EAA Chapter 1235


Chapter 1235 – Ye Wu Chen’s fury Part 3

Zhou Min dodged to the side the instant the black sword slashed downward. Nonetheless, one of her arms was still chopped off in the process. Blood spurted out from her amputated limb, staining the entire ground before her red…


A heart wrenching shriek filled the entire sky. Zhou Min’s complexion turned gravely pale from the pain. She wanted to faint but her will was too strong. Losing consciousness was just a fleeting dream…

“You’re a devil!”


‘That’s right, this man must be a devil…’

“Let me count how many times has it been?” Ye Wu Chen smiled sinisterly and said, “The first was you dispatched her to the North Wind Plains for the people within that plains to take her life. The second time was you trapped her within the magic array, wanting for her to be killed under the claws of demon beasts. The third time was you purposely drew a God-king High realm practitioner during the drawing lots, delusional in wanting him to kill her…”

Zhou Min’s heart chilled a little at every count of Ye Wu Chen’s debt with her.

‘Anything you do is being seen by the heavens. If you do too many bad deeds, you will surely receive karma…’

Zhou Min truly believed that saying now.

However, she didn’t regret…

Thinking about that, Zhou Min turned her head to look at Xiao Yu who had a gravely pale complexion. With a smirk, she said, “Everything I’ve done is for my disciple so I don’t regret it! As long as it makes my disciple happy, I’m willing to kill anyone… The only regret I have is that I failed to kill that woman! But if given another chance, I will still try to kill her!”


Two drops of tears rolled out from Xiao Yu’s eyes. “I’ve implicated you…”

“No, Yu Er, I’m really happy to get to see you. There’s just something I’ve never told you.”

Zhou Min smiled slightly and said, “I already recognised that you’re my daughter that I had fostered out that year the instant I saw you.”

A clap of thunder rolled past Xiao Yu’s heart. Her body stiffened as she looked astonished at Zhou Min who had a bitter smile on her face. “Wh-what did you say?”

‘I’m Master’s daughter? How’s this possible?’

Zhou Min chuckled bitterly before she revealed, “I was dumped by that heartless rat, your father, when I gave birth to you that year. I’ve fostered you out in order to get revenge. I had even lied to him that I had already tossed you down a cliff, making his heart ache… But all these years, I’ve always been yearning for you… Yet, I didn’t expect to see you again. I had planned to make up for my remorse to you from that moment on…”

Xiao Yu staggered a little, shaking her head in disbelief. Suddenly, she pounced toward Zhou Min as though she had lost her sanity, wailing out loud.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier before I became on bad terms with Qian Ye? The reason why I hated Qian Ye wasn’t fully due to Elder Brother Qi Mo. I was jealous of her. I was jealous of her noble status and was even more jealous of her identity as an empire princess. If you had told me earlier that you’re my mother, I wouldn’t need to be jealous of her!”

Zhou Min’s body shuddered as she shut her eyes in sorrow.

“Xiao Yu, I’m sorry. I was afraid you wouldn’t forgive and recognize me as your mother so…”

“I hate you!”

Xiao Yu didn’t wait for her to complete her sentence, interrupting her.

“It is all your fault for my current predicament! If I knew I’ve such an awesome mother earlier on, I wouldn’t have made an enemy out of Qian Ye. Perhaps Elder Brother Qi Mo would have fallen in love with me again on behalf of you being the academy’s elder. But you’ve ruined my future and now, even my life…”

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