EAA Glossary



夜天风(Ye Tian Feng) Alias (Prince Jing)-  A crown prince who was previously engaged with Mu Ru Yue’s previous body owner; he is in love with Mu Ting Er

慕婷儿(Mu Ting Er)- The adopted sister of Mu Ru Yue’s previous body owner that wants the downfall of Mu Ru Yue(a meany)

慕伊雪 (Mu Yi Xue)– Alias (Xue Er) same mother as Mu Ru Yue, but is on Mu Ting Er’s side.

慕情(Mu Qing)- alias ~慕家主(Mu family head)- Mu Ru Yue’s father~ that treats Mu Ru Yue like shit


夜无尘 (Ye Wu Chen) Aka~ Ghost King – the protagonist pretending to be foolish, who is engaged to Mu Ru Yue

炎烬(Yan Jin)- A senior being contracted to Mu Ru Yue by the Book Of Alchemy

凌影 (Ling Ying)- A servant to Prince Ye Yi Hua.

夜奕华(Ye Yi Hua.)- prince that wants to have a taste of Mu Ru Yue, but not marry her

天元大师 (Grandmaster Tian Yuan of Qing Yun Sect)- Master of Ye Tian Feng

赵老(Elder Zhao)- the one that was in charge in testing Mu Ru Yue’s innate powers

无虞(Wu Yu)- A Grandmaster of Qing Yun Sect (Alchemist Chief of the sect) (master of Mu Ru Yue)

姬如雅 (Ji Ru Ya)- The most beloved concubine for the Emperor of Zi Yue (dislike the emperor)

南安王 (King Nan An)- The father of Ye Wu Chen (brother to the Emperor of Zi Yue)

易旭(Yi Xu)- Shopkeeper of Return Spring hall

蝶衣 (Die Yi)- Subordinate of Ghost King; in love with him

张雅欣(Zhang Ya Xin)- First opponent of Mu Ting Er in the first martial tournament.

李路 (Li Lu)- First opponent of Mu Ru Yue in the first martial tournament. Protector of Kingdom of Zi Yue general’s only son. Her first servant.

章林 ( Zhang Lin)– Minister of Revenue that congratulated MQ when MRY got first place in a group battle.

慕仁贵 (Mu Ren Gui)- Caretaker of the Mu family.

翡翠(Fei Cui)- Maid to Ji Ru Ya

柳环(Liu Huan)- maid to MYX

凤惊天 (Feng Jing Tian)- Assassin from MYX to kill MRY

鸣相 (Ming Xiang)- The person that raped MYX by YWC’s order

云寒 (Yun Han)- YWC’s subordinate

云影 (Yun Ying)– YWC’s subordinate

云天(Yun Tian)– YWC’s subordinate

少鹤(Huang Shao He) Sheng Yue Madam’s subordinate

秦霏霏 (Qin Fei Fei)- A talent in alchemy

清钰公子(Qing Yu)- President of the Pill Assembly’s grandson.

秦洛 (Qin Luo)- An arrogant guy that wanted to crash Qing Qing with the horse carriage during the Pill Assembly part.

Ling Ye- A person that tried to sabotage the Pill Assembly for vengeance for his master, but was pwned by Mu Ru Yue instead.

白泽 (Bai Ze)- A mysterious guy that forced MRY into a dimensional space before YWC and seemingly knows MRY, but she didn’t know him.

萧天宇 (Xiao Tian Yu)- MRY’s real father

萧林( Xiao Lin)- the subordinate of MRY’s real parents

王博 (Wang Bo)- deputy general of the protector of the kingdom’s general

夜洛亚 (Ye Luo Ya)- the ninth prince of the emperor of Zi Yue. he was crowned after the abolition of the Emperor of Zi Yue.

银环 (Yin Huan)– Maid to Xiao Min

兆麟 (Zhao Lin)- Leader of MRY’s power

华落雨 (Hua Luo Yu)- Assistant  Leader of MRY’s power

萧敏 (Xiao Min)-  tried to steal YWC from MRY and used the forbidden spell of the Xiao family + YWC shattered her dantian.

萧因 (Xiao Yin)- Grandfather of Xiao Min

落衣 (Luo Yi)- A friend of imposter YWC (Chapter 197)

萧风 (Xiao Feng)- MRY’s real bro

南宫紫凤 (Nangong Zi Feng)- Someone that wants to break up MRY and YWC by making people to impersonate them and make them jealous

方想 (Fang Xiang)- subordinate to Nangong Zi feng and was ordered to destroy MRY and WC’s relationship by having his face identical to WC

方怡 (Fang Yi)-  subordinate to Nangong Zi feng and was ordered to destroy MRY and WC’s relationship by having his face identical to MRY (ch 210)

秦逸 (Qin Yi)- participant of the large event of the Medicine Sect (ch 220)

纪水柔 (Ji Shui Rou)- Cousin of Qin Yi

慕容天 (Mu Rong Tian)-  head of the Medicine Sect

叶丘大师 (Grandmaster Ye Qiu)- Mundane Stage Low Rank alchemist (Hates Wu Yu)

慕容清初 (Mu Rong Qing Chu)- son of Mu Rong Tian (231)

付林  (Fu Lin)- Disciple to Ye Qiu (233)

吴倾雪 (Wu Qing Xue)- eldest young mistress of the Wu family of the South island

吴鑫 (Wu Xin)- Head of the  Wu family of the south island

林跃 (Lin Yue)- Wu Qing Xue’s fiance (253)

蓝月(Lan Yue)- someone that likes Feng Jing Tian (Fiance of FJT by family)

火魂 (Huo Hun)- FJT’s ancestor (272)

蓝馨 (Lan Xin)- Elder sis con of Lan Yue (275) (likes FJT as well)

凤祥 (Feng Xiang)- Head of the Feng family. FJT’s father. (276)

萧云 (Xiao Yun)- Old ancestor of the Sheng Domain’s Xiao family. (307)

葬天鸣 ( Zang Tian Ming)- Real Brother of Wu Qing Xue (310)

姚云清 (Yao Yun Qing)- Mu Ru Yue first friend when she entered the Central Region from Sheng Domain. (312)

沈然 (Song Ran)- The elder that tested Mu Ru Yue’s mental strength for her to enter the Central Region Academy (318)

华言( Hua Yan)- A man that side Zang Qing Xue and mocked Mu Ru Yue from what he heard from Zang Qing Xue (319)

紫千景 (Zi Qian Jing)- the name of MRY’s son from her previous life (322)

琉璃 (Liu Li)- student of the Central Region Academy (325)

莫离 (Mo Li)- the headmaster of the alchemy hall in Central Region Academy (328)

仇昱 (Qiu Yu)- another elder in the Central Region Academy (330)

葬林 (Zang Lin)- minion of ZQX (331)

琴乐 (Qin Le)- another person in love with YWC (336)

林若影(Lin Ruo Ying)- Another bitch head of the martial hall that loves YWC (337)

宏韵(Hong Yun)- Ancestor from thousand years ago waiting at the Central Region Academy for Mu Ru Yue’s return.

灰鹰(Hui Ying)- Same as Hong Yun

小白(Xiao Bai)- The son of a divine beast in the true Alchemy Book.

傅离(Fu Li)- Master of Lin Ruo Ying (350)

 萧洛 (Xiao Luo)- Third master of the Central Region Xiao family.

 萧白轩 (Xiao Bai Xuan)- Head of Central Region’s Xiao family.

云烟 (Yun Yan)- Xiao Bai Xuan loves her. (395)

戚容 (Qi Rong)- The Dean’s senior

罗音( Luo Yin)- Dean’s name

黄云 (Huang Yun)- Elder of the Feng family. (401)

董非然 (Dong Fei Ran)- City Lord of Day Moon City

董玲儿 (Dong Ling Er)- Daughter of Dong Fei Ran. (416)

黄鹤 (Huang He)- MRY stole a Puppet Treasure Book from him(436/437)

松木 (Song Mu)-He died trying to steal a treasure book from Huang He before Mu Ru Yue stole the treasure (436)

白御风 (Bai Yu Feng)- Poison King (437)

巫山 (Wu Shan)- Grandmaster in alchemy (439)

萧天 (Xiao Tian)- Alchemist and Martial young talent of the Central Region Xiao family. (439)

陈凡 (Chen Fan)- A general that MRY met when she headed to the Empire of Feng yun from the academy (447)

玄远 (Xuan Yuan)- Emperor of the Empire of Feng Yun. (447)

章林 (Zhang Lin)- An uncle of Yao Yun Qing. (449)

燕尾 (Yan Wei)- An arrogant person that sought trouble with FL’s brother (449)

燕飞 (Yan Fei)- Head of the Yan family (454)

元妃 (Yuan Concubine)- Fourth Prince’s deceased mother (458)

姚天羽 (Yao Tian Yu)- Backer of the branch family that led to the downfall of Xiao Yun (MRY’s ancestor) (459)

古雷 (Gu Lei)- Subordinate of MRY (462)

姚京 (Yao Jing)- Subordinate of Yao Tian Yu of branch family of the Yao family (464)

黑痣 (Hei Zhi)- subordinate of YYQ Second Uncle to kill YYQ (466).

萧静 (Xiao Jing)- Daughter of the Third Master of the Xiao family. (476)

姚玉 (Yao Yu)- A culprit that led to the downfall of Mu Ru Yue’s ancestor, Xiao Yun. (487)

青石 (Qing Shi)- The godfather of the deceased Third Master of the Xiao family. (492)

依蝶 (Yi Die)- Yao Tong of Grandmaster Wu Yu who was picked up by him when she was abandoned in the snow. She plotted Wu Yu’s death due to him not teaching her alchemy. (509)

凌云 (Ling Yun)- Mu Ru Yue’s first puppet and a person that was delusional to take over the Pill Tower to participate in the Immortal Doctor Banquet. (525)

奕少辰 (Yi Shao Chen)- the second person MRY saw when she ended the Realmless to find YWC (536)

柳玉 (Liu Yu)- A girl that hated MRY as she thought MRY seduced Yi Shao Chen that she loved (537)

奕少轩 (Yi Shao Xuan)- Brother of Yi Shao Chen that is an opponent in becoming the emperor. (538)

莫林 (Mo Lin)- the first challenger in getting MRY’s Sky Wolf. (548)

东方英 (Dongfang Ying)- Daughter of the head of the Dongfang family and biological younger sister of Dongfang Jun (625)

陌上飞 (Moshang Fei)-  He was previously pursued by Dongfang Ying but married Gu Ying Ying (626)

顾莺莺 (Gu Ying Ying)- wife of Moshang Fei (626)

南宫宸 (Nangong Chen)- Elder brother of Nangong Zi Lan (639)

青衣 (Qing Yi)- an expert that the head of the Dongfang family reveres (643)

林奕(Lin Yi)- Chief alchemist of the Dongfang family that is at the Mundane Stage Peak Rank (648)

陌上凌 (Moshang Ling)- Younger brother of Moshang Fei (654)

云颐天尊 (Deity Yin Yi)- Master of Zi Shao (660)

林峰 (Lin Feng)- Head of the Lin family of the Central Region (670)

幽兰 (You Lan)- Subordinate of the young master of the Immortal Doctor Sect (672)

龚新 (Gong Xin)- the guy that Yao Yun Qing’s second uncle is trying to force Yao Yun Qing to marry (673)

姚霖 (Yao Lin)- Yao Yun Qing’s second uncle’s name (673)

黄颖(Huang Ying)- Second Aunt of Yao Yun Qing (680)

姚岚 (Yao Lan)- Daughter of Huang Ying (681)

灰衣尊者 (Senior Hui Yi)- An elder of the Yao family (687)

姚君 (Yao Jun)- Head of the current Yao family and grandfather of Yao Yun Qing (692)

上官凤 (Shangguan Feng)- young mistress of the Immortal Doctor Sect (698)

 上官蓝 (Shangguan Lan)- Mother of Shangguan Feng and temporary leader of the Immortal Doctor Sect as Murong Qing Chu was the actual leader (698)

付青(Fu Qing)- daughter of an elder in the Medicine Sect. (707)

鹏飞 (Peng Fei)- Disciple from the Martial Sect. (707)

华云 (Hua Yun)- A disciple from the Medicine Sect (714)

云泰(Yun Tai)– Elder of the Immortal Doctor Sect at the Spiritual Realm (722)

沧澜 (Cang Lan)- Elder from the Medicine Sect (722)

夜司煌 (Ye Si Huang)- MC’s current life’s son’s name (732)

烟云 (Yan Yun)- a disciple of that lord of the Immortal Doctor Sect (735)

慕容琴 (Murong Qin)- Mysterious Lord of the Immortal Doctor Sect and self proclaimed disciple of Mu Ru Yue (742)

天魔 (Tian Mo)- leader of the Devil Sect (750)

叶琳(Ye Lin)- a girl that tried to ‘kidnap’ Ye Si Huang (750)

  云齐 (Yun Qi)- Aquaintance of Zi Qian Jing and Zi Shao (754)

云翔 (Yun Xiang) – Head of the Yun family (755)

熊大 (Xiong Da)- A guard of the Qiancheng family (764)

赵凌(Zhao Ling)- A bandit leader of the Tiger Dragon Sect (764)

千承言(Qiancheng Yan)- Young master of the Qiancheng family (764)

千承云龙 (Qiancheng Yun Long)– Head of the Qiancheng family and father of Qiancheng Yan (765)

秦飞 (Qin Fei)- Love rival of Qiancheng Yan (766)

君莫颜(Junmo Yan)- Qiancheng Yan’s childhood friend that he loves (766)

君临天 (Jun Lin Tian)- Father of Jun Mo Yan, initially wanted Qin Fei to marry Jun Mo Yan. (767)

秦洛 (Qin Luo)- father of Qin Fei (773)

窦林 (Dou Lin)- Elder of the Dou family that tries to help Qin Luo against Mu Ru Yue. (774)

安茜 (An Xi)- Competitor at the competition at City of Chaos (781)

安琳(An Lin)- Sister that looks down on An Xi and similarly a competitor (782)

舒宁 (Shu Ning)- new comrade of Mu Ru Yue (783)

林立 (Lin Li)- City’s manor caretaker (786)

金凯 (Jin Kai)- Someone from the Jin family with golden eyes and hair (793)

苏凝 (Su Ning)- half-sister of Shu Ning that Shu Ning hates due to her mother scheming against her (795)

无音 (Wu Yin)- Elder of the Alchemy Sect in the City of Chaos (805)

清越 (Qing Yue)– Elder of the Alchemy Sect in the City of Chaos (805)

伍文 (Wu Wen)- Elder of the Martial Sect (820)

维子方(Wei Zi Fang)- member of Wei family that is the maternal family of Mu Ru Yue (821)

景明 (Jing Ming)- Protector of the Martial Sect (824)

川谷 (Chuan Gu)- Protector of the Alchemy Sect (824)

北君 (Bei Jun)- Bad man that is trying to get Mu Ru Yue, wanting to kill every man that interacts with Mu Ru Yue (851)

维越 (Wei Yue)- Grandfather and head of the Wei family (856)

无尊 (Wu Zun)- Subordinate of imposter Madam Dou (859)

天凌 (Tian Ling)-  Subordinate of imposter Madam Dou (859)

柳绿 (Liu Lu)- killer of Mu Ru Yue’s grandmother, current governor of the Dou family (862)

窦奎 (Dou Kui)- ‘Adopted’ son of imposter bitch (864)

窦薇薇 (Dou Wei Wei)- Daughter of Dou Kui (870)

诗华 (Shi Hua)- Elder of the Devil Sect (879)

苏琪 (Su Qi)– Shu Ning’s past name (893)

张俊 (Zhang Jun)- a man that took care of MRY when she appeared in Hua Xia unconscious (909)

林珊 (Lin Shan)- wife of Zhang Jun, arrogant bitch to Mu Ru Yue (909)

慕浩天 (Mu Hao Tian)- Younger bro of Mu Ru Yue from Hua Xia (911)

慕筝 (Mu Zheng)– Grandpa of Mu Ru Yue from Hua Xia (914)

楚韵 (Chu Yun)- A girl that led to MRY’s death in Hua Xia (915)

沈墨 (Shen Mo)- Loved Mu Ru Yue but she didn’t love him back when she lived in Hua Xia (916)

慕元 (Mu Yuan)- Father of Mu Ru Yue in Hua Xia (920)

云萝 (Yun Luo)- Mother of Mu Ru Yue in Hua Xia (920)

夏瑞 (Xia Rui)- Loves Chu Yun but get used by her (927)

洛亚 (Luo Ya)- Subordinate of Ye Wu Chen in Hua Xia (937)

夏明 (Xia Ming)- Father of Xia Rui (951)

夏露露 (Xia Lu Lu)- Half sis of Xia Rui and child of the secod wife of Ming Rui (953)

紫豫 (Zi Yu)- A person of the Zi family that is courting Xia Lu Lu (954)

紫峰 (Zi Feng)- Elder of the Zi family (960)

颜若溪 (Yan Ruo Xi)- Mother of Ye Wu Chen’s past life (961)

紫林 (Zi Lin)- Grandfather of Zi Yu (961)

紫宸 (Zi Chen)- Father of Ye Wu Chen in his past life (962)

红英(Hong Ying)- A female police officer that is helping Ye Si Huang find his parents (967)

红天启 (Hong Tian Qi)– Successor of Hong family (969)

红语 (Hong Yu)- bitchy member of Hong family and sister of Hong Tian Qi (969)

柳叶 (Liu Ye)- a beauty that tried to seduce Mu Zheng (973)

史魂 (Shi Hun)- Master of the Tian Huang Manor (981)

原洛心 (Yuan Luo Xin)- Head leader of the Yuan family, grandfather of someone that fancied Shu Ning (998)

梅琳 (Mei Lin)- Mother of Su Ning, Madam Su (1006)

砚台 (Yan Tai)- Elder of the North Devil Palace (1009)

无虚 (Wu Xu)- Elder of the North Devil Palace (1009)

玉燕 (Yu Yan)-Elder of the North Devil Palace (1009)

药圣 (Yao Sheng)- Head leader of the Medicine Sect (1011)

莫飞 (Mo Fei)- Head leader of the Martial Sect (1011)

殷灵 (Yin Ling)- A girl within a small mercenary team in Purgatory Forest (1021)

冷焰 (Leng Yan)- Leader of that small mercenary team (1021) + Identity of the Fifth Prince of the Empire of Scarlet Flame (1034)

殷峰 (Yin Feng)- Father of Yin Ling (1021)

虚无 (Xu Wu)- rumoured demigod and Heaven Stage Peak Realm alchemist (1029)

吕扬 (Lu Yang)- Puppet of Mu Ru Yue (1029)

冷源 (Leng Yuan)- Eldest Prince of the Empire of Scarlet Flame (1031)

霍焰 (Huo Yan) – City owner of Flame City (1032)

衡卫 (Heng Wei)- City owner of White Sand City (1032)

冷云 (Leng Yun)- Fourth Prince of the Empire of Scarlet Flame (1034)

沈墨 (Shen Mo)- Grandmaster in alchemist (1035)

赵莺莺 (Zhao Ying Ying)- Little princess of the Purgatory City (1043)

丹玉 (Dan Yu)- A subordinate at the God realm ordered to kill Mu Ru Yue (1069)

林如梭 (Lin Ru Suo)- someone Flame Phoenix asked for him to help Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen enter God realm (1079)

黄玉 (Huang Yu)- bitch that looks down upon Lin Ru Suo (1081)

云瑾 (Yun Qin)- man that loves Huang Yu (1082)

无忘 (Wu Wang)- a statue of someone most likely related to Mu Ru Yue (1089)

伊莲 (Yi Lian)- oneesan character (1092)

莉莎 (Li Sha)- loli (1092)

谷辰 (Gu Chen)- youth (1093)

丁琳 (Ding Lin)- all mighty girl that belittled Mu Ru Yue for being a God-general Low Rank practitioner (1099)

齐默 (Qi Mo)- a guy that peacock woman loves (1101)

千叶 (Qian Ye)- peacock woman (1101)

筱雨(Xiao Yu)- lovers with Qi Mo (1101)

柳叶 (Liu Ye)-Chief manager of the elimination competition (1105)

万子恒 (Wan Zi Heng)- betted a High Rank Spiritual Stone on Mu Ru Yue when she competed with Ding Lin (1131)

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Crown Prince Jing- Ye Tian Feng’s title (Ch 2)

There is a difference between Main Wife (世子妃) and concubine (侧妃). The Main Wife holds greater powers over concubines. Eg. Differences between the Empress and the concubines.(Ch 4)

We (朕)= How the Emperors of the past referred to themselves in a royally manner. (Ch 6)

Not knowing the worth of the treasure makes you innocent, but knowingly hogging the treasure to yourself is a crime.’ (Ch 6)

Ben Wang (本王) was used by princes in the past to refer to themselves. (Ch 9)

Your servant (臣妾) is how concubines refer to themselves before the Emperor (Ch 16)

Ben Huang Zi (本皇子) means Royal Prince (Ch 19)

Yao Tong (药童) Means a child that helps the master to take care of his medicines. (Ch 60)

Niang Niang (娘娘)It was how servant girls had to refer to their Imperial Consort and high ranked concubines of the Emperor. (ch 68)

Martial grades 

Yellow, Mystic, Earth, Heaven, True Realm, Spiritual Realm, Supreme Realm, God General, God King, God Emperor, God Deity (Realms arranged from lowest to highest)(Updated until Chapter 1080)

Yellow Realm consists of Houtian and Xiantian Realms

Houtian Realm-First to Ninth Stage martial practitioners

False Xiantian Realm- Realm after Houtian Realm

Xiantian Realms – After False Xiantian Realm. Highest Xiantian Realm is the Xiantian Full Circle Realm.

All realms above Yellow Realm are single realms.

Innate test ranks in increasing order (Ch 10):

red, orange, yellow, viridescent, green, blue, purple ,and colourless.

Medicinal age in increasing order (Ch 21):

10-year-old, 50-year-old, 100-year-old, 1,000-year-old, and lastly the rumoured 10,000-year-old medicinal plant.

Money currency in Thunder Phoenix City (The city where MRY first reincarnated to) (Ch 21):

1 silver coin equated to 100 copper coins and 100 silver coins equated to 1 gold coin.

Alchemist ranking (Chapter 63):

Human Stage, Earth Stage, Mundane Stage, Heaven Stage (supposedly highest) and Divine Stage

Crest colours that represents the Alchemist ranking (Ch 77)

The Human Stage, Earth Stage, Mundane Stage, Heaven Stage, and Divine Stage were represented as grey, green, blue, white, and gold respectively. The horizontal lines at the bottom of the crest represented one’s exact rank. 4 lines per stage, representing  Low, Mid, High and Peak level of the rank.

Special Lovely Romantic moment with YWC and MRY

YWC first kissed MRY (Ch 20)

I believe it was YWC that bashed up Ye Yi Hua for MRY (Ch 33)

YWC pushed MRY onto the bed and kissed her  senseless Fan Squeals (Ch 62) [P.S Senseless was Miki’s fan dubbed]

YWC sneak kissed MRY again (Ch 78)