EAA Chapter 1184


Chapter 1184 – Facing Danger Part 8


Yin Hua laughed brazenly as he continued, “I didn’t expect for the Region Head to have some respect-worthy men. Since all of you revere her that much, how about entering hell to devote your loyalty and devotion to her? Hahaha! Someone, kill all of them leaving none behind!”


The people of Yin family raised their weapons, surrounding people of Region Head Manor within.


Yet, there was an alluring voice that was heard behind them now.

“Stop right there!”

Yin Hua frowned as he turned his head to look at Qiu Mei walking over from behind. His expression momentarily chilled as he said, “Qiu Mei, are you trying to meddle with my business again? But there is only you this time? That brat Wen Hao didn’t come here with you or is it that the poison he had gotten in the tomb relapse?”

Qiu Mei’s expression changed. She snorted coldly and said, “Yin Hua, you are too malicious! You had not only killed the Region Head but you had also made Wen Hao suffer from a highly toxic venom. There will be a day where you will pay a painful price for everything you have done!”


Yin Hua laughed brazenly. He smirked and with his expression filled with disdain, he rebuked, “Price? Don’t forget my daughter is Young Master Lin’s concubine. Who will make me pay a price then? It’s a pity she has already died. Moreover, even if she lives, she still wouldn’t be a match for the top expert of the Lin family with just the God-king High realm demon beast…”

Qiu Mei clenched her fists tightly. She had never been angered to such an extent before.

‘I’ve regretted.

‘I’ve regretted teaming up with such a person…

‘He is the type of person that will stop at nothing to get what he wants. What kind of things will he refuse to do?’

“Yin Hua, Wen Hao had gotten his hands on that King Stage Pills within the jade bottle first. But you poisoned him in order to snatch those pills! You will surely get retribution for being such a vicious person!”

The King Stage Pill could anyone below the God-king Peak realm to break through a realm. It was not a mystery why Yin Hua snatched the King Stage Pill from Wen Hao and set him up…

“Every man for himself, and the Devil take the hindmost. I also didn’t do anything wrong. Qiu Mei, I have already broken through to the God-king Mid realm. You aren’t my match. If you’re adamant on helping the Region Head Manor, then don’t you blame me for not cherishing our past interaction!”

Yin Hua sniggered before she continued, “Moreover, you don’t have much interaction with the Region Head Manor. Why are you giving up your life for them?”

Qiu Mei smiled. But that smile was filled with fury.

“I indeed didn’t have much interaction with the Region Head. At the beginning, I admired her capability so I wanted to be on good terms with her. I had even invited her for the expedition. However, she saved all of our lives inside the tomb! If it wasn’t for her, we would have already died at that place so I owe her a life…”

She paused for a moment before she continued, “Yin Hua, what’s more important is that you scare me…”

“I am really fearful of a person like yourself. You’ve not only killed the Region Head but you also poisoned Wen Hao! Will the next one be me? If I just watch on as the Region Head Manor gets annihilated, perhaps my death day will also not be far. There’s nothing such a person like yourself wouldn’t do. Do you think I can pretend I am oblivious about that?”

Qiu Mei’s tone was filled with mockery but her voice was shaky.

“Do you think you are really smart? It’s a pity your action has only just quickened your death!” Yin Hua sniggered as he ordered, “Someone, kill everyone here. As for this woman, your family head will personally deal with her! There isn’t a need to have underworld influential power within the Nanyang Region from now on. There will also no longer be a Wen family. Only our Yin family shall exist! Haha!”

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