EAA Chapter 1187


Chapter 1187 – Facing Danger Part 11

Mu Ru Yue flipped through a few pages. There wasn’t much writing on her reminiscing the romantic moments she had with Honoured Sir Hui Yi. What was more was guilt… 

“So they had that kind of relationship. Madam Hua was Honoured Sir Hui Yi’s wife. I will pass this diary to him no matter what.”

Mu Ru Yue closed the diary and kept the other books into her storage ring. 



When she wanted to turn around, a door behind her was opened.


Her steps instantly halted. She turned her head to look at the door behind her and frowned slightly.

“Mother, I can feel it. The power that Fire Phoenix had mentioned is within that door.”

Xiao Bai exclaimed excitedly.

Mu Ru Yue slowly relaxed her brows as she replied, “Let’s go and check out what is within that room…”

She walked and entered that concealed room after saying that.

A mighty pressure could be felt from before Mu Ru Yue the instant she stepped into the room, making Mu Ru Yue feel a little uncomfortable…


A ray of light flickered at this moment. Xiao Bai appeared before Mu Ru Yue from the Alchemy Book. Excitement was expressed in his eyes.

“The essence of an ancient dragon! This tomb is for an ancient dragon!” Xiao Bai said jubilantly, “Mother, my cultivation will increase drastically once I absorb the essence of an ancient dragon. We can unexpectedly possess the bloodline of an ancient dragon. This should be the best treasure we have come across during this trip!”

‘Essence of an ancient dragon?’

Mu Ru Yue raised her brows and said, “Alright, you can temporarily stay here. I will leave Xiao Yue here to accompany you. But I will need to make a trip back to Region Head Manor. I have been away for such a long time this time. I don’t know how the Region Head Manor is. I will come back to you after that.”

“Alright.” Xiao Bai revealed a youthful smile as he continued, “I won’t be able to absorb all of the essences quickly. I will need some time. Mother, my bloodline was previously of a God Dragon’s bloodline but the bloodline of an ancient dragon is superior to God Dragon’s. Therefore, I will be able to surpass my parents once I completely absorb all of the essences of the ancient dragon! Who called them to abandon me to enjoy by themselves?!”

It was obvious Xiao Bai was still resentful for being abandoned that year.

“Oh right, you can also leave Yan Jin here too. Even though they can still break through using medicinal plants, their power will still be a little weak to Mother. It will also be beneficial for them to cultivate beside me when I absorb the essence of the ancient dragon.” 

Mu Ru Yue nodded and agreed, “I will come for all of you once I settle with the matters at the Region Head Manor.”

She made Xiao Yue and Yan Jin stay behind after saying that. She then turned around and left, quickly disappearing from Xiao Bai’s eyes.

Currently, a purple figure descended from the sky outside the tomb. His gaze was focused at the tomb at the summit of a mountain valley. His gaze became gentle.

When Qiu Mei was about to advise him to leave, the door of the tomb was suddenly opened. Snow-like white robes walked out, making Qiu Mei widen her eyes…

Her expression stiffened with her body trembling.

‘Th-this is just like seeing a ghost!

‘Is the Region Head still alive?’

Elation surged in her heart at this instant. But purple robes moved faster than her to appear before Mu Ru Yue just as Qiu Mei wanted to dash over to Mu Ru Yue.

The man pulled her into his embrace. He used his large hand to press Mu Ru Yue’s head firmly to him. A smile graced his charming face.

“I knew you will be alive…”

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