EAA Chapter 1185


Chapter 1185 – Facing Danger Part 9

Yin Hua laughed brazenly but his waves of laughter were stopped shortly…

It was due to a tyrannical power suddenly being felt in the sky of the Region Head Manor. Yin Hua felt as if his power was being weighed down by a rock under that grandeur. Dread filled his heart…

“Wh-what is happening?”

The crowd was stunned and raised their head to look at the sky before them. A purple figure entered their sight…


The man was like an almighty Asura God standing high above the crowd. When he walked on the air, devil Snare Flower seemed to blossom in the sky. It was a breathtaking sight.

The man was noble and powerful. His purple robes were fluttering slightly. There was a sinister smile on his handsome face. A sinister cold aura was being emitted from his body, covering the entire sky.

“You all have disturbed me.”

The man narrowed his eyes slightly. A dangerous glow was expressed from his purple eyes. His voice was sinister and cold. It was like miasma had entered their body, feeling cold throughout their entire body…

“This man’s might is superior to mine!”

Yin Hua’s expression changed greatly as he commented, “Can it be he is a God-king high realm expert? When has the Region Head Manor possess such a person? No, we certainly shouldn’t go head-to-head with him. Retreat!”

Yin Hua’s heart was brimming with resentment when he said that.

‘Victory was in my grasp after great difficulty. Yet, such a man appeared at the critical moment.

‘This man can make me cower with just his grandeur…’


Ye Wu Chen’s smile was sinister cold.


A purple glow was shot out from his sleeve. It struck toward Yin Hua at lightning speed…

“This is bad!”

Yin Hua could feel the danger nearing him from behind. He was alarmed with his face turning pale. He hastily grabbed on a person before tossing that person toward the purple light ray. Following that, he advanced at his quickest speed…

The crowd didn’t expect for him to use a person of the Yin family as his shield to save his life. That unlucky bastard was also his nephew. Instantly, coldness permeated people’s heart. Even the people of Yin family was extremely disappointed by him…

Ye Wu Chen raised his foot lightly, wanting to give chase. But a sorrowful voice was heard behind him.

“Mister Wu Chen, you are finally out. Th-the Region Head has died!”

The man’s step halted in mid-air.

He slowly turned his head, his purple eyes landed on Wang Hai, who said that. He clarified, “What did you say?”

“The Region Head was murdered within the tomb.” Wang Hai wailed as he revealed sorrowfully.

Ye Wu Chen frowned as he replied calmly, “She hasn’t died.”

Their heart was connected so nobody other than him could be clearer in knowing whether she was still alive…

“Mister Wu Chen, it’s the truth. Lady Qiu Mei and Young Master Wen had personally witnessed it. The Region Head has really died. Even if we don’t want to believe that…”

“She hasn’t died!”

Ye Wu Chen frowned, interrupting Wang Hai. He asked, “Where is the tomb? I want to meet her…”

Qiu Mei had snapped out from her initial shock. Although she was a little reluctant to break such news to a man that was deeply in love with Mu Ru Yue, she said, “What Wang Hai said was right. I’ve indeed personally seen that sight. If you want to find her, I can bring you there. But she won’t be able to return. You have my condolences.”

Ye Wu Chen didn’t say anything. His purple eyes became increasingly gloomy as he said, “Lead the way now!”

‘I can feel Mu Ru Yue’s presence. However, sinister cold killing intent fills my heart whenever I think someone had dared to try and take her life.’

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