EAA Chapter 15


Chapter 15-The Emperor Requested For An Audience

In the Mu family’s lounge, Mu Qing had an unpleasant expression as he sat at the head seat along with Mu Ting Er and Mu Yi Xue at his side.

Seeing Mu Ru Yue come late, Mu Yi Xue had an elated smile on her face, seeking happiness from her upcoming misfortune. In comparison, Mu Ting Er, who wore a silk tangerine-yellow elegant dress, was instead trying to convince Mu Qing to not punish Mu Ru Yue.

“Elder sister Ting Er, you’re too kind-hearted.” Seeing Mu Ting Er trying to help Mu Ru Yue, Mu Yi Xue coldly snorted. “It’s because of your kindness that you get bullied. Have you forgotten how she treated you that day? She pointed at your face and shouted that you were just an adopted daughter. Even though elder sister Ting Er is adopted, she had brought so much face to our Mu family. Haven’t you heard all the noble brothers praises elder sister Ting Er? On the other hand, a certain someone who only knows how to eat and stay in the family is literally useless. Sadly, that kind of person is the genuine young mistress of the Mu family. If elder sister Ting Er were to be my blood sister, I would be satisfied for life.

“Xue Er!” Mu Ting Er’s expressed anger on her face, but there were still undisguised complacency in her eyes. “You are still siblings from the same parent; don’t go overboard.”


“But I had really hoped that the person mother had given birth to was elder sister Ting Er instead!”

Mu Yi Xue pouted, feeling wronged as elder sister Ting Er chided her for that trash. This made her loathing of Mu Ru Yue intensify.

That trash was so unfeeling. Even when elder sister Ting Er treated her so well, she still clung onto Crown Prince Jing even when she couldn’t match up to him in any way.

Mu Ru Yue just folded her arms across her chest from start to end, quietly watching the good show. There was an icy smile playing on her face as she stayed calm and collected.

This made Mu Ting Er unable to make her out. With Mu Ru Yue’s usual temper, she would have already made a ruckus.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Ru Yue asked with slightly raised brows. Her voice carried traces of laziness from not being completely awake yet. “If there’s nothing important, I’ll head back to my room.”

Mu Qing’s expression darkened. “Is this the kind of attitude you should be using towards your father?”

“Hmm? Then can you tell me what kind of attitude I should treat you with?”

“You….” Mu Qing’s complexion turned ashen from anger. This young girl was really too undisciplined and out of control!

“Father, please calm down.” Mu Ting Er hastily helped soothe Mu Qing’s chest in order to calm his breathing. She then raised her head and looked impatiently at the young girl as she rebuked, “Elder sister, father is only worried about you. When he heard that you went to participate the test at the testing hall….”

“Ting Er!” Mu Qing let go of Mu Ting Er’s hand. He looked cold and gloomy. “Stop helping that delinquent! Mu Ru Yue, when the officials were having their meals last night, did you know what they said? They said that you were shameless enough to actually test your innate talent with a group of four to five-year-old toddlers. You’re a trash and you still wouldn’t believe that no matter how many times you are tested, you still would be a trash! Why didn’t you think about father? Your actions allowed others to use it as a blade to scrape my face. I’ve raised you for so many years and also turned a blind eye on your incompetence, but you actually thought of ways to let those people humiliate your father!”

Mu Qing violently panted as he said those words in a single breath.

At this moment, his complexion was still terrible as he thought that having such a trash and unsettling person as his daughter was his life’s greatest humiliation.

“Have you said your piece? If you’re done, then I’ll be heading back to my room.”

Mu Ru Yue yawned as she felt that she would be better off cultivating rather than listening to Mu Qing.

“Stop right there!”

Seeing the young girl turn around to leave, Mu Qing’s complexion became increasingly unpleasant. Previously, even though Mu Ru Yue was trash, she had always listened to him. What was going on today?

That trash knows how to rebel now?

“Father, please let me try.” Mu Ting Er wrinkled her eyebrow. Even though she wanted Mu Ru Yue to be punished, she still had a more important matter.

“Elder sister, the reason father is waiting here for you isn’t for that matter. An imperial decree arrived from the palace that requested you and father to head to the palace in order to meet with the Emperor.”

Mu Ru Yue suddenly stopped her steps with slightly raised eyebrows….

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