EAA Chapter 1186


Chapter 1186 – Facing Danger Part 10

‘But what is the most important thing is to get her back now…’

“Has Mister Wu Chen become a fool?” Wang Shu blinked his eyes as he turned his head to look at his elder brother.

Wang Hai sighed and replied, “We can see their relationship all these days. Mister Wu Chen treats the Region Head that well. He must be finding it hard to digest such news. Once he goes to that place, he will believe what we said. It’s a pity that such a divine couple has…” 


Mu Ru Yue was killing the demon beasts before her within the mirage. She was already bone-tired. She panted few mouthfuls of air with all her might, paralysed sitting down on the floor.

But demon beasts were still charging toward her. She tried to raise her sword but discovered she had lost all her strength…

“Not good!”

Mu Ru Yue’s expression changed. When she raised her head, a Fire Wolf had its mouth wide open pounced over to her, brandishing its claw. It had its mouth wide-open, aiming to bite down at her head…


Suddenly, a valiant power surged out of Mu Ru Yue’s body forcing that Fire Wolf to retreat a few steps…

The power swirled above her head, not dissipating for a long time. Mu Ru Yue gradually recovered her power at that moment…

“God-king Mid realm. I have finally broken through to the God-king Mid realm!”

Mu Ru Yue was jubilant.

Moreover, she also felt that her cultivation was more stable after this period of battles. Even the power she had absorbed from spiritual stones had stabilized.

“Disciple, congratulations on breaking through to the God-king Mid realm.”

Madam Hua’s figure was faintly discernible when her voice was heard. But the mirage suddenly disappeared at this instant. Mu Ru Yue returned to the previous room…

However, when she saw the current state of Madam Hua, her heart shuddered.

“Wh-why have you become like this?”

The body of the woman before her was getting increasingly transparent, slowly becoming light glows and fading away…

“My time is up. Even if it is just my memory, I can’t sustain it for long. I only managed to sustain up to now to wait for an inheritor to appear. Disciple, I am really grateful to fate’s arrangement, enabling me to meet you at the end.”


Mu Ru Yue’s heart shuddered as she said anxiously, “There will surely be a way for you to continue living. With time, I can come up with something…”

“No use.” Madam Hua shook her head and continued with a smile, “My soul had vanished so what is the use to be revived? But I hope you can help me with a task…”

Mu Ru Yue asked with a shaky voice, “What task?”

“I have a diary over there.” Madam Hua’s gaze landed on a table nearby. She continued with a gentle smile, “I wonder if you can pass it to Honoured Sir Hui Yi? He will understand after seeing the diary… There are also books on the basics of magic array other than that diary. I hope it will serve some use for you…”


Mu Ru Yue suppressed her trembling heart. With a determined gaze, she swore, “I will definitely help you pass your diary to Honoured Sir Hui Yi.”

“Thank you.”

Madam Hua smiled with satisfaction. She said, “I didn’t regret living in this world. Disciple, if it is fated, we may reunite again…”

Madam Hua’s body had completely turned into light glows after saying that. The light flew past Mu Ru Yue. Mu Ru Yue couldn’t catch them no matter how she tried…

She gradually placed her hand down. Her gaze then landed on some of the books on the table.

In that stack of books, there was a book on magic array methods, another book on how to cultivate for her entire life, and lastly, the most exquisite book which was the diary she must pass to Honoured Sir Hui Yi…

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