EAA Chapter 140


Chapter 140 – Shameless Mu Family’s Arrival Part 1

‘I will wait for you to become stronger. Following that, you and I will reach the pinnacle of the world, standing side by side…’

His words were like a gigantic stone that struck Mu Ru Yue’s heart. She raised her head to look at the man that pressed her down. A hand was lifted as she caressed his handsome and captivating face, and then she smiled slightly.

“Alright, I will become much stronger and then walk alongside with you to reach the pinnacle of the world.”

She set the goal of being able to walk toward their target alongside this man.


Ye Wu Chen smiled, but didn’t speak any further. He leaned his body forward and pressed against this young girl’s lips, putting all of his feelings into that kiss.

“What did you say?”


Within the Mu family home, Mu Qing slammed his hand on the table. With a glimmer of light in his eyes, he clarified, “Are you saying that the Ghost King had been playing the fool and is also the master of the Ghost manor? That his appearance is handsome and he possesses great strength?”

What was laughable is that they had always been treating the Ghost King as a fool.

How did Mu Ru Yue gain the qualification and right to have such an outstanding husband just by coincidence? No! He definitely wouldn’t let Mu Ru Yue snatch this opportunity away.

“Somebody, go and tell Xue Er to prepare herself in order to pay her elder sister a visit with me.”

No matter what, his Mu family had to make use of this opportunity. What kind of power was Ghost manor? According to the rumours, they were even stronger than the Qing Yun Sect. The powers that the head of Ghost manor possessed was still unknown. Who could have known that the master of Ghost manor was depicted to be a fool that had a ghost-like appearance?

If Mu Ru Yue became the main wife of the Ghost King, then he must definitely send Xue Er to him. Even if she became the second wife, he couldn’t miss the chance in building a relationship with the Ghost King.

Mu Qing, after all, clearly knew that Mu Ru Yue wasn’t the Mu family’s biological daughter. It was due to that lord’s request that made him have Mu Ru Yue stay in the Mu family and be known as one with the bloodline of the Mu family.

It was precisely due to Mu Ru Yue not being his blood daughter that Mu Qing initially treated her so badly. Since she was a trash and wasn’t his blood daughter, why would he want her?

It was a pity that the current Mu Qing didn’t know that Mu Yi Xue wasn’t a virgin. Moreover, she was plotted by Ye Wu Chen who used a small manservant to harass her. Not to mention Ye Wu Chen, perhaps such a girl wouldn’t be wanted by others.

The spring wind blew and the reddened leaves gradually descended.

Mu Ru Yue lazily leaned against Ye Wu Chen’s chest with a soothing smile on her face. Ye Wu Chen helped her peel a grape and then placed it near her mouth.

She bit lightly on the grape, but before she could swallow it, Li Lu walked over. “Mistress, the head of the Mu family along with his daughter has come to see you. Do you want to meet them?”

“See me?” Mu Ru Yue sniggered. “Have they really just come to see me? It probably wouldn’t be just that.”

After saying that, she tossed a glance at Ye Wu Chen. “I guess they actually want to see you instead. They definitely must have heard that you’re not a fool so they came with the intention for you to take Mu Yi Xue as your second wife.”

A trace of disdain flashed past Ye Wu Chen’s eyes. He subconsciously sniggered. “It seems that some people don’t have any self realization. Ben Wang already has a main wife, and there definitely wouldn’t be any second wife. Toss them out of the manor. Also, use disinfectant to clean up the area they walked on.”

Li Lu smiled. It seemed that Ghost King really doted upon his mistress.


Just when Li Lu turned to leave, a voice sounded from behind him. “Wait.”

“Mistress, what other orders do you have?”

At this moment, Li Lu had completely become Mu Ru Yue’s caretaker and seemed to have forgotten his identity as the son of a general.

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