EAA Chapter 145


Chapter 145 – The people from the Xiao Family of the Sheng Domain Part 1

Xiao Family of Sheng Domain

Xiao Tian Yu looked sheepishly at the woman beside him. He said in a gentle tone, “Yu Er. I’m sorry that this kind of thing has happened lately and that I’ve required you to stay here with me, making it impossible for you to look for our daughter.”

“Hubby, you don’t need to explain so much.” Madam Sheng Yue shook her head slightly. An elegant smile was expressed on her exceptional face. “We are a couple and should act as one entity. Who would have thought that after we investigated our daughter’s location that spies would appear in the Mu family to tell that Nan Gong family.

“Luckily, I was a step quicker and captured that guy that sent our daughter away, so the location of our daughter hadn’t been found out by those people. You had even went alone to challenge the Nan Gong family with a sword around ten years ago. As of now, we don’t need to fear them, but we must completely clear out those spies before bringing our daughter home. I don’t want anything to happen to her.”


Xiao Tian Yu sighed as he pulled Madam Sheng Yue into his embrace. “My wife, we have nearly cleared all of those spies already. It’s about time for our daughter to make her return to our family. Father has long wanted to see our daughter. Is she really as remarkable as you said?”

Perhaps it was due to Madam Sheng Yue thinking about the news that she heard from that person’s mouth, but she became more excited.

So she was their daughter. It was no wonder now why she’d felt like getting close to her when she first laid eyes on her. It was undeniable that a blood bond could never be severed. She had actually already found her daughter a while back.

Just recently, Madam Sheng Yue had gone to the Nan Gong family in order to capture that person and force him to spill everything he knew. Following that, she dispatched someone to leave the Sheng Domain to check on the credibility and had discovered such a result.

“She is definitely remarkable. Not only did she save Qing Qing, but she also became the champion of the Pill Assembly and has also contracted with the Pill Assembly’s treasure, the Phoenix Furnace. I feel proud that she achieved such accomplishments at her tender age.”

Xiao Tian Yu smiled. “Don’t you see whose daughter that is? The daughter of Yu Er and I will definitely be outstanding. But since you said all that, my thoughts of seeing our daughter has intensified, so, my wife, we should quickly get rid of those spies so that we can bring our daughter back.”

If they didn’t get rid of those spies, then he would never feel comfortable bringing his precious daughter back home.

“That’s right. Hubby, Xiao Min went to the outside world. Could she be spoiling our Xiao family’s reputation?” Madam Sheng Yue knitted her brows slightly, displeasure expressed in her eyes.

“It’s due to that girl that the people within Sheng Domain thinks our young mistress of the Xiao family is arrogant and despotic. She is just from a branch family. How can she be the young mistress of the Xiao family? She depends on her grandfather, who is an elder in the clan, and acts undisciplined and out of control.

“Previously, she wanted to recognise us as her step parents. Such a delusion comes from having the hope of increasing her status from a member of the branch family to one of the main branch. After we rejected her, she actually went to tell her grandfather to release word that I had adopted her as my daughter. I was so enraged that I wanted to slap her.”

Madam Sheng Yue expressed displeasure. Anyone that met with this kind of matter wouldn’t feel good.

“If you want to slap her, then do it. Why do you hesitate?” Xiao Tian Yu looked gently at Madam Sheng Yue. “Don’t forget. You’re Madam Sheng Yue, the most noble woman in the Sheng Domain. You don’t need to consider so much and you don’t have to act on behalf of my face. That old man and his granddaughter are indeed too unbridled. If you don’t show them your status as Madam Sheng Yue and punish them well, then they will continue to not place you in their eyes.”

Madam Sheng Yue chuckled as she glared at him in rebuke and said, “You don’t need to tell me that. I will definitely not endure anything more for the Xiao family. Otherwise, some people wouldn’t place any importance on me.”

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