EAA Chapter 158


Chapter 158 – Challenge Part 1

An Earth Stage High Rank Pill.

Was he dreaming?

He wasn’t able to sober up until after a long period of time.


In a small courtyard littered with red maple leaves, a young girl sat on a stool before a maple tree. Her hands propped up her cheek as she zoned out while looking at the sky. Her eyes weren’t as cold as usual, but clear and clean instead.

She didn’t seem to notice as the maple leaves landed on her shoulders and head as she continued to gaze up at the sky.

With her hair and clothes fluttering in the wind, her beauty became extremely hair-raising. Simply sitting there silently, she gave off the allure of an eye catching beauty.

When Ye Wu Chen saw such a sight, his heart momentarily skipped a beat….

In comparison to the usual strong her, this young girl before him made people unable to bear to disturb her.

“Mu Er, what are you thinking about?”

A pair of arms embraced her waist, forcing the young girl to wake from her thoughts. She shuddered and lowered her gaze, her long and dense eye lashes quivering slightly.

“Wu Chen, do you remember that albino man?”

It was the man that suddenly appeared and spoke those illogical words…

“I don’t know why but I feel that I should know that man. I feel uneasy for some reason. Perhaps something will happen in the near future.”

The advice that man had given still rang in her ears.

Hadn’t that man told her to be careful? But who was he?

Ye Wu Chen embraced the young girl before him tightly. With a charming smile on his divinely handsome face, he replied, “Mu Er, no matter what happens in the future, we will face it together. However, aren’t you afraid that your hubby will be jealous about you thinking about other men while we’re together?”

He extended his hand to grasp the young girl’s shoulder before forcefully turning her body towards him, making her look at him.

The distance between them was so close that they could feel each other’s breath…

This was another moment where Mu Ru Yue was in close proximity of Ye Wu Chen and she sized him up.

It was undeniable that this man was exceptionally handsome. He was so charming and attractive, like a blossoming red spider lily at the shore. Even if one knew they would be endangered after getting close to it, it was still difficult to resist that force of attraction.

His appearance was exceptionally gentle, but not to the point where his masculinity was covered up. Those attractive lips curved upward slightly into a perfect arch. His eyes were sinister and cold, carrying with it a domineering and strict noble aura. Yet, when he gazed at this young girl before him, a trace of gentleness would appear within them.

“The proverb said that a girl’s beauty will result in downfall. In my opinion, however, I think it is this male beauty that will lead to downfall instead.”

This man was just too handsome. Previously, it was due to him pretending to be a fool that no one was willing to enter Ghost King Manor. Currently, however, he gave her a lot of trouble…

“If being your hubby will lead to downfall, then I am only willing to affect you, my wife.” Ye Wu Chen smirked as he pulled the young girl back into his embrace. His happiness was distinctly displayed on his lips.

It was sufficient enough for him to have only her in this life…


The night sky was lit up by the stars.

When Ye Wu Chen stepped out of the Mu residence, a figure secretly stalked him. With a knit of his brows, a trace of iciness flashed past his sinister and cold eyes.

“Who’s there? Get the hell out here for Ben Wang!”

Once he said that, a red clothed Xiao Min appeared in front of him.

Xiao Min had purposely dressed up for today. She looked increasingly charming, appearing just like a fresh red rose. The spot of cinnabar red between her eyebrows served to enhance her beauty.

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