DEMG Chapter 6


Chapter 6: Angering the School Beauty

The next day, from the morning, rumours and gossip about Lingyun blew up around the school, spreading at the speed of sound, shaking Clear Water City’s First high school!

“Did you hear? Senior class 6’s Lingyun came back very late, and then went insane! He stomped on his dorm mate Wei Tian Gan!”

“I heard it long ago. This wasn’t all! You know Jia Meng? Just from one slap, he was hit flying out the dorm doors! 2 of his teeth flew out along with him…”

“Of course I know. When I came to school, I saw him holding his swollen cheeks to the hospital. I think he is going to fix his teeth. Hah! The cheek was so swollen…”


“I really can’t believe it! That fat dumb pig, who’s both stupid and cowardly, I really don’t know what can excite him that much. Don’t forget, it’s been 3 years! No matter who bullied him, he had no reaction…”

“Ha ha, do you still need to ask? It must be that idiot, he tried to confess to our school’s prettiest lady Cao Shan Shan, don’t tell anyone what I tell you, Lingyun was naked coming back to the dorm!”

“No way, that serious!! My dream lover, did she really get f*cked by that fat pig…”

“That might not be it. Lingyun perhaps bullied Cao Shan Shan, so he knew he was going to die anyways, so maybe he changed his attitude.”

“When one’s hope is completely lost; one can do anything…”

Last night’s news was like wind. After the morning, everyone in school knew. Coupled with the high schoolers’ imaginations, last night’s events changed completely!

“After the good-for-nothing Lingyun was rejected by Cao Shan Shan, he brutally raped her! He then went back to his dorm and beat up his dorm mates who bullied him!”

It really was the toad trying to eat swan meat!

Perhaps this explanation could satisfy the curiosity of the students, anyways, this became the final, most accepted conclusion in the high school.

Seniors, 6th class.

Wei Tian Gan was holding an English textbook. Although his eyes were looking at the textbook, he was not focused. He had an evil smirk on his face, like he had some sort of plan. His lips flashed a hidden fierceness.

“Lingyun, I really don’t know how you became so strong. Although I am not your rival, the school’s four tyrant masters, there are 2 who openly like Cao Shan Shan. If this news gets through, I’ll see how you die!”

After thinking this, Wei Tian Gan’s heart filled with satisfaction, as if he saw Lingyun being beaten up by those frivolous rich kids. He was crying on the floor, screaming for his parents, praying for the gods.

“Hah! So what if you can fight? With your grades in last place, you can’t even get into a good job, you’ll still be a manual labourer!”

Wei Tian Gan’s Ah Q spirit was strong. (Ah Q is basically a bad person who was overly optimistic. Check out the True Stories of Ah Q.) He quickly found back his superiority, and was trapped in the role of the villain in a web novel.

Cao Shan Shan was the high school’s most outstanding beauty, whether it be in family background, body and face, and even grades, she was the best!

But right now, Cao Shan Shan’s face was covered in frost. Her expression was dark and gloomy. Her magnificent breasts were moving intensely up and down. Her elegant nose was breathing more and more frequently. She was just like a furious lion, as if she did not know how long she could take it anymore!

Right now, Zhang Ling, who loved to get to the bottom of situations was gossiping ceaselessly.

Zhang Ling actually was quite pretty. If she were set side by side with ordinary people, she would be a beauty, but next to Cao Shan Shan, she could not compare.

“Shan Shan, you didn’t really give ‘that’ to Lingyun did you?”

“I never even saw that idiot last night! I don’t want to repeat myself again!” Cao Shan Shan embarrassedly and angrily looked at Zhang Ling. She wanted to explode!

“But last night, I swear I saw you and Lingyun at the back of the school… Your distance between each other wasn’t more than 30 metres…”

Zhang Ling was blinking, as if trying to find a mistake in Cao Shan Shan’s words.

“You’re still saying this! Alright, I admit he was close to me last night, but after following me for a few hundred metres, he turned! He went the opposite direction as me! I went directly home! If you don’t believe, go ask my parents! Are you satisfied?!” Cao Shan Shan was about to go crazy.

Last night after self study, she actually did see Lingyun not far from her, but after being in a classroom for nearly 3 years, she understood Lingyun’s good-for-nothing personality, she knew that he wouldn’t do anything to her, so she didn’t really care.

She was right. After a few hundred metres, he turned another direction, without ever facing, don’t even mention other ‘actions’!

But today when she came to school, after seeing her schoolmates pointing and discussing her, she overheard their conversations, and she really wanted to blow up with anger.

After entering the classroom with difficulty, Cao Shan Shan looked at her classmates’ strange gazes, and wanted to go crazy. She wanted to chop up Lingyun into a thousand pieces!

“Do you think that idiot Lingyun wanted to use these actions to express he like you?” Zhang Ling was like a journalist, she didn’t provoke Cao Shan Shan anymore, but still stood there rambling.

Cao Shan Shan went silent. This could be a possibility.

“Hah! Today I will tell him, even if I accept a pig, I wouldn’t accept him! Let him kill his dreams! He really is an idiot! His IQ doesn’t even reach a pig!”

Zhan Ling said with contempt: “Do you really expect him to come to class? The teacher has given up on him, and he completely has given up the finals. Last night he didn’t attend the last self study lesson, and now he has stirred up so much trouble! It would be a miracle for him to come!”

The troublemaker on everyone’s tongues, the one Cao Shan Shan called an idiot, was now sleeping.

Lingyun was woken up by his hunger.

Hearing his stomach rumbling, he unreservedly shook his head and bitterly smiled. Before the takeover, he did not need food.

But now he was a mortal, and even though he vowed to lose weight, he still had to eat!

“I gotta but food…shit!” Lingyun was shocked!

He gave his money and canteen card in his shirt to Lin Han Meng last night!

“If there was some sort of storage device or a space tool, that would save so much trouble…” Lingyun was mumbling to himself.

“Ahh… in this generation, being good is hard. After trying to be good for once, now I can’t eat…”

Lingyun rubbed his empty stomach, biting his teeth with regret. He promised to never be good again, and was contemplating how he could fill up his empty stomach.

“How about I find my cheap little sister and borrow some?” According to his memories, he still had a sister in this school. She was called Ning Ling Yu, and also was a senior. She was even one of the top 3 beauties!

In his mind she was wearing a ponytail, she was tall and slim, with eyes that made you sympathise with her. Lingyun had a thought.

Ning Ling Yun hated Lingyun for not being better, after coming to senior high, he was a disappointment. Even though they were in the same school, they barely met once a month.

Even if they saw each other, if Lingyun approached her, only disappointment and a cold ‘ugh’ would come out, and then she would leave immediately.

Lingyun completely understood his sister’s thoughts. He knew that it wasn’t that she looked down on Lingyun, but actually wanted him to be a man, and not so worthless.

Thinking about the expectation within the disappointment in Ning Ling Yu’s eyes, he scratched his head and muttered: “Whatever. Let’s look around, maybe I can find some money. In my world, this is how treasure are found!”

After looking through the room, Lingyun got up. His luck was pretty good. In a book near the headboard was 100 RMB!

This kid really knew how to hide money. It’s too bad he had a life to hide but no life to spend.

Alright, let’s eat until full first.

After packing up, he embraced the bill. He leisurely left the dorm and ran towards the school’s shop. And for the students whispering about him along the road? As long as they didn’t piss him off, he did not care!

He knew that it must be the news that he hit Wei Tian Gan being spread out. But, he did not care. Is strong people were not talked about, that meant they weren’t strong enough!
But Lingyun decided to be more low-profile. If it wasn’t for him being too high-profile in the immortal world, he wouldn’t have met such catastrophes!

Thinking about how he was chased around and had to hide everywhere, Lingyun couldn’t help but shiver and look towards the sky.

“I must be low key!”

Eating isn’t easy nowadays. Just to feel full, 30 was taken from his 100.

Of course, this was due to his diet. The old Lingyun although was weak, still had a large appetite.

“Grandpa needs money! If I can’t keep up with my eating, this body will get destroyed by refining!” This was Lingyun’s thoughts when returning to the dorm.

As for earning money, Lingyun wasn’t worried.

Although he couldn’t use his X-ray vision, nor use his spiritual energy, he still was familiar with the meridians and acupuncture of the human body. He could use his godly medical skills, with a few needles, he could heal most diseases.

As for refining Qi, he could make pills and talismans. In this world making money would not be a problem.

After filling up his stomach, Lingyun once again walked down, but this time he went towards the sports fields.

Right now the seniors were studying for finals, so PE was cancelled. It was all freshmen and sophomore’s classes.

Of course, every high school had athletic types. They were under the PE teacher’s teachings and were sweating, crazily practicing to their specialties.

Lingyun’s goal was to come here.

“Oi! Isn’t this the star of our class? Fatty, after stirring up so much trouble, I heard that many people want to trouble you. You’re still not running away as fast as you can? What are you showing off here?”

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