, written on top of it, “Teacher Hua Tian memorial tablet”

Abruptly turning his body, Nian Bing shockingly looked at the young lady, “Senior Hua Tian died?!?”

The young woman’s eyes reflected tears hazily, “Yes, two years ago, master abandoned me and just left.”

Nian Bing closed his eyes, sorrow once again stirred inside his heart. Facing again Hua Tian’s memorial tablet, he walked forward, both hands hanging on the side of his body. Respectfully, he gave three bows to the memorial tablet. “Senior, I didn’t expected that day would be the last day we would say goodbye. Senior, I hope that your spirit in the heavens will quickly find rest. My master also went to heaven. Perhaps, when you see him, you can ask him to make you some delicacies.”

The young lady straightened up behind Nian Bing. Seeing him respectful to Hua Tian, in her heart, her good impression of him couldn’t help but increased a bit. She went beside him and said, “Although master’s body has already departed, his spirit is still here. He will forever lived in my heart. The kindness of five years of teachings, I will never dare to forget. It’s a pity. I was only able to serve master for such a short amount of time.”

Nian Bing sighed deeply, “People will inevitably die. No one is able to control their own lifespan. It was so for Senior Hua Tian and it was so for my master. I don’t know when, but inevitably my time will also come.”

The young lady watched Nian Bing. In her eyes, he gave a distant and mature feeling, contrasting with his young age. Her blue eyes flashed a faint red light, “I still don’t know what your name is.”

Nian Bing was pull out from his deep thoughts, “Ah! Greetings, my name is Nian Bing. Young lady, what about you?”

The young lady repeated in muttering, “Nian Bing, Nian Bing. This name sounds quite deep. I’m called Feng Nu.”

Nian Bing praised, “Indeed, you really are the world’s colorful phoenix. I truly didn’t expect when I came seven years ago for the first time, master and Senior Hua Tian were teasing each other. But now everything has completely changed, they have already passed away, leaving behind you and I. A man and a woman living together alone in a room is somewhat inappropriate. Since Senior Hua Tian has already passed away, then I’ll also take my leave. Miss Feng Nu, although fate has brought us together, departures are inevitable. May we meet again.”

Feng Nu watched as Nian Bing walked out with the Morning Dew knife held in his hand, she suddenly shouted, “Wait a moment!”

Nian Bing looked back, “Miss Feng Nu, do you still need something?”

On Feng Nu’s face appeared a faint trace of blushing. Fortunately, the lighting inside the room wasn’t sufficient therefore, it could not be easily perceived. “I, I simply want to ask you, for what matters did you come to find my master this time?”

Nian Bing thought to himself. Since Feng Nu is Hua Tian’s disciple, maybe she could help him with his matters. Thinking of this, he took out from his bosom the True Sun knife that was handed over to him by his master. “You should have heard of this knife from Senior Hua Tian. Originally, this was Senior Hua Tian’s masterpiece.”

Feng Nu didn’t need to look. Merely by holding on to the handle, her eyes immediately brightened. It was somewhat brighter compared to when she was holding the Morning Dew knife, “True Sun, is that the True Sun knife?”

Nian Bing slightly nodded his head and said, “Exactly, it’s the True Sun knife. Zha Ji handed down his most beloved partner to me before he passed away. I have always carried on me and came to find Senior Hua Tian with that in mind. Apart from coming to see him, I have another business with him which concerns this True Sun knife. Although the True Sun knife is good, there is still a gap from beginning to end when compared to the Morning Dew knife. The reason why there is a gap is because True Sun doesn’t possess a genuine soul. Even though the fire dragon’s horn is a rare and valuable material, it doesn’t have the fire dragon’s soul imbued with it. Therefore, I wanted to imbue True Sun knife with a soul, allowing it to become a soul infused knife. So it can become something able to equal to the treasured knife, Morning Dew.”

Feng Nu’s eyes burned brightly as she looked at Nian Bing, “Tell me your idea. Do you happen to have on hand a fire attribute gem not inferior to that gem?”

Nian Bing faintly smiled, his hand searching his chest. He took hold of the Flame God’s stone and fished it out from his pocket. The flame patterned gem emitted a faint red light as it appeared, the atmosphere inside the room seemed to fluctuate somewhat.

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