DEMG Chapter 4


Chapter 4:Stomping on People and Slapping their Faces

Not to mention them, that ‘boom’ even woke up their neighbours. Some curious students even opened their doors to find out what exactly happened.

“Hah! There’s a show going on at 305! Let’s go! Let’s see how that pig Lingyun is going to be beaten up!” The students from the adjacent rooms shouted to their friends.

“That idiot gets hit everyday! What’s there to see! There’s no point.” As his friend heard that Lingyun was getting beaten up, he lost all interest and lay down again.

Dorm 305.


After the short shock, Wei Tian Gan finally recovered from his tremor. If this did not happen in front of his eyes, he would have never believed that Lingyun would actually kick down the door!

The whole school knew that Lingyun was weak, cowardly, and easy to bully. With a 180 cm height, 100 kg heavy weight, yet even junior students dare to make fun of him!

“Fat pig! You think you’re good huh? A few hours have past, and now you dare kick down the door?!” Wei Tian Gan did not know what Lingyun had experienced to make him so excited, but he still did not put him in his eyes.

Gu Yuan Long now woke up from the shock he experienced, and after seeing Wei Tian Gan talk, he immediately replied in accordance: “Oi! Shitty fatty! Did you get beat up when you confessed to Cao Shan Shan? Ha ha, now your glasses and shirt are gone? Did you try to push her down but got beaten up for evidence?”

Once Wei Tian Gan heard this, his face looked more and more displeased. It looked almost as if fire was bursting from his head! He then finally saw that Lingyun was half-naked. F*ck! This kid didn’t really do anything to my goddess, did he?

“You came back this late and disturbed our sleep, yet you still dare to bust that door open?! It seems your pig meat is a bit itchy! Do you want grandpa here to help you relax it?”

This kid was called Jia Meng, his height wasn’t even 170 cm, and he was as skinny as a monkey.

This nasty kid loved to bully Lingyun the most. He was bottom bunk like Lingyun. Other people would sleep head by head or feet by feet, but he just had to put his feet towards Lingyun’s head.

Lingyun also tried to get one of them to turn around, but everytime he suggested this idea, Jia Meng would beat him up. After a few times, Lingyun could only accept this arrangement.

“Hah! His pants are dripping wet! Did you try to kill yourself in the river after getting rejected? It’s gonna make tomorrow’s headlines! Clear Water City’s first high school’s most embarrassing good-for-nothing is rejected by the most outstanding and dazzling beauty, and tries to kill himself in the river! That’s big news!” Chai Han Lin’s top bunk, Sha Guo Xing slowly put on his glasses. He saw clearly and quickly wished for chaos.

The neighbours were all awake and went to dorm 305 to watch the show, and laughed at Sha Guo Xing’s words.

Wei Tian Gan listened to Sha Guo Xing and wasn’t as worried anymore. He saw that Lingyun’s pants were sopping wet, and following Lingyun’s normal behaviour, this conjecture might actually be possible.

But once he thought about Lingyun secretly confessing to Cao Shan Shan, Wei Tian Gan could only get angry. The truth is, he was not brave enough to say his thoughts. He couldn’t believe that he let this pig take advantage!

He wanted to take care of Lingyun in front of all these people.

He, along with Gu Yuan Long and Sha Guo Xing met eyes and knew that their thoughts matched his. They immediately changed their expression to one of fierceness and laughed coldly.

Only Chai Han Lin cared about Lingyun. He didn’t even wear his shoes, and immediately went to Lingyun and asked: “Lingyu, where did you go? Where is your shirt and glasses? And your pants are wet! Are you alright?”

Chain Han Lin was from the villages, and his family wasn’t as well off. With his own ability he was admitted to Clear Water’s First high school. He was hardworking and was always top 10 in the class. But, he was small and thin as a match. He was always laughed at by the bad students, so he pitied Lingyun.

Lingyun finally felt a bit of sincerity since coming to this world. He faintly smiled and said: “I’m fine.”

He then immediately lifted up his head, and with a dark expression, stared at Wei Tian Gan. “You tell me now! Was it you who locked the door?”

“Hey, you’ve finally grown a pair! Our dorm’s fat pig dares to actually talk to us now! Fat pig, you listen well, I already f*cking told you, it was grandpa here who locked the door! What are you going to do about it?!” Wei Tian Gan was extremely angered by Lingyun’s disobedience. He was saying this as he was getting off the top bunk.

But, before his feet could’ve landed on the floor, he felt a large hand grab his neck, and with a flick, knocked him to the ground!

“AHHH!” Wei Tian Gan did not think Lingyun would actually take action. He was thrown and thrashed until all 4 limbs faced the sky. Plus, Wei Tian Gan only wore shorts, the cold ground made him him grunt.

The pain still has not finished for Wei Tian Gan. Lingyun raised his foot covered in wet mud from swimming, and stepped on his chest, completely not caring about Wei Tian Gan’s and the surrounding student’s cries of pain and shock, he faintly smiled and said: “So I’ve stepped on you. What are you going to do?”

Everyone was wide-eyed and staring. Their eyeballs were practically popping out and their glasses fell onto the ground!

Gu Yuan Long and Sha Guo Xing, who were planning to go down with Wei Tian Gan, looked at the situation, and their brain fizzled. Jia Meng was furiously rubbing his eyes. This isn’t a dream, is it?

Lingyun was secretly pleased with himself. This body, although fat, was washed by the saintly spiritual energy. It was already washed to the point of rebirthing the body and replacing the bones!

It’s not only that his bad eyesight was completely recovered, even the Yang Heel Vessel was healed 60-70%. Almost all the hidden diseases were gone, plus now that he had absorbed the Seven Glorious Grass’s energy, his body was a strong as an ox!

Even without his knowledge of the acupuncture points of the human body, even if they compete their strength, who could beat him in the entire dorm?

Chai Han Lin was amazed looking at Lingyun’s transformation from a meek lamb to a man-eating tiger, his emotions were stunned to the point he could not express himself. He saw the always superior Wei Tian Gan being stepped on by Lingyun, struggling and mournfully howling, he was a bit hesitant. He murmured: “Lingyun…”

Lingyun’s impression of Chai Han Lin was quite good, so he waved his hand and said: “Don’t worry, today, I must have my revenge!”

Lingyun accidentally found the Seven Glorious Grass so his mood was soaring. At first, he wanted to have his beauty sleep in the dorm, and put everything away first, but when he came home, they unexpectedly gave him the cold shoulder!

Do you think grandpa here is waste? I might as well pay back new and old debts together!

Wei Tian Gan was caught off guard and thrown to the ground. Then he was heavily stepped on his chest in front of everyone. He felt extreme shame and anger, and tried to struggle against Lingyun by pushing his leg off with both hands so he could stand up.

Unfortunately, Linyun’s leg was like an iron nail pinning his body down. No matter how hard Wei Tian Gan tried, it still was stepping on him tightly, without budging!

It didn’t matter who it was, after seeing this scene, their eyes twitched and they were terrified!

School fights were commonly seen, but when someone only used one leg to pin someone down, this was barely seen!

Lingyun this guy, where did he get this strong?

Everyone was wondering this in their hearts.

“F*ck! This fat pig is crazy! Gu Yuan Long, Jia Meng, why aren’t you beating him up! What are you waiting for?!” Wei Tian Gan face showed malevolence as he shouted for help.

Gu Yuan Long was a bully to the weak and afraid of the strong. He clearly saw the 60 kg Wei Tian Gan thrown with just a hand. He wouldn’t provoke him out of fear.

Jia Meng, however, seeing Lingyun’s back towards him thought he had a chance! His eyes flashed fiercely, and quietly got out of bed. Facing his back, he punched!

It hit, and it was a strong punch as well! But Lingyun looked like he felt nothing, and his fat face flashed Jia Meng a smile.

“I love to beat people up when I’m bored, but with just your measly strength, you still wanna hit people? It looks like I need to teach you how to fight!” ‘SMACK!’ As his words reached his ear, his hand reached his cheek. It was a ruthless and quick slap on Jia Meng’s face. The sound was loud and clear and spread far and wide in this quiet and dark night.

Although he could not recall their names, he still remembered this kid was the worst. He constantly bullied “Lingyun” the most, so Linyun’s actions were just a tad harder.

2 blood coloured teeth flew out, and on Jia Meng’s face was an imprint of a hand. His cheeks were swelling up at visible speed!

“OW!” his voice. Jia Meng was spun around in a full circle by this slap before he screamed. He held is face and retreated a few steps towards the crowd at the front door before finally stopping. Only fear was present in his eyes.

Everyone shivered seeing that slap. In their hearts, almost all of them admitted that Lingyun had changed.

Lingyun was no longer a coward and weak, letting people harass him! Although they did not want to admit this fact, the scene in front of them made them admit it.

One foot over Wei Tian Gan, one slap on Jia Meng, the most scary thing was there was no insanity shown in his face, only a faint mocking smile, as if he did this naturally like breathing.

There were 2 in the crowd at the doorframe who had bullied Lingyun before, but now they retreated like a turtle, they were scared Lingyun would act against them.

“Gu Yuan Long, Sha Guo Xing! What are you waiting for! Don’t know why this kid is so crazy tonight, if we don’t tame him, we’ll be depressed later!”

The pitiful Wei Tian Gan was stomped still did not know of Linyun’s rebirth, and he still was trying to get Gu Yuan Long and co. to help.

“Noisy!” Lingyun stepped with a bit more strength and Wei Tian Gan immediately went pale. Tears were streaming out of his eyes. How could he say anything else?

Lingyun lowered his head and looked at the Wei Tian Gan who gave up struggling, before his mocking gaze swept over Gu Long Yuan, Sha Guo Xing, and then the doorway.

“These 2 years, you all have bullied me, haven’t you? As long as you weren’t too cruel, I could still take it. But tonight you dare to lock the dorm and not let me in, if I still just take it, will you ride and take on shit on my head next?”

When the people watching the commotion heard what he said, they thought that Wei Tian Gan and co. took it too far.

No matter how useless or cowardly Lingyun was, when you bully him, you should still let him in the dorm, after all, he did pay for it.

This is Lingyun’s thoughts. If someone was to bully him, he’d fight to the death with him!

People are themselves. If it was the previous Lingyun, he would’ve given up knocking and just squatted until daytime.

If other people knew, they definitely would’ve laughed at him, and made fun of him, but no one ever though of if they swapped places, how they would feel.

But tonight, Lingyun strongly retaliated, and with this retaliation, the opponent no longer had strength. Following this example, they of course would fight with the opponent, so their retaliation would be even fiercer!

“Oh, so it’s like this! Wei Tian Gan really is a bit cruel, to do this. Even rabbits bite when anxious…” The crowd was now in agreeing with Lingyun.

“Are you done watching the show? If you’ve seen enough go back to wherever you came from! Help me close the door while you’re at it! You! Come here!”

Lingyun coldly stared at the crowd before gesturing to Jia Meng.

Clutching his swollen cheek, Jia Meng, who was near the door, shivered. He really did not want to suffer a second slap!

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